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Number Two

by HannibalFan52

Number Two HannibalFan'52

Summary: A little reassurance is needed...


Number Two

Hannibal looked around the orphanage compound. B.A.'s improvisational genius was evident in the preparations his men had made for the anticipated attack. He'd miscalculated somewhat when ousting Salvador and his men, who had been terrorizing the nuns and their charges. He hadn't reckoned on there being additional gang members on the outside. Ah, well, he and his men were nothing if not flexible. A thrill of anticipation went through him.

A flicker of movement below caught his attention, causing him to look down from his vantage point on the make-shift machine-gun turret. It was his Lieutenant, walking stealthily around the edge of the compound. As he watched, the young man paused, looked around furtively, and ducked into the wine cellar.

Hannibal realized that being back in an orphanage - any orphanage - would strike a chord in Templeton Peck, and it wouldn't be a pleasant one. Combine that with the fact that he'd suddenly come fact-to-face with the woman who had broken his heart all those years ago, and he knew that his second-in-command was now a mass of conflicting emotions. He sighed, his heart aching for his young lover, but at a loss for what to do about it.


Oh, jeez! Face thought to himself. How do I get myself into these things? He scrubbed his face with his hands, trying to comprehend everything that had happened.

A nun! Why didn't she tell me? Well, I guess I know...I would've tried to talk her out of it. He sighed. I guess that explains the `air of mystery' she had about her. Oh, boy! does it ever!

Another guy...humph. How can a fellow compete with a rival like that? Well, at least it wasn't the captain of the football team. That would have been just too humiliating!

He wrapped his arms around his knees and put his head down, exhausted by the thoughts chasing each other `round and `round his brain. He was so wrapped up in them that he was unaware of another presence in the cellar until a black-gloved hand fell on his shoulder. He looked up into the concerned, ice-blue eyes of his lover.

`You all right, kid?' Hannibal asked softly.

Face sighed.

`Yes,' he replied. `No. Oh, I don't know!' He made to stand up, but Hannibal wouldn't let him, sitting down next to him instead. `I've just had one hell of a shock, that's all.'

`I can imagine.'

`To find that the woman I wanted to spend my life with is a nun, of all things!'

Hannibal put an arm around his shoulders, pulling the younger man to him, and they sat in silence for a while as Tem came to grips with this unexpected turn of events.

`Well, at least now the mystery is solved,' the Colonel said at last. `There's something to be said about being second only to God in someone's life.' Face nodded resignedly.

Hannibal stood, pulling Face to his feet and into his arms.

`Just remember, baby,' he whispered, `you'll always be number one in my life...'


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