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This Kiss

by Elizabeth Kent

This Kiss By Faith Hill

I don't want another heartbreak I don't need another turn to cry I don't want to learn the hard way Baby, hello, oh, no, goodbye But you got me like a rocket Shooting straight across the sky

It's the way you love me It's a feeling like this It's centrifugal motion It's perpetual bliss

It's that pivotal moment It's impossible This kiss, this kiss (Unstoppable) This kiss, this kiss

Cinderella said to Snow White How does love get so off course All I wanted was a white knight With a good heart, soft touch, fast horse

Ride me off into the sunset Baby, I'm forever yours

It's the way you love me It's a feeling like this It's centrifugal motion It's perpetual bliss

It's that pivotal moment It's unthinkable This kiss, this kiss (Unsinkable) This kiss, this kiss

You can kiss me in the moonlight On the rooftop under the sky You can kiss me with the windows open While the rain comes pouring inside Kiss me in sweet slow motion Let's let every thing slide You got me floating, you got me flying

It's the way you love me It's a feeling like this It's centrifugal motion It's perpetual bliss

It's that pivotal moment It's subliminal This kiss, this kiss (It's Criminal) This kiss, this kiss


"Murdock, what are you doing?"

"Hm? I'm getting ready to kiss you."

"We're kind of exposed."

"We're at the top of a Ferris wheel. It wouldn't be right not to kiss. There's a rule about it."

"A rule?"

"In the Boy Scout handbook."

"I don't think so." Face leaned over, his lips parted. "But maybe there should be."


"Swing over here a little."

"Swing over...Murdock, I'm trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey here. I can hardly breathe, let alone move."

"Just think about swaying in the breeze, Facey. C'mon, you can do it."

"Okay, okay, I'm swaying. Happy?"

"Get a little closer. A little closer. Okay, now pucker up next time."

"We're about to get fitted for cement overshoes and you want to kiss?"

"Well, it won't be anything more than a quick peck on your way past since I can't get my hands free to hang onto you."

"All right, all right. This could be our last kiss, you know, if Hannibal and BA don't get here soon, so don't miss."

"Ain't gonna miss. I got radar for your lips."

"Hannibal! What are those crazy fools doin'?"

Hannibal smiled. Murdock and Face hung upside down, swaying like two pendulums, going in opposite directions and grabbing kisses on the way by.

"Looks like artificial respiration, BA," he said seriously. "You better go cut `em down and see about some first aid."


"Mr. Murdock, you remove the barricade from your door immediately, do you hear me?"

"Barricade? What do you think that locked door is, huh? Shut up in here like a princess trapped in a tower, sequestered from humanity, hidden from..."

A shower of pebbles tapped against the windowpane. Ignoring the pounding on his door, Murdock slid the second-story window open and looked down.

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!" Face called.

"Mr. Murdock, you have two minutes to get that barricade down!"

Murdock threw a coiled mass of bedsheets out the window and watched Face clamber up.

"You ready to go?" Face asked, hooking his elbows over the window sill but not coming inside.

"Almost." Murdock pitched his duffel past Face's shoulder and into the shadows below.

"OUCH! Quit throwin' things, fool!"


"I brought reinforcements," Face said with a shrug. The banging on the door became a steady thump. "We'd better hurry. Have you forgotten anything?"

"Just one thing."

Murdock grabbed the front of Face's leather coat and pulled him closer. He pressed his lips to Face's and felt Face's mouth relax into a smile. "Thank you, my prince," he whispered.


"Shall I close it till the storm passes, Face?"

"Mmmmm, no. This is fine. The breeze feels good after being out in the sun all day. I wasn't cut out to be a farmer."

Lightning flickered across the dark sky beyond the open window. Thunder rumbled above the old house, rattling it from cellar to attic, and the soft sprinkle that had begun ten minutes earlier turned into a deluge. A gust of wind made the curtains flutter like ghosts over their heads and spattered raindrops over bare, hot skin in the stuffy room.

"Ah, that's nice," Face sighed. "Just one thing missing."

"What's that?"

"Sister Constance. She used to come tuck us in when there was a storm and kiss us goodnight."

"Shall I call her?"

Face smiled in the dark. "No, because she'd make you go back to your own bed."

Murdock slid across sheets made soft as silk by many, many washings and pressed his lips to Face's cheek. "Goodnight, Alvin."

"Goodnight, Huey."


Face sighed. Thank God this day was over. His flight had been delayed a couple of hours, then his car had blown a tire. If it hadn't been for the fifty cents Murdock always insisted on taping into the bottom of his shaving kit, he wouldn't even have been able to call home from a pay phone and let him know he was on his way home. All he wanted was to close the front door behind him and shut out the world for the rest of the week.

As he stepped across the threshold, the toe of his shoe kicked something that skittered away across the floor. Face looked down, then up, then down again. A trail of bite-size candy hearts led from the front door, across the foyer, and into the livingroom. He grinned as he set down his briefcase and loosened his tie. He followed the path laid out for him into the dimly-lit living room, where the hearts veered around an end table. Atop the table, an open bottle of wine sat on a huge, red, heart-shaped tray. He picked up the tray and followed the hearts to the kitchen. On the kitchen counter were two novelty wine glasses with red stems and heart-shaped bases. At least they weren't plastic. He added them to the tray and followed the hearts into the dining room where a dozen oysters on the half shell were nestled in a bowl of crushed ice. Next to them lay two crimson napkins tucked into oversize, dollar-store diamond rings. He shook his head as he arranged the bowl and napkins on the tray. The path meandered back through the foyer and up the stairs, with a stop on the first landing for a dish of chocolate kisses. His heart beat a little faster when he caught sight of flickering candlelight spilling from the master bedroom. Nearly twenty years together had still not blunted the thrill of anticipation, the sweet ache starting in his groin, or the rush of affection and appreciation he felt. He hoped it never would.

The candy path ended in the shape of an arrowhead at the bedroom door. The arrow pointed toward their brand new bed where Murdock, clad only in red satin boxers, reclined against the pillows. Face crossed the room and set the tray on the nightstand, on which an array of flavored lubes was arranged in a neat row within arm's reach.

"Welcome home," Murdock said, opening his arms.

Face kicked his shoes off and climbed onto the bed and into Murdock's arms. As his lover undressed him, fed him oysters and chocolates, and tickled him with a red feather boa he produced from under a pillow, Face let the frustrations of the day slip away and relaxed. It wasn't even so much that Murdock loved him, it was the way he loved him, like nobody else ever had or ever could. When Murdock's lips brushed his, then captured them in a deep, hungry kiss, Face felt himself respond from head to toe. This was the kiss he lived for, and the love he lived for, and he wouldn't trade it for anything or anybody. It was true love, and their love, forever.

The End

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