Is it Wrong to feel this Way

By Susie Owens

Rated: PG

Summary: Face thinks about something

Disclaimer: Don't own them

Copyright 2001

I wonder as I sit in my vette My feeling for Murdock are growing stronger each

day. It makes it so hard to scam a girl or to go out with one. I mean here I

have a beautiful girl in my arms and who am I thinking of? Murdock. Is it wrong

to feel that way?

I mean I was brought up knowing that was not good. Yet I cannot help myself. He

makes me smiled when I am down and no how to listen when I need to talk . No

woman ever done that. Not now not ever.

Should I tell him how I feel? Would he understand? I think he would. Yes I know

he would.

It's cannot be wrong to love him because it feels o right. Every bone in my

body said this is right and how it should be.

Murdock and I belong together and no man or woman will come between us.

I got out of my vette and headed toward the VA and my one and only Murdock

thinking "Its okay to feel this way".

The End