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by Stiney


Hannibal watched Face and Murdock as the team walked through the woods hoping to find a place along the main road to stay for the night. After they'd crashed the tank into the lake and made it safely ashore he'd had to pull B.A. off Murdock and Face continuously as they'd both drove him crazy over the last few miles with their manic energy.

"Bosco, Let him go." Hannibal ordered, removing B.A.'s hands from around Face's neck.

"What the hell, Hannibal? Face done lost his mind just like Murdock. They both need to be in a padded room but ain't neither of them gonna see the inside of one if they don't leave me alone." B.A. was furious and Face and Murdock were wired.

He'd seen them manic countless times over the years, all jazzed up but he hadn't seen the two of them this bad since they'd had trouble on the Al Qahirah run a year ago. What was supposed to be routine turned into anything but when they'd come under attack. Murdock had spent a great deal of time returning fire while hanging out the jeep's window so after they'd safely gotten back to base he ordered Face to take Murdock to get a medic once over. He'd sent them on their way with both of their faces plastered with not quite there grins and with an electricity coming off of them, between them. When they made it back later, Murdock with a bullet extracted from his shoulder, they'd both been calm like nothing had happened. He shook his head as he saw a look pass between the two briefly before Murdock started singing,

"I'm a lumberjack and I'm o.k., I got no legs but what the hay!"

"Murdock." He cautioned, catching a glimpse at B.A.'s tightening fists as they came upon a building with a sign that said Htte. He sighed, thankful for small miracles hoping sleep would calm the two.

"Face, go get us some rooms." Hannibal said.

"Hannibal, I don't have any money."

"Don't worry, Faceman I got it." Murdock smiled, taking his hat off and pulling a handful of Euros out.

"Where'd you get that?"

"Nurse Decker at the hospital, I stole his wallet right before the movie. You woulda been proud." He winked then pulled Face inside the front door.

Hannibal watched through the front window listening for any signs of trouble.

"Ich brauche zwei Schlafzimmer." Face flashed that mega watt smile at the older woman behind the counter.

"Weit auseinander, bitte." Murdock quietly added, failing miserably on the quiet part.

`Far apart?' Hannibal almost opened the door to question the request when he saw the pilot's hand flit across Face's ass. The very quick, intimate movement stopped him and confusion must have shown on his face.

"Hannibal? What's wrong? They getting the rooms or not? B.A. questioned, looking inside for himself.

Before Hannibal could respond the pair walked outside.

"They only had two rooms on opposite sides of the lodge, boss." Face said smoothly.

"I ain't rooming with either of these fools, Hannibal. Both of `em hopped up on the jazz. I won't get any damned sleep." B.A. grumbled.

Hannibal watched as Murdock relaxed slightly, like he'd been holding his breath but then he launched himself directly at B.A.

"Awww, Bosco come on! Don't you wanna have a slumber party? We can do each other's hair and..."

"Get your crazy ass off me, Murdock." He said as he none to gently peeled the pilot off him and snatched the room key from Face.

"Pay attention, don't get distracted." Hannibal gave a warning glance to Face and Murdock.

They'd been a team for almost 9 years. He knew his men were beyond competent and however they chose to... relieve stress no matter how much of a shock, wasn't any of his business unless it got them in trouble and apparently it wasn't a new thing and hadn't so far.

Murdock practically bolted for the room leaving Face behind who gave Hannibal one last look, searching the Colonel's eyes for recognition or disapproval before following Murdock around the building.

As soon as the door closed he was slammed up against it as Murdock pressed against him hard, hands grasping for purchase, while his mouth did the same.

"Murdock, hey, hey, look at me for a second." He grabbed Murdock's face and stilled him. "I think Hannibal knows."

Murdock shrugged then tried to close the distance between them.

"I'm serious." Face said, dodging the pilot's attempt to connect their mouths.

"Face... we just fell from the sky in a TANK. Reapers blew up our plane. Which by the way, you owe me for not giving me a turn at `em." Again he went in for a kiss that Face moved from.

"There was something in Hannibal's look."

"Shut up, fool." Murdock growled in a pitch perfect imitation of B.A. distracting him long enough to be able to finally kiss him hard, tongue searching Face's mouth as his hands delved under his shirt looking to connect with skin.

"Ok THAT'S a mood killer." Face laughed as Murdock moved to pull the shirt off him before continuing their kiss. He moaned into Murdock's mouth as the pilot pressed against him, his arousal fully evident through the thin pajama bottoms he'd had on when they broke him out.

Murdock guided them towards the bed, hands grabbing Face's ass the entire way, only breaking their kiss when he pushed Face down on the bed before making quick work removing his own clothes and climbing on top of the other man, hungrily kissing and nibbling down his taunt, tan torso.

"Ya miss me?" Murdock drawled, running his hand over Face's jean clad erection.

"Yes, damnit, yes." Face hissed as Murdock's tongue teasingly licked the skin at his waistband, his hips taking on a mind of their own bucking as not to lose contact with Murdock's touch.

"Mmmmm, missed you too. Was actually starting to wonder what the hell was taking the Colonel so long."

"Can we not talk about Hannibal right now?" Face looked down at Murdock between his legs, just sitting there completely naked, shaggy hair all wild and that hungry look darkening his green eyes and he felt himself get harder.

"Right." Murdock laughed, unbuttoning and unzipping his lover's jeans, watching the frustration build as he took his sweet time, pausing after what Face swore felt like every zipper tooth.

"Stop it." Face growled before reaching down and pulling his jeans and underwear off himself, sighing as the cool air of the room hit his naked body. The sigh turned to a gasp as the pilot quickly took his cock in his mouth all the way to the hilt then slowly withdrew, circling his cockhead with his tongue. Face groaned running his hands through the hair at the back of Murdock's head, threading his fingers in the thick hair and pulling. It would have been painful for anyone except Murdock who moaned around his cock as he slowly bobbed up and down sending shocks of pleasure through his entire body.

"Ah, that's it." His hand tightening in the pilot's hair as he sped up, taking Face so close to the edge then screaming over as he emptied himself into Murdock's mouth then falling back onto the bed.

Face panted breathlessly as he reached down pulling Murdock up on top of him. Hands moving across his back, down his ass, reacquainting himself with his lover's body. It'd been well over 6 months since they'd last slept together but he knew every inch of Murdock's body like his own.

"You taste as good as always." The pilot grinned, wiping his mouth before kissing him, tongues sliding together as Face's hands made their way between them and took hold of Murdock's cock. He smiled as Murdock's eyes rolled back, his entire body practically humming with anticipation. He made a noise deep in his throat as Face continued stroking him.

"Face, Face, ya gotta stop. Please." Murdock begged.

"Why?" Face asked mischievously. But he did as asked, moving his hand up Murdock's chest to tweak a nipple as he licked the other and moved his hips against Murdock's.

"Face!" Murdock groaned in frustration. "It's been a really long 6 months and I'm sure unlike you, I've only had..." He waved his hand in front of him. "So if you don't gimme a second, that's about all I'm gonna be able to give you." His seriousness stopped Face immediately, until he burst out laughing.

"Jesus, Face you look like I just told you weren't getting any presents for Christmas."

"You did Murdock. You did." Face looked wounded, but he couldn't hide the gleam in his blue eyes. "I'm pretty sure you just called me a slut also."

Murdock laughed hard as he got of the bed and headed towards the bathroom.

" That I did. Gimme a minute more and you can show me." Murdock spoke over all the noise his searching was making.

"Hey!" Face said before moving to look in the bathroom door as Murdock threw containers and bottles on the floor. He leaned against the sink waiting for Murdock to find what he needed.

"Ah, ha! By George I think she's got it!" Murdock cried victoriously in a British accent, turning with a bottle of Penaten Baby l in his hand, which he nearly dropped seeing Face had moved from the bed.

"You're getting slow, Captain." Face laughed at being able to sneak up on him.

"Not slow. Just a little preoccupied. I'm on a mission."

"Mmm, Hmm. I got a mission for you." Face reached out and took the bottle then poured it in his hands, warming it by rubbing them together before he reached for Murdock's cock, pulling the pilot to him again. "Fuck me." He demanded, turning and watching Murdock's reaction in the mirror.

Murdock smiled dangerously before sliding up behind him.

"Oh, I definitely missed that." He said kissing Face's neck and shoulder as he poured baby oil into his own hand before working a slick finger into the younger man.

Murdock watched his lover's face as he added a second finger, Face's head lowered, eyes closed, and mouth slightly open as he pushed back against him, the muscles in his arms tight from gripping the sink. He tugged on Face's hair as he whispered in his ear, "Look at me."

Face obeyed, staring straight at Murdock as he slid into him, his blue eyes piercing as he rolled his hips not waiting before pushing back.

"Hmm, slutty AND impatient." Murdock declared, taking hold of Face's hips to gain more control. He thrust deep then withdrew himself almost completely, not letting Face move.

"So good." Murdock said with a wicked grin, locking eyes with Face in the mirror as he relaxed his grip and reached down taking Face's cock in his hand as they slowly rocked against the sink.

"Mine." The pilot growled as he none to gently bit and sucked at the juncture between neck and shoulder, leaving a mark that Face would undoubtedly complain about later.

Face brought his arm back pulling Murdock closer, deeper still as the moved together. He watched Murdock in the mirror knowing by the tenseness in the pilot's face he was close as was he as Murdock continued stroking him. "Fuck me harder, flyboy." He purred, moaning as he came into Murdock's hand as the pilot complied, slamming harder into him.

"Ah, Face, yes." Murdock stammered before letting out a howl that was sure to wake any neighbors they had.

If Murdock hadn't been leaning heavily against his back Face knew he'd have hit the floor but the pilot's weight and the sink kept him up as he shifted trying to turn around as Murdock clung to his moving body.

"Mmmm, sleepy." Murdock mumbled.

"You're telling me." Face yawned, running a hand down Murdock's back. "It's been a hell of a day, buddy, hell of a day. Let's try not to do it again."

Murdock started kissing the hollow of Face's throat while his hands became animated again roaming over his hips to his ass.

"But it was so much fun. We should do it more often."

"I meant the whole exploding plane, falling outta the sky thing." Face laughed pulling Murdock back towards the bed.

"Yeah that's what I meant too." Murdock grinned.

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