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Chief Crazy Fool's Catch

by Stiney

"Father I don't know if today would be a good day to visit Mr.Murdock, he's in a very strange mood." The nurse looked at the blond, good-looking priest standing on the other side of the desk. `Damn, what a waste of such a fine looking man', she thought to herself.

"Well I'd like to try anyways." Face said pushing the glasses up his nose and smiling at the nurse.

"Alright, Father go right on in."

Face walked towards Murdock's room and knocked on the door. When there was no answer he opened the door and looked around. On the far side of the room beside the bed was a teepee/ tent looking structure made out of sheets.

"Murdock?" Face looked around the room then smiled when a war painted; black wigged Murdock stuck his head out the opening of the tent.

"How! Me, Chief Crazy Fool. Who are you white man?" Murdock crawled out and walked over to Face.

Face smiled as he took in the sight of his lover's body clad only in his khaki pants and a pair of moccasin boots.

Murdock loved when Face looked at him like that. He leaned over and whispered in to Face's ear.

"Chief have no horse. Wanna let me ride you stallion?" He slid his hand down and grabbed Face's ass.

Face smiled and pressed himself against Murdock.

"Giddy up, partner." Face said before kissing the pilot's throat. His cock hardened from the feel of Murdock's moan vibrating against his lips as he sucked on the pilot's adam's apple.

"Come on, let's get you out of here so we can finish this at my place."

Murdock shook his head `no' as he tugged the shirt out of Face's pants and slipped his hand under the waistband to tease the dip where back met ass.

"Don't wanna go nowhere, but how `bout you come play in my teepee? Don't think the nurses would approve of me taking advantage of a nice, young man of the cloth like yourself."

Face laughed and rolled his eyes.

"Oh, Murdock! Seriously we can't stay here."

"Aw, darlin where's your sense of adventure?" Murdock drawled as he ran his hand further down Face's pants running a finger between his cheeks.

Face shivered knowing he wouldn't be able to put up much of a fight if Murdock kept this up.

"Alright, ok we'll stay here but you gotta promise no noise. Definitely don't wanna get caught."

Murdock was too busy kissing Face's neck and shifting his hand around the front of his pants where he took a grip on Face's cock to respond.

Face jumped slightly.

"Murdock, Jesus Christ."

Murdock threw his head back and laughed as he continued to stroke his lover.

"What's wrong? Want me to stop?" He teased pulling away.

"How `bout we continue this in your teepee there, Chief?" Face said pushing Murdock towards the crudely made tent.

"Gimme a kiss, kimosabi." Murdock purred once inside the structure as he pulled Face to him, feeding on his lips like a starving man.

Delving his tongue into Murdock's mouth Face brought his hand up and pulled away as it tangled in the black wig.

"Ugh, can we get rid of this wig?" Before any protest Face took it off Murdock's head and giggled as his hair stood up in all different directions. Smoothing out the thinning brown hair he pulled the pilot to him for another kiss.

Murdock growled deep in his throat as he tugged on Face's pants.

"Murdock are you in a hurry?" Face questioned.

Murdock responded by turning Face around and pushing him down on his hands and knees. "Don't have enough time, babe don't wanna be interrupted. Just wanna bury myself in your hot, sweet ass."

Face watched over his shoulder as Murdock pulled his pants and underwear down to his knees. Watching a huge grin spread over Murdock's face he wiggled his ass and cooed.

"See anything you like?"

"Nope not all Facey."

"What?" Face said shocked.

Murdock laughed as he leaned over and started raining kisses over the blonde's ass.

"Nope, sugar don't like ya' one bit. Love you babe, love you more than anything."

"Love you, too." Face said.

Face moaned as Murdock spread his cheeks and licked his puckered hole. He thrust backwards as Murdock continued to lick and kiss him.

"More please." He begged.

Murdock ran his hand up Face's body to his lips. Face opened his mouth and drew the long fingers in licking and sucking on them.

Murdock moved away from his ass and giggled at the war paint streak he'd left behind.

Face opened his mouth, releasing Murdock's fingers.

"What's so funny?"

Murdock ran a finger through the paint streaks.

"You look real good purple and red streaked."

Face looked over his shoulder confused.


"Never mind." Murdock said leaning down and licking Face's hole one more time before working a long finger passed the tight ring of muscle. He started moving his finger deeper making the blonde beneath him thrust hard against his hand.

Face whimpered as a second then third finger were added, stretching and preparing him for Murdock's cock.

"Please." Face begged.

"Hold on just a minute longer, love." Murdock said as he crawled out of the tent. Coming back in he held a tube of lube in his hand. He began remove his own clothes then quickly spread the lube on his cock. Positioning himself behind his lover, Murdock leaned over and kissed Face's back.


"Yes, I've been ready since I walked through the door." Face begged as he thrust his ass towards the pilot.

"Whoa, down boy!" Murdock laughed smacking Face's ass. "Alright baby I'm gonna take you for a good ride." He gripped the blonde's hips as he slid into his tight, hot passage, stilling to give Face time to adjust to the intrusion.

Impatiently Face bucked his hips taking Murdock deeper. Murdock took the cue and pushed himself deeper into the younger man then withdrew himself almost completely.

Face brought his hips back as the pilot thrust back into him.

As Murdock sped up his thrusting he brought his hand around to grip Face's cock, setting the manipulations to the same pace he was pushing into the blonde.

Face bit his lip and tried not to cry out as his Murdock's cock brushed his prostate. He knew he didn't have much longer and tightened himself around Murdock wanting him to hurry.

"Oh baby you are so sweet." Murdock whispered as he leaned over placing a kiss on the Face's neck.

"Hurry please, faster." Face begged.

The continued thrusting of Murdock against his prostate and the stroking of his cock caused him to buck hard against his lover's hips and his cock jump, shooting cum on the floor and Murdock's hand.

"Love you, love you, love you." Face moaned as he came.

Feeling his lover cum in his hand Murdock couldn't hold out anymore. Grabbing Face's hips he thrust into him hard as he came, letting out a loud whooping Indian war cry.

"Murdock!" Face threw him a look of terror over his shoulder.

"Don't worry, baby." Murdock sighed as he withdrew from Face and leaned over planting a kiss on his partner's ass.

At that moment there was a knock at the door and a nurse called out Murdock's name.

Murdock moved in front of his Face's body and stuck his head out the sheet.

The nurse looked through the door at Murdock peeking at her from his tent.

"Mr.Murdock are you ok? Where's Father Rodgers?"

Murdock grinned. "White man no match for Chief Crazy Fool. He go running for hills."

The nurse shook her head then shut the door.

Murdock sat looking at the closed door until Face's arm pulled him back into the tent.

"White man no match for you? Wanna try and see?" Face said slyly pulling Murdock to him for a kiss.


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