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Faith is Like Trust

by Susie Owens

It was late, around 3:00 in the morning, when the phone rang. Murdock answered it quickly so the sound wouldn't wake up his lover.

"Hello. Who is this? Do you have any idea what time it is ?" he asked, his voice very irritated.

"Well, hello to you too, sweetie. Don't you recognize your own wife's voice,Tiger?" a female sexy voice answered.

Murdock shook his head. This was crazy he wasn't married. "Look, lady, I don't know what game you're playing but I'm not your husband," he replied more irritated than before.

For a moment she was quiet and Murdock thought she hung up. Then she spoke again, but now there was sadness in her voice.

"The man who called me and told me you were finally declared sane said you may have lost some of your long term memory during your time in `Nam. Tiger, honey I can fix it, help you remember me and our lives together before you went on your second tour.

Look, lady - if I'm really your husband - why did you wait until now to call me?"

"I will explain everything to you. All you've got to do is come home."

"Home? Home to where?" Murdock asked nervously.

"Why. Lolita, Texas. Your home town," she answered.

Murdock heard something and turned and looked to see Face standing there. His hair was mussed, his silk pajamas wrinkled, and he had dry crust around his eyes; but to Murdock he looked beautiful.

"Murdock? You look terrible. Are you all right?" Face came over and placed his arm around Murdock's waist.

Murdock took his free hand and squeezed Face's hand tightly and then he again spoke into the phone.

"Look lady." he said.

"Kitty," she replied

"Uh, Kitty. I don't know how you got this number, but please don't called back."

Face raised his eyebrows when he heard Murdock say "lady" and "Kitty". He wondered who Murdock was speaking to, and why he sounded so upset. Murdock started to hang up "Wait, before you hang up, don't you at least want to find out if I'm telling the truth.?" Kitty asked annoyingly.

Face squeezed Murdock tightly around his waist, fearing something was wrong. Murdock gave him a weak smile. "It's okay, Face. I will explain it to you as soon as I get off the phone." He then spoke to Kitty, "What is your last name so I can look you when I get there?"

"Murdock," she quickly answered.

"No, your other last name," Murdock snapped.

"Poole. So are you coming?" she replied

"Only to prove you wrong," Murdock answered

"Then I'll see you,Tiger." She replied.

"Don't called me... ", but she had already hung up.

Murdock hung up the phone and nuzzled Face's arms


Murdock was quiet for a moment. He only wanted to take in the smells of his lover: his after shave, his cologne and his own smell. All together they smelled like spring time.

Face waited, since he knew no matter what it was, Murdock would tell him.

"Face, do people lose parts of their past and not know it?"

Face thought about this question before he answered it.

" I'm not a shrink, Murdock. But maybe. Why?"

" Is there any way I could have lost parts of my past?"

Face took a deep breath. He always feared that someday Murdock would asked that question. He just wished they hadn't been alone when he did. He needed to answer the question carefully.

"Yes. You did lose part of your past because of what happened to you in that prison camp. For at least six weeks, maybe more, you didn't even know who you were or who we were. Murdock, please tell me what's wrong."

"Oh man, Face - what am I going to do? I love you more than life itself. I would just die if you left me."

"Murdock? Why would I leave you?" Face asked, confused.

"Because I may be married," Murdock answered sadly.

Faith is Like Trust 2

Face stared at Murdock for a second or two, but long enough for Murdock to think he had already lost Face.

"Oh, God, Face. I knew you would react this way. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you."

Face tried to take Murdock in his arms, but the captain pulled away. "No, Face, don't. I saw the look in your face. The look of betrayal."

Face attempted to hold Murdock again, and this time he held on tight. `Murdock. You listen to me. Yes, I did for a second stare at you, but I was just surprise at what you said. How can you be married?"

Murdock wanted so badly to feel safe in Face's arms but he couldn't. "I guess I just forgot."

"I don't believe for a second that you are married. What was the phone call all about?"

Trying to pulled away again was hard for Face wouldn't let him. "Kitty Poole is her name. I knew her in Lolita ,Texas. She told me we were married," Murdock replied as his voice cracked.

"Murdock, How can you believe such a thing?"

"Face, you know why. I may have forgotten after what happened to me in that prison camp. We all went through hell in that place."

"Then why didn't she find you sooner?" Face asked.

Murdock finally pulled away and quickly jumped up and waved his hands around. "I don't know, maybe Stockwell told her!"

Face got up as well and picked up the phone. "Start packing."


"We're going to Lolita, Texas."

"Face, you don't have to go, this is my problem."

"Murdock, this is our problem. I love you and I am not going to let you face this alone. Hold on a minute. I'm leaving Hannibal a message. Hannibal, this is Face. Murdock and I are going out of town for a while to Lolita, Texas Something came up and we need to take care of it and it can't wait." Face then hung up.

"Maybe you should have said what was wrong." Murdock said.

Face shook his head. "We can handle this. If worse comes to worse then I will let Hannibal know what's going on."

Murdock only nodded his head and began to pack.

"Come on we've got a plane to catch," Face said as he headed out the door with Murdock behind him. Once they were gone, the phone rang.

********************************************************************* As Murdock took his seat on the plane, Face noticed how worried he looked. He placed their bags in the compartment above them and sat down beside him.

"You know I'm with you no matter what happens."

Murdock turned to face his lover, giving him one of his expectant smiles. "I know, but Face, I `m just wonder if I am married."

"Murdock, like I told you, I don't believe you're any more married to that woman than you're married to Decker."

"Face! Please, the man isn't my type."

Both men laughed, which helped put Murdock's mind at ease. The plane soon landed in Lolita ,Texas. When they finished checking out. Murdock heard his name being called.

"HM! HM! Over here, Tiger."

He turned to see a woman around 35 with long blond hair that was twisted on top of her head. She was wearing blue jeans, a white blouse and black slender boots with high heels. HM stared at her and Face noticed.

"Murdock, do you know her?"

Murdock took a deep breath before he answered Face. "Yeah, her name is Katherine Poole but we all called her Kitty."

Before Face could respond, Kitty threw herself into Murdock's arms. "Oh HM, I can't believe I finally found you."

"How did you find him?" Face asked, his voice putting on a thin layer of ice, even in the Texas heat.

Kitty looked over and for the first time noticed Face. "Who are you?" she asked in a not so friendly tone.

"Come on ,lady. If you know Murdock, you know me." Face said. He knew the response might be rude but at the moment he didn't care.

"I have no idea who you are. HM who is this man and why is he here?" she demanded.

Murdock pulled away from her. "Look, Katherine, he's my friend, and he came here for support. I just don`t remember being married to you."

"I figured you wouldn't remember. Your friend the one who told me where to find you, told me all the things that happened to you. So I brought proof."

"Wait. What friend?" Face asked.

Katherine stared at Face. " You know something, you are starting to annoy me."

"Look, lady, just answer the question." Face snapped at her.

" I think he said his name was Stockwell."

"Stockwell is no friend of ours, lady. Come on, Murdock we're out of here."

Murdock shook his head. "I'm sorry, Face, but I need to know."

Kitty gave Face a smug smile as she reached into her purse and brought out a picture of herself and Murdock.

The picture showed her and Murdock younger. Murdock was dress in a pair of blue slack with a white shirt and a blue blazer. She was wearing a white cotton dress with a thin veil on her head and they were standing in a small room with flowers all around.

"This is our wedding picture. I kept it with me. After you left for the war it was something that kept me going."

Face grabbed it and studied it. "This doesn't prove anything, pictures can be fixed."

Kitty glared at Face. "This is none of your business," she snapped.

"Murdock is my friend and I'm making it my business," Face snapped back.

Murdock placed his hand on Face's shoulder. "I'm tired from the long plane ride and I'd like to rest. We can figure this out later."

"That's a good idea , HM. My jeep is waiting in the parking lot. We can go to my house."

Murdock picked up his bag while Face did the same. "No thanks, Katherine. I made other arrangements."

Kitty quickly grabbed the bag. "I won't hear of it. No husband of mine is staying at any motel when they can stay with me. I have plenty of room."

Murdock shook his head. "Sorry but I need more proof than just a picture and your say so. My friend and I are staying at the motel in town."

Kitty gave Face a cold hard stare before she turned back to Murdock. "Please come and stay with me, your friend is also welcome."

"You didn't seem pleased to see him." Murdock pointed out.

"Well he wasn't so friendly to me as well, but if that`s the only way you will come, he`s welcome."

"Gee. Don`t put yourself out for me." Face replied.

"I'm not. I'm doing it for HM."

Murdock looked at Face. "Do you want to stay at her place?"

"I would rather not, but the sooner we get this straightened out the better, so we accept your offer," Face replied.

Murdock nodded. "Okay, Katherine, lead the way."

"HM, will you please call me Kitty." ******************************************************************************

Hannibal placed the phone back on the cradle. "BA? How long will it take you to drive to Lolita, Texas?"

BA thought for a moment. "If we drive straight on throughI think about a day or two, why?"

"Because, Face and Murdock went there something going on and we're not letting them face it alone, no matter what Face said."

BA said nothing but headed for the van, and Hannibal followed.

Faith is Like Trust 3

BA pulled into the small town as Hannibal got out to look around; the town felt like it was friendly, yet cautions of strangers. He watched as people pass him by, some smile at him others didn't.

"Come on, BA. Let's head for the local diner. We may find something there."

Once inside the diner they were greeted by a woman wearing white pants and blue blouse . She had a pad in her hand ready to serve them.

"What can I get you gentlemen?" she asked.

" I would like a cup of coffee, and milk here for my friend," Hannibal answered.

"Sure thing ,Honey, anything else?"

" Have you seen two men? Strangers? One is really good looking, drop dead gorgeous, the other one..."

BA growled at Hannibal. "What? Do you know a better way to described him?" Hannibal asked.

BA shook his head before speaking to the woman. "One of them is a great dresser, while the other one wears a leather jacket with a tiger on the back and a blue baseball cap."

"Oh you must mean HM Murdock and his friend . Yeah, I saw them."

"Can you tell us where?" Hannibal asked her.

"They are out at the ranch."

"Ranch?" Hannibal asked.

"Yeah ,the one that Molly Murdock left in her will to her relative. Everyone in town figures it must be HM. After all he was raise here."

Hannibal gave her the money and left. Once outside, BA waited for Hannibal to say something.

"BA, we need to check that out, but first I need a limo."

"Hannibal, where are we going to get a limo? Faceman does all the scamming for that kind of thing."

Hannibal placed his hand on BA . "Do you remember the woman we helped? The one who Face married?"

"Yeah. So?"

"She said if we ever needed anything, she would see that we get it. All I have to do is make a phone call."

BA shook his head, but a few hours later a limo pulled up in front of them.

"Okay, BA, get in and drive."

"Hannibal, I ain't going to be your driver. This is not my ride."

"Come on, BA. How is it going to look if HM Murdock shows up on that ranch without his driver?"

"I ain't doing it, Hannibal. I'm not a chauffeur."

"Fine, then I'll be the chauffeur and you be HM Murdock."

"I ain't being that crazy fool either."

"BA, not Murdock. A Murdock. According to what the waitress told us, this Molly Murdock left her ranch to Murdock she just doesn't know who. So you are the other Murdock. Now I got direction to the ranch so let's go.

Hannibal opened the door for BA, who got in, then Hannibal went to the driver's seat.

**************************************************************** Murdock sat on a leather couch with Kitty beside him. Face sat on the opposite side of him, much to Kitty's displeasure.

Molly's lawyer, Kevin Hopper, stood, ready to read the will.

"Now that everyone is here. I'm glad we found Murdock."

"Kevin, I found Murdock. After all, he is my husband," Kitty pointed out and then hugged Murdock.

"Yes, of course. Now for the will. I, Molly Murdock, being of sound mind and body for most of the time, leave my ranch and all that goes with it to my relative, HM Murdock."

Kitty squeaked as she again hugged Murdock. "Oh, baby, we are rich."

Murdock stared at her then back at Face and mouthed, `I think we know why now.'

Suddenly the door flew open and a white haired man walked in.

"My boss is here for the reading of the will," the man said.

Kevin Hopper stood up. "The reading is over. The ranch goes to HM Murdock."

"To HM Murdock. Then, gentlemen and lady, let me introduce you to my boss, HM Murdock."

Everyone stared as BA entered the room, his gold shining brightly against the lights. The only thing different about BA that Murdock and Face picked up was the cane. He was carring a golden cane with a diamond stud on top.

Kitty let out a scream and fainted.

Faith is like Trust 4 1

Kevin Hopper quickly ran over to his client. "Kitty, for heaven's sake, wake up."

Kitty slowly opened her eyes . "Oh ,Kevin, I had this horrible dream, that there was another HM Murdock and he was a black man."

"It wasn't a dream," Kevin said as he helped her to her feet.

"Oh, let go of me!" Kitty demanded as she whirled around to face BA. "Who in the hell do you think you are? There is no way you could be HM Murdock. You're a n... black, and she wasn't."

BA gave her a scowl that would have made any person back down, but she stood her ground. "I asked you a question."

Hannibal quickly moved in. "My boss doesn't have to answer you. I gave your lawyer papers to prove that he is the HM Murdock who is entitled to this ranch."

Kevin read the papers over carefully.

"Well ?" Kitty asked.

"They seem to be in order. This man is HM Murdock and has every legal right to this ranch."

"What! That is impossible ."

"Kitty, we both know that there were blacks in the Murdock clan. This man could be related. I'll take this back to my office for more research. I'll be back tonight." Kevin took his briefcase and left. Once he was gone, Kitty turned on the guys.

"I know that you are up to something. You pointing to Face, have been a thorn in my side since you have been here. Always hanging around HM and me, never giving us a moment peace, and you. Pointing to Murdock, let him. I'm your wife, not him!"

"Until you have more proof than that picture, you are not my wife ." Murdock said calmly. The only reason you told me we were married is because you want this ranch. I got news for you, Katherine, if we are married, I'm going to divorce you so fast your head will spin."

Kitty was stunned, but only for a second, then she slapped Murdock across the face. Murdock gave her a wicked grin. "Did that make you feel better?"

"I want you out of here! All of you !"she screamed.

BA whispered in Hannibal's ear. He nodded and look at Kitty. "My boss told me to tell you until this is cleared up we are not leaving, but you can stay in the guest house."

"I'm not going anywhere except for a ride. But I promise you that once my lawyer proves that he is a fake, I will see that you all rot in jail." They watched her leave. Once she was gone Hannibal turned to Murdock and Face.

"I want to know why you left without telling BA and me."

"I left you a note," Face pointed out.

"That is not the point. You two could have been in serious trouble."

"What do you mean could have been," Murdock said. "I was in serious trouble. She claims that I'm her husband."

"She is the one in serious trouble if she is married to you, Fool," BA said.

"Now, HM, is that any way to talk to me? We could be distant cousins," Murdock replied .

"I ain't HM, Fool, and I ain't your cousin, distant or otherwise."

"Murdock , BA, knock it off. We have to find out about this ranch," Hannibal said.

"Let her have it if she wants it. I don't," Murdock said.

"Because if you are entitled to this ranch then you have every right to it. It will be a good place to live. Face said.

"Face, do you really want to live here?" Murdock asked.

"Anywhere you will be is where I want to be." Face answered.


Kitty pulled her car in the dark parking lot and waited. Soon a black car with tinted glass pulled up beside her. She quickly got out of her car and into the black one.

"You told me this would go without a hitch. You never said anything about the others. Peck is a pain in the ass."

"Now, Kitty. I never said it would be easy. I need that ranch and you want your husband out of prison. Murdock is the legal owner to that ranch, and the only way I'm going to get it is for you to make him believe you are his wife."

She shook her head. "It won't work. Murdock figured it out. He told me he would divorce me first."

"Go back to the ranch. I'll make sure he doesn't divorce you."

"Then you'll handle everything, my husband as well."

"I promise you will have nothing to worry about."

Kitty got out of the black car and got into her own and drove away.

In the shadow of the black car sat a woman. "Do you wish for me to take care of this?"

"No, not yet. Let's wait for the second reading of the will."

She nodded and took a drink .

Faith is like Trust 5

Murdock and Face had decided to take a ride around the ranch after their little scolding from Hannibal.

"You know, he's right. We really should have told him," Murdock pointed out.

"You were the one who didn't want to tell them," Face replied.

"Face, you should never listen to me. I'm not always in my right mind. Sometimes I have no idea whose mind I'm in."

"Murdock, where are we going?"

"I want you to see my favorite place ."

Face nodded his head as he sat back to relax. He felt comfortable with Murdock driving. "I was wondering about something."

"Yeah? What's that, Face?"

"You don't remember being married to that woman."

"Which I'm not."

"Yeah, I know. It's just, well, you seem to not know this ranch, either, until today."

Murdock thought for a moment, trying to find the right words. "I guess I was afraid to admit I knew the ranch because then that would maybe mean I was married to Kitty."

Face again nodded.

Murdock pulled up the jeep by a long, narrow strip of land. If had been hard to see at first because of the grass that had grown over it. "This is where my aunt's plane would land after she was through crop dusting." He then pointed towards the mountains. "There used to be a forest of Redwoods you could see those trees from here. I guess they're gone now."

Face placed his arm around Murdock. He could feel the sadness his lover's voice.

"I think we should get back. Hopper should be there by now. We need to be there."

Murdock nodded, and he put the jeep in reverse and headed back to the ranch.


Kitty pulled in the driveway. As she got out of her car, she saw the man who worked for the other HM Murdock come out of the French doors. "Your lawyer ,Mr. Hopper, is back. My boss gets very irritated when he has to wait."

"I don't give a damn what your boss feels, or you, for that matter!" she snapped as she pushed past Hannibal and went into the house.

Hannibal grinned at her and followed her in. Kitty saw Hopper and went over him. 'Kevin, please tell this impostor to leave before I called the law."

Kevin gave Kitty a look then shook his head.

"Don't you dare shake your head at me. Do as I say."

"As much as it pains me, I can't tell you he is an impostor. His real name is Hiram Matthew Murdock. His great, great grandmother, Cindy, worked for Mr. Johan Murdock during the time of slavery in Texas. They had an affair and Johan Murdock gave the boy his name. Molly left her ranch to an HM Murdock, and he is also HM Murdock."

Kitty stared at her lawyer then took a deep breath . "So who gets the ranch?"

"HM Murdock, and since there are two of them, I suppose they both get it."

BA whispered in Hannibal's ear. "My boss wants his share to go the county to be made into a center for the children ."

Murdock placed his hand on BA, who growled but Murdock ignored it. "Cousin, I want to help, so I will give you my half as well."

"You can't do that!" screamed Kitty.

"Oh, yes I can. I mean, it's for a good cause, don't you think, Sweetheart?"

Kitty knew it was over. There was no way now she could make Murdock believe they were married now. "Go to Hell!" she screamed as she stormed out the door. Once she left, Hannibal went over to shake hands with Kevin.

"You did a great job, Kevin. Thanks for the help."

Face and Murdock looked at both the men. "Hannibal, you know Katherine`s lawyer?" Face asked.

"Not really, but we found out he had no choice but to help."

" When Kitty told me she was going to trick Murdock into believing he was married to her, and told me, she had something on me I was afraid. so I went along with it. Her real husband is in prison."

Face felt angry as he grabbed Hopper. "What could she have on you that would make you do such a thing?"

"Let him go, Face." Hannibal ordered.

Face let Hopper go but his eyes were now boring a hole into Hopper mind. "She knew about my affair and I didn't want her to tell my wife."

"His wife is a very important person in this town, Face. She could break him," Hannibal said.

"How did you find out?" Face asked.

"If you listen, there is always a little bird who talks too much. I suppose the person who told us told Murdock's so called wife." Hannibal answered.

Murdock smiled ."I don't care who found out. I'm just glad that we're not married and that Face and I are now safe to be with each other. I want to go home now."

BA shook his head." Not yet, fool, we got to get this ranch ready for the children."

"BA, I'm sure Mr. Hopper can arrange everything," Face pointed out.

"I don't trust him as far as I can throw him," BA growled.

"BA, this is my ranch, and I say Mr. Hopper can take care of the details," Murdock said.

BA grabbed him by his collar and lifted him off the floor. " This is for the kids."

Murdock slowly nodded and rasped. " For the kids."


Kitty headed for her car. She got in and placed her key in the ignition. "There is no way I'm taking this laying down. I have friends in high places." She turned the key and the explosive was so loud it shattered the French doors. Everyone ran out to see her car go up in a blaze of glory, flames shooting high into the dark night sky like a bonfire. They quickly went into action even thought they knew that she was gone. No one could have survived that. With the help of the hired hands, they did all they could do.

Murdock looked at the others. "Who would want to see Katherine dead?"

"Maybe the same guy who hired her to pretend to be your wife," Face replied.

Hannibal bit down on his cigar as the last of the flames began to die down. "Whoever it was, Murdock may be next."

"Let him try," Face commented.

A lonely figure of a woman stood about thirty feet away from the scene. Her long raven hair swirled down her back as she let in fall. Another job well done, her boss will be pleased. She headed back to the car where he waited.

"It's done," was all she said as she climbed in.

"Good. Now take care of Murdock."

" I hope you mean both of them," she purred.

He nodded. She smiled.

Faith is like Trust 6

Face stood by the window as he watched the sheriff take notes. The man was about 5 ft 7 in. and Face guess he weighted around 250. He was now talking to Mr. Hopper. "Kevin, what happened here?"

"Well, as you can see, Sheriff, someone blew up that lady's car.' Hannibal chipped in.

" I wasn't speaking to you. Who are you, anyway?" he demanded.

" Rocky Montana. I speak for Mr. HM Murdock," Hannibal replied with a grin.

" I was told there were two of them. Which one?"

"The one with the scowl on his face."

The sheriff looked at both men one was smiling, the other looked like he wanted him for dinner. "Okay, I see which one .I will have to talk to both of them, neither one of you leave town."

Face walked away from the window and motioned for Murdock to go with him.

"You two stay in the area. I'll be talking to you soon."

"We'll be right outside, We need a little fresh air," Face said.

Once outside ,Face pulled Murdock behind the barn and began kissing him. "Oh God, Murdock, that could have been you. I don't know what I would do if I lost you."

Murdock only nodded his head. He was too busy necking with Face. Face held him at arm's length. "I'm not sure that sheriff or Mr. Hopper are going to find out anything. Murdock. Do you have any enemies in this town?"

Murdock wanted to hold Face closer, but he knew if he did, he would lose control. "I'm not sure."

"What do you mean?"

"Face, I do have someone who lived in this town who hates the very ground I walk on. I'm just not sure if he still lives here."

Face was stung by Murdock revelation. "Murdock? Who could ever hate you?"

Murdock took a deep sighing breath "Harland Murdock. My father."

"You think that your own father hates you so much that he could be behind what happened to Ms. Poole?"

"I'm not sure. All I know is that he hates me. I could be wrong. Like I said, I'm not sure if he lives around here anymore.

Face nodded his head and pulled Murdock into his arms. Murdock laid his head on Face's shoulder and spoke with such a sadness in his voice, Face felt shivers going through him.

"Face, I understand you are surprised at what I told you. But it's true. You know that I was five when my mother died. What you don't know is why she died."

Face rubbed Murdock's back with tiny circles. "It's not important."

Murdock looked at Face. "It is to me, this is a part of my life I've never share, with anyone. I want to share it with you. The one person I've ever trusted enough, to share this with." Murdock took a deep breath.

"I was five and I had a puppy. He wasn't any kind of a breed, just a mutt. My mom gave him to me since I couldn't play with the working dogs. I name him Rex."

"What, not Billy?" Face asked, trying to lighten the mood.

Murdock gave him a small smile and kissed him. " No. Rex, after "Rex the Wonder Dog. " a TV series I loved to watch when I was small.

"I'm sorry, Murdock. Please go on."

Murdock smiled again. "I guess I only had him a day or so when we had this big thunderstorm. Rex was afraid of thunder and ran away. I went after him, and we both got lost in the storm."

Murdock stopped. He felt tears in his eyes. It had been a long time since he thought of that night. Face noticed the tears and held him tighter.

"Murdock? "

"I'm okay, Face. I need to finish this."

Face slowly let loose of Murdock, but he didn't let go.

"I was cold and hungry and Rex was, too. Then I thought I heard my mom calling me, but I wasn't sure, so I didn't answer her. Face, if only I had answered her then she wouldn't have died."

"Murdock it wasn't your fault, you were only five and it was during a thunderstorm. With the pounding of the rain and thunder, there was no way you could have been sure."

"I should have known my mother's voice." Murdock took another deep breath. "I don't remember being found, but I was. I woke up in my grandmother's room with my grandmother leaning over me. I cried for my mother, but she told me my mother had gone to heaven."

"She just told you ? Like that?"

"Yeah, she did. Face, don't you think it's strange I remembered this but not being married to Katherine? "

"No, because you were not married to her."

"Okay, I was just wondering."

"Murdock, don't change the subject. Why would think your father hates you because of that?"

"I don't think, Face . I know. He told my grandparents, and I heard him."

"How? What did he say to them?"

Before Murdock could answer, a shot rang through the air Face pulled Murdock into the barn. `Murdock! "

Murdock gave a small whimper. Face quickly checked him and felt blood on his hands. He looked at Murdock and saw that he had been shot in the back. Face heard a noise and looked up to see a woman dressed all in black with long black hair, pointing a gun at them.

"I heard a whimper, must mean I didn't kill him. Oh, well, I can do it now." She took aim and pulled back the trigger.

Faith is Like Trust 7

Face slowly opened his eyes. The first thing he noticed was the damp smell. He tried to stretch his muscles but realized he could not.

"Don't bother trying to move, Mr. Peck. You are shackled to the wall."

Face stared at the same woman who had pointed a gun at Murdock and... "You son of a ..."

"Now, now, Mr. Peck, I won't have that kind of language around here," she replied in a silky voice.

"You shot Murdock! You!" Face raged.

"Yes, I did, didn't I? I would have finished him off as well, as I was told to. But he had a change of heart."

Face pulled angrily on the shackles. "Who? Tell me where Murdock is. So help me, lady, if I get loose from here ,you're a dead bitch."

The woman smiled at Face. "You would kill me after I saved your friend, I took out the bullet. He's was lucky no major organs were touched. He will be just fine in a couple of days. Hm, must be losing my touch."

Suddenly her cell phone rang. "Must be my boss. I've got to take this." She moved away from Face and began to whisper into her cell phone. "Okay. I'll bring him to you." She then hung up. "My boss wants to see you, gorgeous, can't keep him waiting when he pays me so good."

She walked back over to Face and undid his shackles. As quick as a flash of lightning, Face had his arm around her neck. "Tell me where Murdock is or I'll break your neck."

She remained silent.

"I'm not kidding. I'll do it. Tell me where he's at."

`He's resting for now. Let her go ,Mr. Peck, or I will tell the person watching my son to kill him. Now let her go."

Face still held her as he stared at the man in front of him. He could be what Murdock might look like in about 20 to 30 years. The man took out his cell phone. " If I call you back in 5 minutes, kill my son." He hung up and waited for Face to release her . Face did and she crumpled to the floor. When she regained her composure she got up and slapped Face. "If you ever do that again , Mr. Peck, I promise you a slow and painful death not for you, but for your lover. You will suffer because I will make you watch."

"Tina, I want you to go and rest before the trial," Murdock's father ordered her.

"But he tried to kill me!" she protested.

"It's your own fault. I warned you about him. He fought in Nam and was in the special forces. He's also in love with my son."

Tina gave Face a sinister look and walked away.

Face noticed that Murdock's father had no weapon and was alone. He knew he could easily take him except Murdock's very life was in this man's hands.

`Walk with me, Mr. Peck, we have things to discuss." The man walked down the hall and Face followed him.

"I at first wanted Tina to kill my son."

"Like she killed Ms. Poole?"

"Yes. She wanted out and I just couldn't have that. She would have gone to the sheriff. That would have never worked. My son needs to stand trial for killing his mother, and, you Mr. Peck, will be his attorney. If you win the case I will let you both go unharmed."

"And if I loose?" Face asked pretty well knowing what his answer would be.

"Tina, will kill my son slowly and, painfully and you will be forced. to watch."

"You're insane."

"Yes. I have been since the death of my wife. I'll take you to my son. He's asleep right now, but when he wakes. you will have to plan his defense."

"Murdock was only 5 years old."

"Old enough to listen and he didn't. His disobedience caused his mother's death."

Murdock's father stopped at a door covered with a small mesh screen and unlocked it. He motioned for the man who was watching Murdock to come out. "Duke will be right outside, so don't try anything."

Face walked over to Murdock, who was resting. He noticed a pitcher of water on the nightstand. He pulled up a chair and took Murdock's hand. Murdock weakly opened his eyes focusing on Face. "Face?"

"I'm here."

"I'm so tired."

"Just go back to sleep, Murdock. I'm here," Face reassured him as he brought the blanket up to his chin in order to keep him warm.

Murdock closed his eyes again and fell back into a deep slumber. Face went over to the only window in the room just, big enough to see out of but not to escape from.

"Hannibal, I sure hope you figure out by now we're missing and have a plan to save us," Face muttered to himself. Then he went back and sat by Murdock, waiting.

Faith is Like Trust 8

Face, hearing the door open, looked up to see Duke standing in the door frame. "Old Man Murdock told me to bring you. The trial is going to start."

Face shook his head as he looked back down at Murdock. "He is in no shape to stand trial."

"He doesn't have to be there. You, on the other hand, do."

"I'm not leaving Murdock."

"Suit yourself, but let me tell you this. He's not going anywhere, and if you convince Old Man Murdock that his son had nothing to do with his wife's death, maybe, just maybe ,he'll let you go."

Face gave Murdock a kiss on his lips and whispered. "I'll be back and soon this will be over."


Hannibal, BA and the sheriff were staring down at the compound. The sheriff removed his binoculars and gave them to Hannibal. "Well, from what Kevin told us, Mr. Harland Murdock lives there, and he has your friends."

"And we're going to get them back," BA said.

"I really should turn you in. It's my job."

"Sheriff, after we save my men, you can do what you think is best," Hannibal replied. "Let's go, BA."

BA nodded and followed Hannibal. The sheriff followed as well.

************************************************************************ Face was led into a huge room that was to serve as the trial room. It was a court room with a judge's chair, a witness stand, rows of seats for people to sit in, and seats for the jury, which had neither. The only people in the room were Tina, Duke, and Murdock's father. He was sitting in the judge's seat looking down his nose at Face.

"I see you are finally here, Mr. Peck, so we will now begin." He motioned towards Tina. "Tina here will be prosecutor. Her job is to prove my son is the cause of his mother's death. Duke here is the bailiff. If at anytime you try to escape, Mr. Peck, he has orders to shoot you dead. Do I make myself clear?"

All Face could do was nod and hope his friends were on their way to help, not knowing they were already there in the compound.

Harland Murdock nodded. "Tina, you made procede,"

Tina walked over to the bench. "Your Honor ,please tell us about the night in question."

"I object!" Face cried out.

"On what grounds, Mr. Peck?" Harland asked.

"You were not sworn in.," Face said, stalling for time.

"I'm the judge and I never lied. So you are out of order. Please procede Tina."

Tina gave Face a wicked smile before turning back to Harland. "Now Harland, I mean Your Honor ,tell us what happened."

Face listened as Harland told his version of what happened. He made Murdock sound like a spoiled brat.

"I begged him not to run after that pup, it would come back, but he'd never listen to me, and this time wasn't any different. That pup was always running off."

"I see, so tell us what happened next."

"My wife, God rest her soul went out looking for him in that storm, and she never came back. The next day we found her in a cave. She was laying on the boy, protecting him from the storm and cold. She had died of hypothermia."

Face jumped up. "Murdock didn't kill her. She died saving him."

Harland stood up, his face distorted in rage. "No! He did kill her. If he hadn't gone after that stupid pup she would still be alive.! I find him guilty, and I sentence him to death!"

"I didn't get a chance to defend him!" Face yelled, heading towards Harland. He was quickly stopped by Tina pointing a gun at him.

Harland walked down from his seat and went over to Face. "I'm the law here, not you, and I say he is guilty! Don't you dare undermine me!"

He turned to Tina. "You and Duke take him back to the boy and then shoot them both in the head. I'm done with this."

Tina was about to nod when all hell broke loose.

Title: Faith is Like Trust 9

The doors of the chambers flew open and two men busted in. The older one was firing his weapon in the air and shouting orders. "Everyone stay where you are at!"

Harland Murdock suddenly grabbed Face, thinking he had the advantage, but Face was a trained solider and soon had the tables turned. He struck him with no feeling at all. This man had hurt his lover and he was going to pay.

Face was blind to everything around him except Harland Murdock. He pulled the man up by his collar. His blue eyes were so dark they became almost black. His arm pulled back to strike the man he despised and as he spoke his ,voice was low and dangerous. "This is for not looking for your son when he went looking for his puppy."

Harland's face twisted with anger. "He disobeyed me."

"He was only five years old!" Face snarled. "You let a five year old go out in a storm. Your own son and then you let his mother go and look for him. Her not you!"

Harland was now shaking. "He had to be taught a lesson. I did what was right!"

"His mother loved him and she protected him, something you should have done as well."

"He killed her! That insane animal killed my wife. If it hadn't been for him, she would still be alive!"

"No! You sorry excuse for a man," Face said calmly. "You are to blame for your wife's death. If you had gone after your son like you should have, she would be alive. Now it's time to say good night."

Face then threw his punch and Harland landed hard on the floor and was still. Face bent down to make sure there was a pulse. He stood up and then looked around. He saw that Hannibal and BA had everything under control. Hannibal walked over to him .

"You okay kid?" he asked.

Face looked down at Harland, who was slowly waking up but no longer was dangerous. "I was going to kill him, Hannibal, just keep punching him till he was stone cold dead. But I couldn't do it."

BA now stood by Face and heard everything. "That's because of who you became."

Face muttered. "Thank you."

"The sheriff is taking care of those guys. We've got to leave now," Hannibal said.

"Wait. We can't leave without Murdock. They got him locke, up in a room down the hall and he's been shot." Face replied.

"We found him, Face, and he was taken to the hospital. We're going there first," Hannibal reassured him.

Face nodded as the three men quietly made their exit.

****************************************************************************************** Four weeks had gone by and Murdock and Face were back at their place. Face saw a change in Murdock and it bothered him. Murdock was too quiet and hardly ever teased BA, or if he did, it was half-hearted. He was now standing outside, looking out at the ocean. Face stood up and went out to join him.

"Hey. penny for your thoughts."

`Why are you still here, Face? Murdock asked, his voice so low.

"I'm here because I love you, Murdock, what kind of question is that?"

"People I love died around me, or they hate me. I don't deserve to be loved."

Face grabbed Murdock and turned him to face him. "We danced to this song before, but last time it was me. Who told me that I was loved when I felt that no one cared,?"

"I did Face. But this is different."

"How is it different?"

"I may have had a father, but he didn't love me." Murdock answered.

Face stared into Murdock's eyes. "Then I guess we're in the same boat. My father couldn't had loved me, either. He never told me who he was."

Murdock gently touched Face's cheek. "He never had the chance."

"I was with him for a good fifteen minutes, maybe longer. He had plenty of time to tell me. But I want you to know something. Your mother loved you more than her own life. Do you know the reason why she died?" Face asked slowly running his hands down Murdock's thigh.

Murdock shook his head.

"She went out looking for you and found you. She protected you by covering you with her own body."

Murdock looked at Face, and suddenly ,it was like a dam busting. Face held him until he had nothing left in him. "It's late. Let's go to bed."

Murdock nodded and Face helped him into their room and bed. Murdock looked up at him.

"Face, make love to me tonight."

Face smiled at him. "Are you sure?"

"Yes. I've never been so sure of anything in my life. I want you Face, Please."

Face climbed on top of Murdock and slowly unbuttoned his shirt to reveal his muscular chest. Murdock gasped at the beauty of it. He then reached up and with his teeth grabbed one of Face's nipples and slowly sucked on it, making Face groan with delight. Murdock then sat up, holding on to Face so he wouldn't fall off, and removed his shirt, then his own. Now free of their shirts, Murdock licked Face's torso up and down in a slow rhythm. Face did the same, both men groaning with pleasure and delight.

Neither one even remembered who did it first, but they were now both naked and making hot and sweaty love. Their love making last all night and well into the morning. They were still at it as two figures stared into the window.

"They are really going to be sore when they finally stop," the man with the cigar said.

The other man wearing all the gold chains only chuckled.

"What was that?" Face muttered, as he sat up and looked around.

"Only the sound of me being happier than I ever have been before," answered Murdock as he pulled Face back down to him.

"Me too my love, me too." replied Face and they went on making love.

Faith is Like Trust Epilogue

They all stood outside the ranch as the sign was being placed. Murdock reached for Face's hand and took it gently.

"I'm so glad BA agreed with this, he said with tears in his eyes.

"Hey, fool, I didn't agree with you. You had no choice. This ranch will be a good place for city kids to come and stay during the summer instead of being on the streets and getting into trouble."

Face turned and gave BA a don't mess with my lover look, but Murdock only smiled. He looked up at the sign and pulled Face closer. "Thank you for this, guys. My mom would be so proud."

They all nodded and Hannibal read the sign. `Rosa Murdock's Dude Ranch for Children'

"Yes, Murdock, I agree with you. Come on time, to head back."

They all headed for the van, Murdock's hand twined with Face`s.

The End

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