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Sugar Rush

by Corky

Title: Sugar Rush

Author: Corky

Pairing: Face/Murdock

Verse: TV

Prompt: How does Face deal with a Sugar-rushing Murdock?


Face sighed contently as he rested his head back against the pillow. A small smile was etched on his face as his eyes dropped to the worn out pilot snuggled in next to him. Sweat still glistened on their foreheads, hair matted and sticking up in directions the conman didn't even want to begin to image; but, if it finally wore Murdock down off his sugar rush, then the events leading up to that mess of golden blond-brown hair was totally worth it. Murdock was incredibly cute when he was so tired that the only thing he had energy left to do was press his body as close to his conman's as possible, nuzzle his nose in like a little puppy and drift peacefully off into his own dream-world.

Carefully tucking his right arm under his head while his left was being used as part pillow part blanket holder for the pilot, Face stared up at his ceiling, that smile growing into a full on goofy grin as he thought back on the day they'd just had.

Whatever the nurses had given him that day, or hadn't given him for that matter, certainly made for a uniquely Murdockian experience. If the Lieutenant hadn't known any better, he would have sworn the nursing staff had let the man do lines of "Kiddie Crack" or as they were more properly known, Pixie Stix. He was simply bouncing off the walls by the time Face had gotten there to pick him up for the day. Face had planned the whole day out for them. It was the first time in over a month that the pair had been able to see each other, let alone spend an entire free day all by themselves and the conman knew exactly what they would be doing. A day trip to the beach, maybe take in that new art gallery that just opened up in Beverly Hills, then a nice dinner at Wood & Vine, and to top the evening off--dessert and drinks back at the conman's latest "acquired" home.

When he walked into the hospital though and saw the nurses in a tizzy, his hopes for a nice romantic afternoon quickly faltered. Pulling the old doctor con out of his bag of tricks, he convinced a nurse to fill him in on the situation.

"It's Mr. Murdock, Doctor, he's been...well...we've been having trouble controlling him all morning. Nothing seems to calm him down." The flustered nurse explained, wringing her hands together nervously as she glanced down the hall in the direction of the former Army Captain's room.

"Oh, it's nothing to worry about, Nurse Olsen. I'm sure it's not long as he been like this?" Face asked, already trying to come up with some way to ditch the nurse and get his pilot out before he caused too big of a scene and they were forced to sedate him.

"Well, he's been like this since before I came on duty, and I've been on duty most of the morning, the past six hours or so. So, I believe it's been close to eight or nine?"

Eight or nine hours?! Jesus, Murdock!

"Ah, I see, yes I was saying, it shouldn't be contagious so long as no one has been in contact with him for the past, oh, ten hours or so." He paused mid-step as they moved towards the room where the sweet baritone voice could be heard belting out just the tune to Star Wars. Murdock was definitely acting ultra loopy. "You or any of your staff haven't been in close contact with Mr. Murdock in the past ten hours, have you?"

"Well, yes, we've had to--"

"Ohhhh dear...well, then Nurse Olsen I suggest you follow me right away. We can't let this get out and worry the other patients. Now, I'm going to need to remove Mr. Murdock from the vicinity for at least the next forty-eight-hours. Testing and treatment time you know. And might I suggest that you and your entire staff go in for complete physicals? These bouts of hysteria are often common in cases such as these."

Nurse Olsen looked like a deer caught in the headlights as she was ushered into the pilot's room, while Murdock, who was wearing a bucket over his head and a black cloth of some kind as a cape, was quickly ushered out. He even provided his own Imperial Death March hum, though muffled by the bucket, as he was led down the hall and out into the bright sunshine. Face couldn't for the life of him hide the smile that was on his face as they made their way to his waiting car, him leading the momentarily blind pilot as they went.

"Ya know, Murdock, you're lucky they didn't slip you something to knock you out. That would have put a damper on the whole...would you take the bucket off your head please? It's making me feel like I'm talking to Dumb Donald."

Murdock paused, nearly tripping over his own two feet as those words left the conman's lips. Had he actually just made a cartoon reference? Slowly, he tipped the bucket up just enough to peek out from under it. Sure enough, that gorgeous blue-eyed man was standing there, one perfect eyebrow arched, his body weight leaning heavily to the left side and a wicked little smirk playing on his lips. Oh if they were anywhere else but the parking lot, he would have tackled him and rolled off into a shady corner to have his way with the man.

"Facey! I didn't know you watched Fat Albert!" Tipping the bucket off his head, Murdock let it fall with a hollow plastic ka-thunk-a-thunk to the blacktop below them, the black "cape" following close behind. Throwing his arms around the conman, he dotted and trailed kisses over any bit of skin he could get at. Hey, he was crazy, it was allowed.

"Uh...yeah...hey uh...Murdock, would'ja...oomph!"

From there on out, Face's plans had gone out the window. There was no way he'd be able to take Murdock to an art gallery, not with the way he was acting and the fact that the pilot only seemed to be getting worse as the day went on only made Face start to feel worn out and exhausted.

Out the window went the plans for a nice stroll on the beach. Oh sure, they'd gone to the beach, but Murdock had insisted that if they were going to be on the beach, then they were going to rent a couple of bodyboards and hit the waves. Not exactly one for sports outside the occasional game of softball as a child or playing football in high school and part of college, Face declined that offer and didn't want to risk having anything happen to Murdock either. Taking up a game of Frisbee instead had resulted in the conman getting hit smack dab on the bridge of his nose with the offending disc of hard plastic. When the pilot had convinced Face to help build the best sand castle ever known to man, Face had reluctantly agreed. Though he'd been dressed for a nice walk along the boardwalk, digging around in the sand wasn't exactly what his designer shirt and freshly pressed gray slacks had been made for. Oh Lord but those stains from dirt and sand were going to be Hell to get out.

The rest of the day had been a whirlwind of movement. Any time Murdock would get close to wearing himself down into a more controllable speed, he'd look at Face, grin from ear to ear, and the tornado would start right up again. Amusement parks, midway games and challenges, anything interactive the pilot could think of, anything to get him closer to Face. Though, it seemed the closer they'd get, the more obnoxious he'd get. Literally bouncing from foot to foot, spinning and twirling as he'd dance his way around the frustrated Lieutenant. Spools of fluffy pink cotton candy would be passed between the two of them, though the pure sugar treat seemed to do little to add to the pilot's excitement. Whatever it was that was causing his never-ending-sugar rush, Face wished it would let up for at least a couple of hours so he could breathe again.

As the daylight began to fade and the pair were making their way back towards the apartment Face was "renting" at the moment, Murdock's energy level seemed to still be going strong. The way he rattled on endlessly about the fun he'd been having and all the things they'd done and seen that day, the words zipping out of his mouth in lightning speed. It was as if the pilot had ingested jet fuel and was using it to keep himself going.

The Lieutenant sighed as he ran a hand down his face, pausing three blocks from his apartment to turn and look at his pilot. He'd hardly gotten to say two words the whole day, which wasn't really a bad thing, he enjoyed listening to Murdock talk, but there was only so much a man could take before he'd hit his limit--and Templeton Peck was about at his limit. Taking Murdock by the arm, he stopped the man and turned him to look at him. Questions and concerns ran out of that motor-mouth before he'd had a chance to explain himself. Fine, do this the hard way then...

His hands went up to capture those soft, smooth shaven cheeks just as he pressed the man's back against the cool, rough stone of the building next to him, their lips colliding in a messy kiss. It was the only way he knew to get Murdock to stop talking, at least for a little while. True to form, it worked like a charm and the conman couldn't help but grin as he felt Murdock start to relax back against the wall, his own tongue sliding out to slowly deepen the kiss. Oh the things that man did to Face, it had to be illegal somewhere...and wherever that `somewhere' was, he made a mental note NEVER to go there.

Slowly, reluctantly, their lips separated. Face could almost hear Murdock's heart beating out of his ribcage as their noses lightly nudged against each others, their heavy breath falling over the others lips. Opening his blue eyes, Face looked up into the near blissful expression the pilot was wearing. It was so cute, he almost hated disturbing it, but they were so close to his place and he wanted nothing more than to get that man into bed with him...that it had to be done.

The smirk playing on his lips said it all as the conman lightly dragged his fingertips over Murdock's cheek and jawbone, pausing to slip the pad of his middle finger just behind the man's ear to rub at that sensitive skin lightly. He watched as the pilot's knees gave way slightly and a soft moan drifted from his lips.

"C'mon Murdock...I know something that'll knock that sugar rush right out of you." Face promised in his best smooth-talker tone, the one he used when he was itching for some time between the sheets.


Smirking a bit more, he leaned himself up, letting his hand that had been playing with his ear move to slip behind the Captain's neck. "Mmmhmmm..."

Before Murdock could even think or react, his beloved blue ball cap was snatched from his head. His eyes shooting open, he watched in surprise as Face took off in a dead run down the street. Catching on quickly, he grinned like a madman, his Converse clad feet already taking off to follow him. He'd get his hat back, then his revenge on Face.

The pair ran like a couple of kids trying to escape the fat old copper out to get them. Ducking through and around people, laughing at their own silliness, they darted down the street towards the towering apartment complex. For once the conman was glad he hadn't gotten the fanciest place in town or the apartment with the best outlook of the city, instead opting for the modestly decorated second story flat with a less than beautiful view. The fact he didn't have to risk being trapped in the elevator with Murdock and he could make the man continue to chase him all the way up the stairway and into his apartment made it all worthwhile.

With a laugh that sounded more like an Native American war cry, Murdock was on the heels of the conman all the way into the apartment. Around the couch they went a few times before he finally wised up and went over it instead. Through the kitchen, around the table, one last round in the living room before he finally herded the Lieutenant down the hall and into the only bedroom in the place.

Their bodies tangled in a web of cloth and limbs as the pilot bodyslammed Face into the bed, wrestling him for the faded blue cap. Sweat covered their foreheads as their chests burned for air from the running and laughing. Strength was becoming less and less as Murdock finally managed to get his hat back from his lover. His chest rose and fell heavily as he moved to snuggle in against Face, letting the conman wrap his arms around him protectively while they struggled to gain control over their breathing once again.

Face smiled as Murdock nuzzled his nose in against him like a little puppy, the pilot's body slowly beginning to relax against him. His plan had worked. Whatever caused that sugar rush had finally been expelled from the pilot's system and in no time he'd drift peacefully into his own little dream world.

Just as the lanky man in his arms began to completely relax though and let himself be taken into a world (no doubt) full of airplanes and helicopters and adorable little dogs all named Billy, Face swore he heard the muttered words of what could have been a poem or maybe even lyrics to a song the man just made up, leave Murdock's lips.

"Baby you're my sugar rush, I get weak and talk too much, you're the sweetest thing I ever...taste...ed..."

A small smile was etched on his face as his eyes dropped to the worn out pilot snuggled in next to him. Sweat still glistened on their foreheads, hair matted and sticking up in directions the conman didn't even want to begin to image. So he'd been the sugar rush all along? Chuckling, he smiled as he kissed the top of his pilot's head. If that was the case, then Face was going to have to get into better was going to take a lot more running and a lot more energy to wear Murdock out the next time.


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