Welcome to the Slash Newlywed Game

by Susie

Rated G

Warning: Do I actually need a warning? It safe.

Summary: What the title said

Disclaimer: Don't own them

Copyright 2001 Susie

Author Notes: This is for Jenny hope she likes it.


Announcer: "It's the Slash Newlywed Game with your host Smiling Bob Weathers. "

Bob comes out and waves to the audience.

Bob: "Hello and welcome to our show. Today we have with us three slashy couples. Let's meet them now."

Announcer: "All right Bob. The first couple are from Los Angeles and Westwood. He is a conman that will con you out of a shirt and then turn around and get you another one. His spouse can fly anything with wings. Let's welcome Templeton Peck AKA Face and his spouse HM Murdock."

Face and Murdock come out on the stage and take their place.

Bob: "Welcome to the show guys ."

Face: "Thanks Bob. We are so glad to be here."

Announcer: Our next two couple are from Chicago and I don't know where. He likes to wear more jewelry then his mother and he like for plans to come together. Let's welcome BA Baracus and Hannibal Smith."

BA and Hannibal come out on the stage and take their places.

Bob: "Hey guys welcome to the show."

Hannibal: "Thanks Bob."

Announcer: "Our last couple hails from Los Angeles and Virginia. He is a special effect artist and he wants things done his way. Please welcome Frankie Santana and Hunt Stockwell."

Bob: "Welcome to the show guys."

Frankie: "Wow I can't believe it I am actually here. Here on The Slashy Newlywed Game."

Bob: "Yeah well yes. Yes you are. Now we ask Murdock, BA and Frankie to leave ."

They leave the stage.

Bob: "Here is our only question."

"What was the most embarrassing thing that happened to you before you got married?"

Face: "He locked me out in the pouring down rain."

BA: "He wanted to make plans I wanted to make whoopie."

Frankie: "We didn't have sex. He wanted it done his way."

Bob: "Okay let's bring back Murdock, Hannibal and Hunt."

They all return.

Bob: "Welcome back guys. Now here is the one and only question."

"What was the most embarrassing thing that happened to you before you got married?"

Murdock: "Let see. Gosh there was so many. But I guess it would be. The day we were in Monte Carlo and I locked him out in the rain."

Bob: "Face show Murdock what you said."

Face shows Murdock and he hugs Face.

Bob: "Hannibal."

Hannibal: "I would say the time I wanted to sing and he wanted to play doctor."

Bob: "BA said The time you wanted to make plans and he wanted to make whoopie."

BA: "Yeah man."

Bob: "Hunt."

Hunt: "Well I like things done my way so we didn't have sex that night because he would not do it my way."

Bob: "That is what Frankie said. So we have two winners folks. So we will put them in the kissing booth. The ones that are still standing after twelve hours wins. Good night folks."