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Living A Dream

by Corky

Living a Dream

Complete-One Shot


Warnings: None

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Author's Note: Just a little one-shot I wrote over the course of a few days in my Lit class while I was bored. Hope you like it! It's light and full of slashy-fluff!!


I can't believe it, I really can't. I keep pinching myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. My life has become too good to be true. After years in the VA and more under Stockwell's hold, I'm finally free to live a semi-normal life. I say semi-normal because, well, what's normal anyways? Sure, I was technically "free" once I got released from the VA -but with the guys under Stockwell's thumb, I couldn't just leave them; couldn't just leave him.

He's my best friend, ever since Nam we've been best friends. He's saved my ass more times than I can count. My saving grace, my guardian angel. God but I love that man. And Heaven knows he loves me too. I mean, he better anyways, we've been partners for the last five years. Hell, three years ago we all went to Canada--Hannibal had been restless and needed something to get the blood pumping like it used to. While we were there, we did the impossible and got married. It wasn't anything fancy, just a civil union at a courthouse, but still. I was finally able to call him mine--my partner in every sense of the word.

Now, two years later, I stand here watching him sleep. He's so beautiful that sometimes I can't even breathe. Those bright blue eyes that pierce the soul and twinkle with life. His soft blond locks feel like silk as I brush his bangs out of his face.

"Babe? Hey, will you let him sleep? C'mon back to bed."

I look down to see his hand slip over my hip, that simple gold band glistening in the pale light of the night-light.

"I am lettin' him sleep."

His head rests on my arm as I reach back into the crib. Ten months old and already a heartbreaker, just like his daddy.

"He's beautiful, isn't he? Absolutely perfect."

I smile softly at his words, barely a whisper across my arm.

"Yeah, he is. Can you believe this? We're parents, us."

"I know, it's crazy can't keep hovering over his bed while he sleeps. It's gonna get weird when he gets older."

I can't help but laugh softly at that. He was right, but then again, he usually was. Giving a small nod, I press my fingers to my lips before pressing them gently against John's sleeping head.

"C'mon, let's go back to bed. You were keeping me warm."

"You go on ahead, Temp. I'll be in in a minute. Promise."

I feel his lips press against my arm in a gentle kiss. He was smiling at me; I didn't need to see him to know that. We'd been together long enough to know when the other was smiling in the dark at each other.

"Alright. I'll meet you in there. And if you wake him up, I'll be forced to hurt you."

"Will you go on, before I pull rank on you!" I spat back playfully in a hushed down. It was an empty threat though and he knew it. Never in my life had I pulled rank for any reason. His laugh was quiet in my ears as I felt him pull away from me.

"Right. Two minutes."

"Two, right, got it."

Looking back down at the sleeping baby, I can't help but smile more. Our beautiful little boy--baby John Arthur Peck--the most perfect creature ever. I still just can't believe it. I keep pinching myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. My life has become so perfect, so complete.


Shoving myself away from the crib, I give a soft chuckle.

"Sweet dreams, Baby Face." I whisper before turning to walk out the door. "On my way, Muchacho."

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