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Moon Dance

by Stiney

Face looked over at Murdock who was sitting in the passenger seat of the `Vette flipping through radio stations not staying on one more than a few seconds. Face would have been annoyed all to hell had it been anyone but Murdock.

Murdock stopped flipping channels when he felt Face's hand on his knee. He put his hand over Face's and smiled at him.

Face turned his attention back to the road. He hated taking Murdock back to the VA. He wanted him to stay with him didn't ever want him to leave. But it wasn't the right time yet, so he'd be happy with every minute he spent with the pilot. Van Morrison started singing on the radio and Murdock squeezed Face's hand.


Well it's a marvelous night for a moon dance

With the stars up above in your eyes

A fantabulous night to make romance

'neath the cover of October Skies

all the leaves on the trees are falling

to the sound of the breezes that blow

and I'm trying to place to the calling

of your heart strings that play soft and low


Face smiled as he thought about a month before when the song had come on while he and Murdock were in bed. Murdock had jumped out of bed turned the radio up loud then pulled Face out onto the balcony to dance under the moon. Murdock looked at Face as he pulled the `Vette off onto the side of the road.

"Face, whatcha doing?" Murdock asked watching Face smile and get out of the car. Face walked around to Murdock's door and opened it.

"Come on." Face said holding his hand out. Murdock smiled, turned up the radio and took Face's hand pulling the blond to him tightly. Sliding his arms around Murdock Face sighed as he held the other man as they swayed to the music not even bothering to look at all the cars that whizzed by them on the road.


Well I wanna make love to you tonight

I can't wait till the morning has come

and I know now the time is just right

and straight into my arms you will run

when you come my heart will be waiting

to make sure that you're never alone

There and then all my dreams will come true dear

There and then I will make you my own


"Love you, Facey." Murdock said kissing the younger man softly on the lips.

"Love you, too." Face said leaning his head on Murdock's shoulder.

'Wish we could stay like this. I don't want to leave. But we can't stay so we'll just dance.' Face thought pulling Murdock closer.


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