Deadly Revenge Two
by Susan Owens

Rated: R
Warning: Violence. Flashbacks of torture while Lyle was a POW. Also sex.
Summary: Hannibal Smith asked an old friend to help Murdock. Face finds trouble.
Disclaimer: I do not own the A-Team, but I am co-owner to Doctor Kimberly Britt. The other owner is Kimberly Noble, who is on this list. The description of Kimberly Britt was done by Kimberly Noble.
Copyright: 2000
Author notes: Here is the sequel to Deadly Revenge. If you haven't read DR, it is located in the archives.


Part One

The black van pulled up in front of the trailer and two men got out. The white haired man walked up to the door and knocked. A few minutes later it was answered by a dark haired lady.

"Hello, may I help you?" she asked.

He smiled at her. "I hope so. Does Tony Petrocelli live here?"

"Yes. I'm his wife, Maggie. Can I help you?"

"Who is it, Maggie?" a voice called from inside.

Hannibal and BA both recognized the voice, even though it had been a long time.

"Tony!" called Hannibal. "It's me and BA."

Tony came to the front door, surprised to see his old C.O. from Vietnam, and BA Baracus.

"Colonel, you old son of a gun. What brings you to Texas?"

"I wish it was just to visit, but I'm afraid it's not. Tony, one of my men is in trouble. He's being held for killing someone."

Tony pulled up a chair and offered one to his friends. Maggie offered some lemonade.

Tony sipped on the lemonade. "Which one? Brenner, Carter, Stevens? It can't be BA or he wouldn't be here with you."

Hannibal shook his head. "None of them. It's my pilot, HM Murdock."

"I thought Carter was your pilot."

"He was sent home when his tour of duty was finished. After that we got Peck and Murdock, and right now Murdock needs your help. You see, he's being blamed for killing a woman known as the Jaguar. Sheriff Mackenzie claims Murdock tried to run him off the road during his investigation."

"Did he get a good look?"

"He said he did. Told me Murdock looked right at him. But Murdock said he was nowhere near that area and I believe him."

BA nodded his head. "That's right. Murdock may be a crazy fool, but he's not a killer, no matter what."

"Okay, I'll go with you and have a talk with Murdock."

They smiled and started to climb in the van. Tony turned around at Maggie.

"Maggie, have Pete do some checking around. Find out who might have tried to drive the sheriff off the road."

She nodded and went inside.


Murdock's look alike was sitting in the room, waiting for her to show up. He hated waiting, it made him feel strange and nervous. She soon walked in. She was mean to him, but she was also his friend. Something he had very little of. She walked up to him
and kissed him on the cheek.

"You did good, Lyle. The sheriff just arrested Ross or whatever his name is."

"Thank you, miss. Now can I have Hoppity?"

She laughed and threw a matchbox at him. He caught it and opened it up. There, in the small box lay a grasshopper. Lyle touched it, but it didn't move.

"He's dead," he said.

She shook her head. "It's just asleep."

He turned blazing eyes at her. "He's not an it! Hoppity is my friend. Are we done with this game? I want to go home."

The Jaguar stared at Lyle. He was the spitting image of Logan Ross, but not as smart. He was child-like, but he could be dangerous. She no longer had any use for him. He had served his purpose.

"Lyle, I'm going to have Duncan take you home, okay?"

He nodded and followed Duncan to the car. Duncan had been given orders to take Lyle out into the desert and kill him. Lyle sat in the car playing with the dead grasshopper.


Templeton Peck was fuming as he walked out of the sheriff office. He wasn't allowed to see Murdock for at least twenty four hours. Right now Hannibal's friend was talking to Murdock. Face needed a place to calm down. He soon found himself driving on a desert road trying to put things together. Murdock had come to Texas to visit his family, when he felt abandoned by his friends. They had thought Dominique dead and when Murdock tried to tell them she was alive they hadn't believed him, causing him to
leave. She had been alive. She had tracked Murdock down and almost killed his uncle. Murdock and her had it out, which had resulted in her falling to her death. But now it was told she had not died because of the fall, but that someone had killed her. Murdock was the number one suspect. Face suddenly noticed a strange black car parked on the side of the road. He could hear shouting in the distance, maybe someone was in trouble. He pulled his car to the side and got out. Taking his gun he moved slowly toward the sounds. Templeton looked though the trees and saw Murdock and another man. The other man was pointing a gun at Murdock and yelling. Murdock was on his knees with his hands pressed against his ears. Face was confused. What was Murdock doing here? Wasn't he in jail? Who was that man? The man pushed Murdock down to the ground, and put the gun to his head. Face, with not a moment to lose, shot the gun out of the man's hand. The man screamed as he grabbed his hand. Face ran down and grabbed Murdock and together they ran back to the car.

"Get in, Murdock. We've got to get out of here."

Lyle stared at Face for a few moments, then jumped into the car. Face drove without saying anything until he was sure they were safe.

"Murdock, for God sakes, why did you escape? Now you're really in trouble. What were you thinking?"

Face waited for an answer but the answer he got was not what he expected. Murdock's voice was hard and unfeeling.

"I don't know who you are, mister, but you better take me home."

Face turned slowly to see Murdock pointing a gun at him.

"Hoppity and I want to go home. Now!"

"Okay just stay calm, Murdock. I'll take you to your uncle's ranch."

Lyle was getting nervous. "No, I want to go back to the VA ,and don't call me Murdock, that not my name."

Not now, Murdock, thought Face .I need you to be here not in one of your fantasy worlds.

"My name is Lyle ,and if you don't take me home I'll kill you."

Face nodded. Something was very wrong here. "All right, Mur....Lyle, I'll take you home."

Face drove a while towards the highway. Suddenly, Lyle ordered him to stop.

"Get out ,he demanded. Face got out of the car, Murdock stared at him.

"I'm not going to hurt you, but Hoppity doesn't trust you."

At that he drove off, leaving a confused Templeton Peck behind.

Part 2

Face shook his head. There was something wrong with Murdock. He acted like he didn't even know him. He started to walk hoping to find a ride. Soon a red car pulled up beside him.

"Hey, handsome, do you need a ride?"

Face smiled at the auburn haired girl in the car. She smiled back. "I'm heading into town." she said.

"Thank you. I could use a lift. Could you take me to the sheriff's offices?"

"Now why would a sweet thing like you want to go to the sheriff's offices? I could think of a much better place to go."

"I need to go there right now, but later I could take you out."

She studied him. "Deal, handsome! The name is Jennifer Hansley."

"Templeton Peck."

"Hmmm, Templeton sounds nice. Sort of rolls off your tongue. I like it. So, what's your business with our sheriff?"

"It's kind of personal."

She nodded her head. "That's fine, sweetie, you don't have to tell me."

They soon arrived at the sheriff's office and Jennifer gave Face her card. "Call me, okay?"

Face nodded, and went inside. He saw Sheriff McKenzie sitting behind his desk.

"I don't know how, but Murdock's escaped."

Buck looked up. "Why are you snitching on your friend, son?"

Face looked at him. "I don't want him hurt, that's why."

Buck got up. "Son, come with me."

Face followed him down to a room with a big window. "Look inside, son. Tell me what you see."

Face stared in the room. There, sitting across the table from Tony Petrocelli, was Murdock.

"That's impossible! I saw Murdock. He was almost killed by this guy, but I saved him and then he took my rental car."

Sheriff McKenzie stared at Face. "Son, are you sure about this?"

"Yes, I'm positive."

Buck walked inside the cell. Tony stood up. "What's going on, sheriff?"

The sheriff looked at Murdock. "I'm letting you go for now. There maybe a chance you were not the one the ran me off the road. Your friend here saw someone that looked just like you."

Murdock turned to Face. "Face, are you sure?"

"God, Murdock. Yes, I'm sure. I thought it was you. It was like looking at a twin."

Buck walked up to Murdock as he was collecting his things. "You are still my number one suspect on the death of that woman. So don't leave town."

Murdock nodded his head and they all left. When they got outside Tony spoke up. "My friend Pete is checking something out for me. He's supposed to meet me at the coffee shop. Come on, maybe he found out something."

When they walked in, Face noticed Jennifer sitting there. He smiled at her, but she ignored him. She walked right up to Murdock, and hand-cuffed him.

"Hey, what gives?" asked Murdock.

Tony stood up. "You mind telling me why you hand-cuffed my client?"

She took out her badge and showed it to them. I am Lt. Jennifer Hansley of the California Highway Patrol. I've been ordered to bring Lyle Pickett back."

"Fine," replied Face. "But that's not Lyle, that's Murdock."

"I don't care what he calls himself this time. The man is dangerous and unpredictable."

"Lady, I'm not this guy Lyle. My name is Murdock, HM Murdock."

"Look, Lyle, don't make this any harder. Just come along peacefully."

"Lady, you got the wrong guy and I got proof." They all turned to see a man walk in.

Tony greeted him. "Pete, good. What did you find out?"

"Well, it seems like Mr. Murdock here was born a twin. When Murdock and his twin were babies, they were kidnapped from their cribs and later Murdock's body was found. His brother's body was never found. I think the man who ran the sheriff off the road is
Murdock's twin."

The rest looked surprise. Murdock fainted dead away.

Part 3

Face ran over and helped Murdock to his feet and over to a nearby chair. Murdock put his head between his knees trying to calm down. This was a shock to him. He didn't know he had a twin brother. He looked up at Lt. Hansley.

"I have a twin?" he asked.

She just stared at him. "I know nothing about a twin. I've been ordered to bring you in."

Face turned to her. "Look, Lt. Hansley, you've been ordered to bring Lyle Pickett back. That is not Lyle Pickett, that's HM Murdock."

She shook her head. "How do I know you are not lying to protect him?"

Sheriff McKenzie spoke up. "It makes no difference who he is. He remains in this town till the murder of that woman is solved. He's my number one suspect."

Jennifer Hansley nodded her head. "I'll be back for you Pickett," she threatened as she left. Murdock just stared.

Face placed his arms around him. "Come on, Murdock, let's go back to your uncle's ranch."

Murdock was still in shock about finding out he had a brother and leaned on Face for support. McKenzie walked over to Face. "Don't leave town."

Face glared at him. "Don't worry, we won't."

Tony walk over to them. "I'll give you a ride."

Face nodded as he helped Murdock in the truck. Murdock sat there not saying a word. Face glanced back at him. "Murdock, you okay?"

He looked at Face but didn't say a word. Face turned away. He felt for Murdock. When they got to the house, Hannibal and BA were waiting. BA greeted Murdock with a smile, but the pilot ran past him and upstairs. BA stared in surprise, then back at Face.

"What's going on Face?" asked Hannibal.

Face stared at Hannibal and spoke in a small voice. "Murdock just found out he has a twin brother."

Murdock ran into his uncle Abner's room. "Why didn't you tell me I had a twin brother? You must have known."

Abner stared at his nephew in surprise. "How do you know about that? You were never told about it."

Murdock was distress. "Why? Why wasn't I told? You had no right to keep that from me."

His uncle placed his hand on Murdock's shoulder, but Murdock pulled away.

"Don't touch me. Just tell me the truth. Why wasn't I told?"

"You were so young when your brother died. We thought it would be for the best."

Murdock was slowly calming down. "It wasn't fair. I should have been told."

Abner pulled his nephew in for a hug. "I know, HM. I am so sorry we never told you."

This time Murdock didn't pull away. "Please tell me about him. What was his name?"

"His name was FM Murdock. You were both named for your grandfathers. You for grandfather Murdock, and your brother for grandfather Merrison. You two were identical and we knew it would be hard to tell you apart, so your mother dressed you both
different. HM, you two were so cute."

"What happened to him? I need to know."

His uncle nodded. "One day your mother had just put you two down for a nap. She went downstairs to do some housework. When she came to check on you, you were both gone."

Murdock waited for his uncle to continue. "The next day the police found you in a dumpster. You were alive, thank God, but there was no sign of FM.

Finally, the police had no more clues, and they stopped the search. Till the day she died your mother felt he was still alive, somewhere."

"He is still alive. Face met him."

Part 4

Murdock's uncle stared at him. "What do you mean your friend Face saw him? HM he is dead."

Murdock shook his head. "You don't know that for sure. Like you said, there was never anything found, no body or anything. Face saved a guy from being killed, he thought that guy was me. But I was still in jail at the time."

Abner stared as he slowly got out of bed. Murdock stopped him.

"Where are you going?"

"I need to talk to your friend."

"All right. I will go get him, you just stay put. The doctor said you had to stay in bed at least another week."

"I'm fine. I'm just going to sit in this chair, HM. Could you please hand me that photo album?"

Murdock handed the photo album to his uncle and went downstairs to get Face.

He found him in the kitchen with his Aunt Jill, Hannibal and BA.

"Face, my uncle wants to talk to you."

Face nodded his head and left. Murdock headed for the door.

"Where are you going, Murdock?" asked his commanding officer.

"I'm going for a ride, colonel. I'll be back soon."

BA got up and finished off his milk. "I'll go with you, Murdock."

Murdock just shook his head. "Fine, BA, whatever you want to do."

Together they both headed for the stables.

Face knocked on the door.

"Come in," came the response.

Face entered the room. He saw Murdock's uncle looking at a photo album. He walked over to him.

"Murdock said you wanted to talk to me."

"Yes, I do. He told me you saw FM."

"FM?" Face asked confused.

"My other nephew, HM's twin. He said you saw him."

"I'm not sure if that's who it was. He called himself Lyle and he wanted to go home."

"Did he look just like HM?"

"Yeah, that why I thought he was Murdock. I saved him from being killed."

Abner motioned for Face to look at the photo album. He pointed to a picture of two children about 18 months old. One was wearing a sailor outfit, the other a cowboy outfit.

"This was the last picture taken of them together on the day they were kidnapped."

Face nodded his head. "Which one is Murdock, the one I know?"

"The one in the cowboy outfit. His initial's are on his shirt. If that was FM you saw, I would like you and your friends to find him."

Face patted his shoulder. "I'll ask Hannibal, but I'm sure he will."

Abner smiled at him. "Thank you. Please find him, I want him to know he has a family."

Murdock saddled the bay horse while BA choose the gray one. He watched Murdock.

"Hey, fool, you okay?"

"Yeah, big guy. I'm fine, just a little bit confused. This whole mess with the Jaguar and a twin, it's just getting to me."

"I know, Murdock. Things will work out."

"BA, I've got to find this twin. He may have some answers to some questions."

"You're right, Captain, that's why we're going to search for him. You can either go horseback riding or you two can help. It's up to you."

Murdock and BA unsaddled the horses and made sure they were taken care of, then joined Hannibal and Face. They all climbed into the van.

Hannibal looked at Face. "Okay, Face, you take us to the place you last saw him."

Part 5

As the van drove down the highway, the A-Team were each lost in their own thoughts. Face was driving BA's van and thinking. 'That man I saved could actually be Murdock's twin. I can't believe this. This is so weird.'

Hannibal puffed on his smelly cigar and thought I've got a bad feeling. I hope we can find Murdock's twin, or whoever he is.'

Murdock sat in the back, lost in thought. 'A brother. I've got a brother. Why wasn't I ever told?'

BA, also sitting in the back, was fuming. 'Face, better not wreck my van.'

Face suddenly saw the car he had rented parked along the side of the road. He pointed it out to Hannibal.

"Colonel, that's the car. The one Murdock's twin took."

Hannibal nodded his head. "Pull up behind it, Face, so we can check this out."

Face parked the van behind the car and slowly they got out with their weapons ready just in case. When they approached the car they realized it was empty.

Face stared at the others. "I wonder where he is?"

As if to answer Face, Lyle came up the hill towards the car, carrying a rabbit. At the same time he saw them, they saw him.
Lyle took off running back down the hill. BA, without waiting to be told, ran after him. He tackled Lyle just as they neared the bottom. Both men rolled down the rest of the way. BA's body's protecting Lyle from getting hurt. The rest of the Team ran down the hill. BA was now helping Lyle up, who looked like he was about to jump clear out of his skin.

"You all right?" asked BA.

Lyle looked at the big man wearing all of that gold. He tried to shake BA off. Seeing that he wanted loose, BA released him.

He glared at BA. "I'm fine. Who in the hell are you?"

Murdock stepped forward, staring at his look-a-like. "It made be a possibility that we are brothers."

Lyle looked at Murdock. "What makes you think so?"

Face was now staring. "Look at him," pointing to Murdock. "You look just like him."

Lyle stared at Murdock. "I don't think we do. I'm much better looking."

BA was about to make a response when suddenly he heard a gun firing. "Hannibal, we got trouble."

"I see it, BA. Guys get to cover and return fire."

The A-Team ran for cover but Lyle just stood there. Murdock ran out after him.

"MURDOCK!" yelled Face, "Get back here!"

Murdock grabbed Lyle and ran behind the rocks. Both Murdock and Face noticed Lyle rocking back and forth mumbling. "Oh, no. Not again. Oh, God, how did I get back to Vietnam? I want to go home."

They looked at each other, but knew right now they had other problems. They were pinned in by someone they couldn't see.

"Hannibal, we got a problem," cried out Face. "I think they've got us pinned down."

Hannibal was about to reply when the shooting stopped, and he heard a voice from the rocks above them.

"Smith, listen to me. We just want Lyle Pickett. You turn that loony bin over to us, and you can all go free."

"Sorry, pal," yelled Hannibal. "But I don't want to hand him over to you, sorry, but it goes against my nature."

"Smith, why die for a man you don't know? Now, I am giving you one more chance to change your mind."

"No dice. I guess you'll just have to kill us."

"You will regret this, Smith."

The shooting began again. Hannibal knew he had to come up with a plan to get them out of this mess. "Hey guys, I'm open to suggestions."

Murdock looked towards Hannibal. "There's an underground cave around here somewhere. I used to explore it when I was little."

Hannibal nodded his head. "Okay, guys, keep returning fire. Murdock, find that cave."

The other two nodded their head and Murdock began searching for the cave. He knew he had to hurry, they were out numbered and couldn't see the enemy.

Face was running out of ammunition. His gun was empty, and his M-16 was almost empty. There was no way out. Suddenly Murdock whistled and Face looked up to see Murdock waving at him. Face turned to Hannibal and signaled to him that Murdock found the cave. Hannibal nodded and signaled BA. Slowly they all started towards Murdock keeping out of sight. Face was leading Lyle, who was too frightened to do anything but follow.

The men on the hill stared down to where the A-Team had been trapped, but saw and heard nothing. One man turned to other.

"Jake, what's going on? Where'd the A-Team go?"

Jake McGuin shook his head. "I don't know, but if we don't find and take care of Lyle. The boss lady is going to have our hides. He's the only one who knows she killed her sister."

Part 6

Face stared at Lyle who was cowering in a corner of the cave muttering.

"Please, not again. I can't go though this again."

Face bent down to him and reached for his hand. "It's going to be fine. We are going to get out of here."

Lyle looked at Face. Face smiled at him. Suddenly, like a cat, Lyle swiped at Face. Face let out a scream then covered his cheek
and as he pulled his hand away, he saw blood on his fingers. Lyle was looking at him like a frightened animal. Face shook his head and punched Lyle, sending the frightened man to slumberland. Hannibal signaled BA to pick him up and followed Murdock out of the cave. When they came out everything was quiet. There was no one around. Hannibal knew they had to get out of there. He wondered what they would want with Murdock's look a like.

"BA, go get the van," ordered Hannibal.

BA nodded and went to get the van. Face had put Lyle down on the ground. Murdock sat down beside him. He looked at Face's cheek.

"He really got you good, Faceman. You will need to put something on it. I don't think it needs stitches, but I bet it hurts like the dickens."

"Thanks for the report, Murdock. I can't believe he's your brother, you two are as different as night and day. I don't know why I even bother to help him."

"Face, I was lucky. I had friends. I'm not sure if this guy did. Face, he needs us to be his friend. I know it's strange, but I think, deep down inside, is a man asking for help. Please help me help him, Face. We've got to reach him."

Face nodded his head. Maybe Murdock was right. But how do you reach someone like him? What happened to him during the war?

Doctor Kimberly Britt was driving down the highway. She was only thirty miles from Austin, Texas. She was a psychiatrist who was 5'5 1/2 with medium length honey-light ash blonde combination hair with layers. She had big bright baby-blue eyes that sparkled and an hour-glass figure. She also had a little bit of freckles across the bridge of her nose and the upper part of her cheeks. Her face was sort of oval with a dimple in her chin. Her nose was proportioned to her face and her lips were semi-full in shape. When she laughed she would get dimples in her cheeks and little laugh lines around her eyes. But today she was not in the mood to laugh. She was on her way to Texas to find her patient, at least he had been her patient.

'Damn,' she thought. 'I was making progress. Why did they relocate him to the VA hospital in Texas. She knew the answer. She had gotten involved with him. Something that was unprofessional, but she hadn't been able to stop herself. She fell in love with him, seeing something no one else did. She remembered the first day she saw him in the head doctor's office. He was sitting on the floor rocking back and forth, mumbling to himself.

"I failed, just like the last time. I couldn't save them." He looked up at her, his eyes boring right into hers. "They didn't have to die. I really tried to save them."

She looked at her boss. "What does he mean?"

He shook his head. "Bugs, he's talking about bugs."

The man suddenly jumped up and screamed at the head doctor. "They were my friends. The only friends who ever stuck by me. They never had to fight in a stupid war. They don't cause death and violence over a piece of land. They were more human then any human I ever met."

Kimberly Britt stared at the man, her thoughts lost in him that she did not hear her boss.

"Doctor Britt, I asked you a question. Can you take this one?"

She shook her head to gather her thoughts. "Yes, I can. I would love to work with him."

"Fine, just be careful. He can be very dangerous."

Doctor Britt had slowly gained Lyle Pickett's trust. He slowly began to tell her things, but the one thing he told her always made her shiver. He told her about the time he was a POW in a place called Hanoi. He didn't understand what they wanted. The
ones that spoke English didn't make anymore sense than the ones who didn't. They kept asking him where was the A-Team. The more he told them he didn't know them, the more they tortured him, hanging him upside down by his toes and stripping him naked, beating him with a whip, and placing bamboo between his fingernails.

He told her that everyday he begged God to end his pain, but He never did. He had been placed in a hole, his only friends were the cockroaches, or any insect that would crawl into the hole. At first, he knew that they had no feelings for him, but he began to talk to them and somehow felt a bond with them. He told her that he had lost all faith and trust in his fellow man. But, somehow she had gotten him to trust her. One day something happened that she wish hadn't, because it had ruined all her hard work.

She was in Lyle's room. First they only had been speaking. She had told him a joke and he laughed. Kimberly love to hear him laugh.

"You know, Lyle, you should smile more. You are so cute when you smile."

He touch her head and pulled her to him, kissing her gently on the lips. Kimberly melted into his arms returning the kiss with a passion. He whispered into her ears.

"I want you, Doctor Kimmy. I want you now."

She knew it was wrong, but she wanted him just as bad. "Oh, Lyle, I want you, too. I want you so much."

He said no more. He picked her up and placed her on the bed, then slowly climbed on top of her and began to make love to her.

She shook her head out of the her thoughts she was almost there, to the VA he had been transferred to. They were caught that night and she had been fired and he had been transferred. It took her more then a year to locate him, but now she was on her way to find him. Only three more miles to the hospital.

Part 7

Kimberly Britt drove into the parking garage of the VA hospital and parked her car. She then hurried into the elevator and took it to the first floor to the lobby. Looking around, Kimberly spotted the information desk and walked over and waited until the woman behind the desk addressed her.

"Can I help you?" asked the woman

"Yes, I'm looking for a patient name Lyle Pickett, and I heard he was transferred here." replied Kimberly.

The woman shook her head. "Yeah, well step in line."

Kimberly stared at the woman. "I beg your pardon?"

The woman sighed and sarcastically replied, "Listen half the county is looking for that lunatic. So why don't you take a number."

Kimberly was angry, very angry. Reaching over the counter, she grabbed the woman by her collar and looked her in the eyes

"Don't you ever called him a lunatic in front of me again. That man suffered so that you could feel safe in your own bed. You should be grateful to that man and any other man that fought for our... country. Kimberly expression radiated the disgust she
felt, Lady people like you make me sick."

Kimberly let go of the woman so hard, she fell to the floor.

"I'm calling security," cried the woman.

"Don't bother, I leaving" replied Kimberly as she walked out.

Kimberly got into to her car and placed her head on the steering wheel. Now what was she going to do? That had been her only lead.

Murdock sat on the chair staring at the sleeping man in the bed. They look so much alike that he knew if they had grown up together they would had been close. Murdock could just picture in his mind how much fun they would have had fooling other people because he knew it would be hard to tell them apart. He smiled; they could probably fool BA and Face now if they were
close. But Murdock knew nothing about this man, only that someone was after him and he didn't trust anyone.

Murdock reached over to fix the sleeping man's blanket when a hand reach up and grab him by the throat.

"Who are you?"

Murdock grabbed the hand to try and pulled it off. He gasped, "Please let go, my name is Murdock, and I won't hurt you."

Lyle searched his mind. Why did he know that name? Suddenly it dawned on him. That was the name the V.C. kept calling him in the prison camp. He pressed his fingers tighter on Murdock's throat and growled at him. "You are the cause of my pain and everything else that has happened to me."

Murdock tried harder to pulled the fingers off, but Lyle held them tight.

"Please," Murdock groaned.

Lyle looked at Murdock and said, "You're not worth killing or going to prison for." He suddenly let Murdock go.

Murdock was rubbed his neck and tried to catch his breath. He looked at his look-alike in confusion, and wheezed, "You're crazy. I did nothing to you, until today I didn't even know you existed."

"Well I knew you did!" Lyle snapped out in anguish. "The V.C. captured me when the helicopter I was in came down in the jungle and the pilot was killed on impact." He said as his eyes glazed over with the memory. "I kept telling them my name was not Murdock and I didn't know the A-Team, but they didn't believe me." He paused a moment, and his voice lowered to a haunted
whisper, "I was beaten, tortured more then any human being could endure." Lyle's voice cracked, and he had to swallow hard in order to continue, "Once, I came very close to being burn alive. They pour kerosene on me and were going to light it, but they didn't. Till this day I don't know what save me." Sighing deeply, Lyle looked up and stared into Murdock's eyes, "I remember passing out and then waking up in a hospital. I was so out of it that they send me home and I spend years in a V.A. hospital. I
was release as an outpatient three years ago but something happened and I was readmitted. Then they transfer me to Texas.
"I escaped and now I want to go home." He said pleadingly.

As Murdock listened, it now seemed as if Lyle had forgotten he almost killed him. He placed his hand on Lyle's shoulder. "I am so sorry that happened to you. I wish we could have help you."

"Yeah well it's over now I guess." he suddenly smiled, and Murdock saw himself in those chocolate eyes. He knew now that
Lyle was his brother.

"Hey, sorry about choking you." Lyle said in a voice that reflected the guilt that he felt, "It's just that so much has happened to me."

"Hey that all right. No real harm done. So do you know who's after you?"

"Most likely the woman who hired me to run the sheriff off the road."

"Her name wouldn't happen to be Dominique by any chance would it?" asked Murdock.

Lyle shook his head. "No, her name is Jennifer Hansley."

"Jennifer Hansley, but she the highway patrol officer send to bring you back to the VA."

Lyle looked at him and said "Believe me she's no highway patrol officer. I seen her killed two women right in front of me."

Murdock grabbed the shirt on the back of the chair and threw it at Lyle. "Put this on. We are getting out of here."

Lyle caught the shirt and put it on. "Why?" he asked.

"Because Jennifer Hansley is on her way." Replied Murdock

Part 8

Lyle stared at Murdock as he put on his shirt. "Why are you helping me?"

Murdock stared back at him. "Because you need help, and besides we might be brothers."

Lyle just shook his head and said nothing. Murdock slowly opened the door and look up and down the hall to see if the coast was

"Come on, it's clear, we got to go."

The twins slowly walked down the hall towards the stairs. Cautiously, they went down them. Once downstairs, Murdock noticed that his uncle and Hannibal were in the front room, watching the news on the television. Murdock knew they couldn't get out without being seen. He turned to Lyle and whispered. "We got to tell Hannibal. He'll know what to do."

"No!" Hissed Lyle. "I don't trust him."

Murdock shook his head. "You got to trust someone. Hannibal is your best chance. Please trust me."

Lyle didn't know what to do. The only person he had ever really trusted had been his doctor, Kimberly Britt, and now she was gone. He then looked at Murdock, the one person he blamed for what happened to him in Nam.

"If you had been in the prison camp with me, would you have let those VC hurt me?"

Murdock started to place his hand on Lyle shoulder, but he shutter away so the Captain changed his mind. "If I had been there. I
would have taken the punishment for you. I would have protected you."

Lyle smiled sadly at Murdock. "Okay, let's talk to your friend."

Murdock and Lyle enter the room. "Hannibal I need to talk to you."

Hannibal looked up at Murdock and saw that Lyle was with him. He was amazed by how much they looked alike. It was like two peas in a pod.

"What's up Murdock?"

"Jennifer Hansley is coming."

"We know that Murdock. We called her to let her know Lyle Pickett is here."

"Hannibal, she's the one who wants to killed him. I think she killed Dominic and her sister Simone."

"How do you know this Murdock?"

"Because Lyle told me, and I believe him."

Hannibal nodded his head. "That's good enough for me. Get Face and BA in here. I think we need to prepare for Miss Hansley's
visit. Here's the plan."

Jennifer Hansley drove toward Abner Murdock's home. At last she would have Lyle. She would dispose of him and no one would be the wiser. As she made the turn around the bend she saw a car parked on the side of the road. She stopped when she recognized the woman standing by the car. It was Lyle's psychiatrist, Doctor Kimberly Britt. This was a bonus. She knew that Lyle had feelings for this woman. She pulled her car over to the side of the road.

"Hey, looks like you could use some help. I'm on my way to meet someone. I could give you a lift that far and you can call a tow
truck or someone."

Kimberly smiled she had been waiting for help for over two hours. "Oh thank you. That is very nice of you. I hope it won't be a

"No, no, not at all. Come on get in." Jennifer opened the door and motioned for Kimberly to get in. Once Kimberly was in the car
Jennifer drove away.

"So where you heading?" Kimberly asked.

Jennifer smiled at her. "To pick up your boyfriend sweetie."

Kimberly looked at Jennifer in surprise. "What are you talking about?"

"Lyle Pickett, that's what I am talking about. He's with the A-Team and you are my insurance for getting him."

Kimberly suddenly realized she was in trouble and tried to get out, but Jennifer struck her on the head, knocking her out. "Sorry Doc, but you aren't going anywhere." She laughed.

Murdock and Face watched Lyle as he paced back and forth like a frighten rabbit.

"Hey, everything is going to be okay. You got us to protect you," replied Face.

Lyle turned to Face. "I don't really need you to protect me. I just want to go home."

"You will go home. I promise, just as soon as this is over with." Said Murdock.

Kimberly was slowly waking up. She felt something nasty tasting in her mouth. She looked up to see Jennifer grabbing her by the arm. "Come on sister let's you and me get Lyle."

She pulled Kimberly up on her feet and pushed her towards the house.

"Smith, I figure by now Lyle has told you everything, like the fact that I killed the Jaguar and her sister. Hey Smith, I did the world a favor. Now hand Lyle over to me or this pretty lady will suffer. Take a look Smith. I don't have all day. Throw your weapons out the window or I'll blow her away.

Hannibal looked out the window and saw that Hansley had a gun pointing at the head of a young woman. The woman was gray and looked very frighten. Hannibal turned to his men.

"You heard the lady guys, throw the weapons out the window."

They nodded their heads and did what they were ordered to do.

"Come on out Lyle. Now! Before she bites it."

Lyle slowly came out. "Please don't hurt her."

Jennifer grabbed him, and knocked him to the ground. Kimberly's heart fell. Was this woman going to kill him right here?

She stared down at him. "How do I know you aren't Murdock?"

Lyle looked up at her. "You don't, but if you hurt my friend in anyway, you will die. That I promise."

Jennifer laughed. "Oh that was so cute. But that doesn't prove to me that you are really Lyle. I know, let's see if that branding mark I gave you when we first met is still there."

She grabbed a hold of him and looked behind his right ear. Sure enough, the brand was there. "Good enough, not even Colonel Smith would brand his men."

She pulled him to his feet. "Come on Lyle, let's go."

Lyle looked at her. "What about Doctor Britt? You have me. Please let her go."

Jennifer laughed. "Not on your life Lyle. She is going to die too."

She placed them both in the car and drove away. The A-Team came running out of the house. Face stared at Hannibal.

"Now what Hannibal?"

Hannibal turned to BA. "BA is the tracking device working?"

"Like a charm Hannibal."

"Then let's go get Murdock."

"Ah Colonel."

Hannibal turned to see Murdock staggering out of the house.

"Murdock! What happened?" Knowing somehow that his plan had gone wrong.

"Lyle knocked me out Hannibal. I think we better get going before she kills them both."

The A-Team jumped into the van and drove away. BA kept his eyes on the road while Murdock watched the tracking device. Suddenly it stopped beeping.

"Uh oh Colonel, we got a problem." Replied Murdock.

"What's wrong Murdock?" Asked Face.

"The tracking device just went dead."

Part 9

BA stopped the van then turned and gave Murdock an angry glare. "What do you mean it went dead fool?" he demanded.

"Dead as in it not going beep, beep, beep! That what I mean!" Murdock snapped back at BA. He knew when a device wasn't

"Let me see fool," BA growled, "Maybe you did something to it. My stuff always work."

Murdock turned red in the face and without warning, threw the device at BA. He had had just about enough and he was not going to take it any longer. "Damn you BA, I'm not stupid! It's dead! It not working! And I didn't do anything to it!" He yelled in frustration, "Lyle and his friend are in serious trouble and you are worried about your stupid device not working!" Murdock clenched his fists. "Sometimes you make me sick!"

BA, Hannibal and Face stared at Murdock in surprise. They had never seen the pilot so angry. Face reach over to comfort his friend, but Murdock glared back at him and push Peck's hand away.

"Don't touch me right now Face. Just don't touch me." Murdock said with fire still burning in his eyes.

"Murdock, I just want to help." Face said in what he hoped was a calming tone.

"Fine!" Murdock snapped back, "Then let's find Lyle and his friend before it's too late."

Murdock suddenly calmed down as quickly as he had flared up. He hated getting angry. He hated the loss of control. Looking
over at BA, Murdock noticed that the big man had his head down. The pilot sighed, feeling guilty for his outburst. "BA, I'm sorry I got angry at you."

"It's okay Murdock. It's my fault, I shouldn't have question you." BA looked at the device and sighed. This had been their only way to find Lyle, and now it was gone. Turning, he looked at Smith. "Any ideas Colonel?"

Smith clench down hard on his cigar and it broke in two. Frowning, he took it out and focused his attention on his team. "Right now we'll have to play it by ear."

Face leaned back in his seat and ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. "Oh great, we're playing it by ear."


When Lyle finally woke and was able to focus his vision, he saw Kimberly staring at him with frightening eyes. As he looked up
into her eyes, he realized that she was holding him in her arms. Tears fell from her cheeks as she gazed down at him, and he reach up and brushed her tears away and whispered, "What happened?"

Kimberly softly kissed the top of Lyle's head and held him tighter. "Oh God Lyle, I thought she killed you." She said in a desperate voice. "She hit you so hard and you were so still. . ."

"Tell me what happened. Please." Lyle asked softly.

Kimberly slowly let out her breath and in a haunted voice, began to tell Lyle what had happened. "She bought us here and then
found the homing device on you. She broke it in her hands and she began to hit you," Kimberly's voice cracked and tears streamed down her face unchecked. "She kept on hitting you. . . over and over." She paused and shivered as she remembered what had happened. There had been nothing she could do nothing to stop Hansley from beating Lyle. "She didn't stop until you crumbled to the floor." She said with a quiver in her voice. She could see the whole nightmare again as her eyes replay Lyle crumbing to the floor like a rag doll. "I've never seen a woman so strong."

Lyle looked up at her and said in a very low voice. "That because she's a man."

Kimberly blinked a few times as she stared at him. "A man? What do you mean?"

Lyle knew he was going to pass out again so he touch her face and did his best to smiled at her. "She's actually Kevin Jameson." After passing the information, he passed out.

Kimberly stared in horror. Kevin Jameson had been a dangerous patient at the VA. He had escape two years ago and after a
terrible car wreak he had been declare dead. Now Lyle believed that Hansley was Jameson. Holding Lyle closer, she cried.


Hannibal stared out of the window. This was not going according to his plan, and right now the jazz wasn't helping. He knew Murdock was on the edge. The pilot was worried about his twin, and this worried Hannibal. He wondered if Murdock could stay focused. Hannibal wondered how he would act if he suddenly found out he had a brother that was in trouble. He knew he
would act the same way that Murdock was acting. Suddenly BA stop the van .

"What's up BA?" Face asked.

BA pointed to a car at the side of the road. "Isn't that Hansley's car?"

Hannibal looked out of the window. "It sure is. Come on guys let's get out and take a look around. Maybe we'll get lucky."

They all got out carrying their weapons and slowly looked around. Smith ordered them to split up in order to make better time. He would go with Face and BA and Murdock would stay together. If any of them found anything they were to give the bird call signal. They nodded and Hannibal and Face searched somewhere else, while Murdock and BA searched the area they were in. Murdock stooped down and studied the ground. He wasn't good at tracking but he knew BA was.

"Hey big guy, take a looked at this. I think they might had gone that way." He said pointed down the long and winding path.

BA bent down and studied the ground that Murdock had pointed to. "Yeah you're right Murdock." He stood up and gave a birdcall
to get Hannibal and Face attention. When they came, he point down the path.

"Hannibal, they went down that path."

"Are you sure BA?" asked Face

BA glared at Face and the con man backed. "Okay, sorry I asked."

"If BA said they went this way, then they did. He was one of the best trackers in Vietnam." replied Hannibal.

They followed the trail and soon saw a cabin surrounded by trees. Hannibal motioned for them to surround the cabin. Moving quietly, just like they had in Vietnam, they moved unseen towards the cabin. BA stood by the tree close to the door and waited for Hannibal signal. Hannibal wave his hand towards BA, and the sergeant ran and kick the door in. The moment the door was down, he fired away at the ceiling. Face, Murdock and Hannibal moved in right behind him. Face joined in and began shooting off his gun at the ceiling.

Hannibal looked around. "Save your fire power guys. This cabin is empty."

Murdock looked around in disbelief. The cabin couldn't be empty. Lyle and his friend had to be here. He opened the door to the next room and walk inside to look around. He suddenly saw a bomb by the bed. Turning, he ran to the door and yelled. "Get out guys! There's a bomb!"

The guys ran out the door and Murdock jump out the window just as the bomb exploded. Hannibal covered his head as debris flew everywhere. When it finally stopped, he slowly lifted his head. He saw BA slowly climbing to his feet and then Face doing the same thing, but there was no sign of Murdock. Panic gripped Hannibal and he slowly got up.

"BA! Find Murdock now!" He cried out.

BA walked over to the mess that was once the cabin, and started to remove the debris. After moving several large pieces of wood, he found Murdock. The pilot was lying still, and BA could see that he was hurt. He just didn't know how badly. BA gently picked Murdock up. The pilot laid limp in his arms as BA carried him to the others. Face turn a sickly shade of gray when he saw Murdock in BA's arms. "Oh no! Is he dead?"

BA shook his head. "No, but he needs help and he needs it now or we're going to lose him." he said gravely.

Hannibal nodded his head in agreement. They would come back later and search for Lyle, but right now Murdock's life was more

"Come on guys. Let get Murdock to the hospital."


Jameson watch as the A-Team left. He stood tall, no longer pretending to be a woman. There was no further purpose for it.
Turning from the site of the retreating foe, he smiled at Kimberly and then glanced over at Lyle's still unconscious. "Well that takes care of them." He said victoriously. "I may not have stopped them, but I did slow them down." Smiling at Kimberly,
Kevin took out his gun and pointed it at Lyle.

"I don't need this dead weight anymore."

Kimberly knew what he was going to do, and she was terrified. "No please don't. . . " she begged.

Jameson stared at her in disgust. "No begging please Doc, it's so unbecoming. But, if you ask me real nice, I might not kill him. Is that what you want Doc? If you do then get down on your knees and ask me nicely."

Kimberly didn't hesitate at all. She fell to her knees as tears ran down her face. "Oh please . . . . don't killed him."

Grinning, he rubbed the barrel of the gun against his cheek and looked at her. "Tell me why I shouldn't killed him. He knows too much."

"I love him. That's why." Kimberly whispered desperately.

Jameson laughed, "Not good enough!" In what seemed like slow motion, he turned and aimed his gun at Lyle's head. Kimberly screamed and lunged for the madman, knocking Jameson off balance. Fury glowed in Kevin's eyes as he turned and screamed at her. "You bitch! I'll teach you to attack me." Out of nowhere, Kevin's fist struck out against her. When his fist made contact with her face, Kimberly's head snapped back and she fell to the ground. Still steaming with anger, he lashed out with his foot and viciously kicked her down the hill. He watched with satisfaction as she rolled down the hill and into a patch of bushes.

Confident that the Doctor had been dealt with, Kevin return his attention to Lyle's unconscious form. Turning back to Lyle's unconscious form, Kevin lifted his gun and quickly shot Lyle. Grinning, Kevin kicked at Lyle's body, causing him to join the Doctor at the bottom of the hill. When movement down the hill stopped, he turned and walked away.

When the sound of gunshot was heard by the A-Team, Hannibal ordered BA and Face to get Murdock to the hospital. He intended to stay and find out where the shot had come from. BA nodded his head, accepting the order, but Face stood his ground.

"I'm staying with you Hannibal, Murdock is in good hands and you might need help."

Hannibal nodded and together, he and Face headed in the direction that the shot had come from. Face spotted them first and took
off towards them at a run. When he reached Kimberly he fell to his knees and checked her pulse. "She's still alive Colonel" he called out without looking up.

Hannibal found Lyle a few feet from Kimberly. Bending down, he checked Lyle's condition. "He's alive too Face. Let's get them back to the van and hope BA hasn't left yet."

Hannibal picked Lyle up while Face lifted Kimberly and together they headed in the direction of where the van had been. When they got back to where they had left BA, they were surprised to find that BA hadn't moved and he was still holding Murdock in his arms.

"He took my van Hannibal, that sucker took my van."

Hannibal wanted to scream but he remained in control. "BA gets us a ride I don't care how you do it just get us a ride."

BA gently placed Murdock down and walked out to the road. A truck was coming down the road. BA stepped out in front of it and the driver slammed on the breaks and stopped the truck. When the driver got out, Hannibal recognized his friend Tony Petrocelli. "Oh Tony, I sure am glad to see you. We've got to get these people to the hospital."

Tony opened the door to his truck. "Then come on, let's get going."

Part 10

The two doctors stood at the desk and read over the report. One finally spoke up. "Yes, that's her." He looked at the picture of the young woman. She was brought in last night with two other patients."

The other doctor nodded. "Will she be all right?"

"Yes, her injury was not that bad."

"Hum. I see can she travel?"

"I believe so."

"Good, I'm taking her back to the hospital in Washington D.C. Where she can be cared for."

"What happened to her ?"

He shook his head. "Who knows ? She was a great psychiatrist but she snapped and became a different person. The one who thinks she's in love with Lyle Pickett."

"You mean she's not."

The doctor slowly shook his head. "No, Kimberly Britt is married. I'll go see to her now. Thanks."

Hannibal Smith stood there, he had heard everything the doctors had said. The lady doctor had a breakdown and became another person. It's happened before. He walked up to the doctor who worked on Murdock.

'Hey doc, can I talk to you for a minute?'

The doctor turned to face Hannibal. "Yes, of course. What can I do for you?"

"I was wondering how my friend was doing this morning?"

"Which one? You brought in three friends last night?"

"The one in the flight jacket, Mr. Murdock."

"I'm on my way to see him now. We can talk on the way."

Hannibal nodded and together they headed for ICU. The doctor began. "Well right now he's in a coma. I'm afraid I can't tell how long he will be in that coma. He could come out today or later. We just don't know."

"What about the other man we brought in?"

"Well I think he should be dead. But somehow the bullet in his head was dislodged and that's saved his life. I guess he was born under a lucky star."

'Yeah, I guess so,' thought Hannibal.

They soon came to ICU and walked in. Hannibal was not surprised to see Face there.

"LT. Were you here all night?"

A nurse spoke up. "Yes he was. All night."

Hannibal put his hand on Face's shoulder. "Go back to the ranch, Face, I'll stay with Murdock."

Face shook his head. "I can't Hannibal. I'm reading to him."

"Face, please, you need to rest. I need you rested for when we go after whoever did this to Murdock."

Face slowly got up and handed Hannibal the book he was reading. "Read this to him. It's one of his favorites. I got him a new copy, BA destroyed his old one," he replied sadly, as he left the room.

Hannibal stared at the book 'Peter Pan'. Murdock did love this book. He could act out every scene over and over again. Why did BA destroy his own copy. 'I'll have to talk to BA about that.'

The doctor examined Murdock and left. Hannibal sat down to read to Murdock.

Face walked down towards Lyle's room. When he got there he walked in. Lyle was lying on the bed his eyes wide open. He
stared at Face.

"It's over they are going to take me back to that hospital in Houston. I don't want to got there. I hated it. I want to go back to

"Something is being arranged Mr. Pickett."

Face suddenly turned around to see Stockwell standing there.

"What are you doing here?"

"I came for you and the others, Mr. Peck. You still work for me."

Lyle looked at Stockwell then back at Face.

"Who's this clown?"

"Clown is right," replied Face.

Stockwell ignored Face and approached Lyle. "My name is Hunt Stockwell and the A-team works for me and as of now so do you."

Part 11

Face stared at Stockwell. "What do you mean by saying, Lyle now works for you? He 's got nothing to do with you."

Stockwell smiled with that smile that Face hated so much. "I have prepared a briefing in the briefing room, I expect you to be there Peck. As for you Mr. Pickett I have two of my men outside the door. If you try to leave, they are ordered to shoot first and ask questions later."

Lyle stared at him. "You can't do that. This is a hospital."

"Oh I can do anything I want." He looked at Face. "Now LT. To the briefing room."

Face walked out but he didn't head towards the briefing room, instead he went to ICU. He walked in to find Hannibal still reading to Murdock.

"Hey, Hannibal. Any change?"

Hannibal shook his head. "Sorry, Face, no change." He stroked Murdock's cheek. "Damn I wish he'd wake up."

Face placed his hand on Hannibal 's shoulder. "I wish he would too Hannibal. But we got another problem. Stockwell is here."

Hannibal nodded his head. "I know I saw him. He was here."

"Here. That, that ... bastard was here? How dare he come in here with Murdock like this."

"Calm down, Face. I told him to get out."

"Good then you're not going to the briefing."

"Oh I am going Face, and so are you."

Hannibal stood up and walked outside the room. He saw a candy striper.

"Miss could you come here a second."

She walked over to him. Hannibal saw her nametag: Kara DeLange.

"Hi Kara, could you go in and sit and read this book to my friend." He handed her the Peter Pan book.

Kara nodded and went inside the room.

Face grabbed Hannibal. "What do you mean we are going?"

"We are going so we can tell Stockwell where he can stick his pardon."

Face eyes lit up. "You mean we are leaving Stockwell."

"Yeah kid that's what I mean," replied Hannibal.

When they entered the room BA and Frankie were already there. Stockwell entered the room with two of his men. "Gentlemen. I'm glad you could make it. "

Hannibal walked right up to Stockwell. "General we are tired of being your toys. As for the pardons you promised us, you can stick them where the sun doesn't shine. We survived without you for more than fifteen years and we can do it now."

"Yeah, sucka we don't need you. As soon as Murdock better we are getting as far away from you as we can."

Stockwell didn't show any sign of getting angry, he just motioned for one of his men to give him a folder and he handed it to Hannibal.

"Colonel Smith I think you had better read this before you make a choice you will regret."

Hannibal took the folder and read what was inside. "Stockwell you bastard. What proof do you have?"

"Colonel I do not need proof. I never need proof. This is my insurance that you won't leave."

Face, BA, and Frankie looked concerned. "What's wrong Hannibal?" asked Face.

Hannibal turned to his men. "Stockwell has proof Murdock killed Morrison."

"That crazy the crazy fool wouldn't hurt anyone."

Stockwell smiled. "Yes but it's my word against yours and who do you think they will believe, a honest retired General or three convicted killers."

"All right. Stockwell you have us. We will go back with you," replied Hannibal.

"Good I'm glad you are doing things my way," replied Stockwell.

The A-Team looked at Stockwell. "General we are not going anywhere with you till Murdock is well. Then and only then will we go," said Hannibal. The other three nodded their heads.

"Gentlemen. Captain Murdock was not a part of our original agreement. So I don't see why I have to wait."

"Because, you damn jackass, Murdock is our friend," answered Face. "And we are not leaving till we know he's awake."

Stockwell took out his phone. "Carla, do you have that other copy of the report on Murdock? Good I want to send it to the JAG.
Right away."

"Wait Stockwell."

"Hold on Carla. Yes Smith."

"We will go with you."

"Never mind Carla. Thanks. " Stockwell hung up his phone. "Now I'll go see if Mr. Pickett is ready to travel and we will be on
our way back to Langley."

"Lyle Pickett? What does he have to do with this?" asked BA.

Face looked at BA. "Stockwell said he works for him now."

"Oh " replied Hannibal. "When did this happen?"

"I don't see where that is any of your business?" replied Stockwell.

"I think it is General. You are making us leave Murdock and replacing him with a look alike. I think we are entitled to it."

"Very well Colonel Smith. I guess you all know about when Murdock and Pickett were taken when they were young children?"

"Yeah," said Face. "Murdock was found in a dumpster but his brother was never found."

"Yes, well they were both taken by an organization known as the Center. They believed they both showed high signs of intelligence at a very young age. But Murdock tested low and they returned him or at least left him where he would be found. Pickett was given a new name and raised in the center. " He stopped and waited for a reaction.

"Go on."

"Pickett was very good at what he was trained for."

"And that was?" asked Hannibal.

"He's a pretender. He can become anyone he chooses. The CIA got him in 1967 and he became one of our top agents. He was good for undercover work. Till he decided to join the army and go to Vietnam. When he came back he was useless and the CIA let him go. But I know he can still be of use."

"Stockwell you can make us go back but you have nothing on him."

"Oh Colonel, that's where you are wrong. I have enough on him so that he will come back."

Face just shook his head. "Fine whatever but why can't we stay and wait until Murdock wakes up. What is the big hurry?"

Stockwell was about to speak when he was called outside. "I have to check on this gentlemen please don't leave. "

He soon walked back in. "Gentlemen, Pickett will need three days to rest before he can travel. I suggest you get everything in order, before then. Because in three days we are leaving."

Hannibal nodded. "I thought he was ready now."

"It would seem that the doctor doesn't agree with me. Three days gentlemen no more."

As Stockwell left Face stuck his tongue out at him. Then turned to his friends. "I am going to see Murdock. You guys find the person who hurt him, we've only got three days. Hannibal asked Lyle, he knows."

Part 12

Hannibal walked down the hospital corridor, heading for Lyle Picket's room to get some answers. When he got there he saw two of Stockwell 's men guarding the door.

"Hi guys," he said casually.

One of the men grabbed Hannibal as he tried to walk in. "I'm sorry sir. But we have orders not to let him out or anyone in."

"I'm sure the General didn't mean me."

"Sir. He said no one and that included you."

Hannibal was about to protest when the door opened and a doctor walked out. "Nurse, see that Mr. Picket takes his medication when he wakes up." He turned to Smith and Stockwell's men.

"Please kindly take this somewhere else. My patient needs to rest."

"I'm sorry sir we have our orders," replied the man. The doctor just looked at him then looked at Hannibal. "Well you have no reason to be here."

"I needed to talk to him."

"Well he's asleep right now. Why don't you have lunch with me and I will fill you in."

"All right doctor, that sounds fine."

The two men watched as Smith and the doctor left. "Boy I'm glad Smith didn't give us any trouble. I'd have hated to face Stockwell."

The other man just nodded his head.

As Hannibal and the doctor enter the patio, Hannibal sat down and smiled. "It's a good thing they didn't know what you looked like."

The doctor smiled and sat down. "I still would have fooled them. They are morons. So how's Murdock?"

"Still the same last time I heard."

"Sorry to hear that. But you didn't want to see me because of that. What's up?"

Hannibal took out his cigar and lit it up. "You come straight to the point just like Murdock. Maybe you are twin brothers."

"Well only a DNA test would really prove that. What do you want?"

"Face said you know where to find Jameson and I want you to tell me."

Lyle suddenly got up and walked away. Hannibal followed him, Lyle kept on talking. "If we were in LA I could tell you. But here I'm not sure."

Hannibal grabbed him to make him stop walking and turned him around to face him. "What do you mean, if we were in LA?" Lyle pushed Hannibal away his eyes blazing. "Don't you ever touch me again. Damn it I hate it when someone touches me."

Hannibal nodded his head. "I'm sorry I just need you to stop and talk to me."

Lyle shook his head. "I can't."


"Because I need to breathe and I can't."

"Is it my cigar?"

Lyle only nodded. Hannibal placed the cigar on the ground and put it out. "Okay the cigar is out now please talk to me."

Lyle took a deep breath then smiled. "Jameson's a drag queen. In LA he hangs out at this place called the Bunny Hop. If there's one around here I don't know about it."

"Face told me he was a patient at the VA like you."

"He's both."

Hannibal nodded his head. "I will ask Murdock's cousin maybe he will know."


"Can you get out of here?" asked Hannibal

"Yeah sure I can just walk out. Why?"

"Just leave and go back to the ranch. BA's waiting outside to take you."

"How do you know I just won't leave?"

"I trust you."

Lyle nodded his head and left. Hannibal watched him leave and then got up and headed for Murdock's cousin's office.

Doctor Murdock was having a break. He looked up to see Hannibal pushing his way past his receptionist. "It's okay Danni. I will talk with him. So what up? I'm not HM 's doctor."

"I know that. I need to ask you. Is there a place where drag queens hang out?"


Face sat on the chair by Murdock 's bed, reading Peter Pan to him. But his thoughts were somewhere else. Stockwell had ordered them, no, not ordered them, blackmailed them in to returning to Langley and leaving his best friend behind. At this very minute Hannibal was trying to find out where Jameson was. He had no idea where BA was. Face looked at Murdock and sighed and closed the book. He started to get up when Murdock placed a hand on the book. Face looked at Murdock. His eyes were opened and he looked back at Face, he smiled a little though the breathing mask. Face hugged him. He couldn't believed it Murdock was awake. He held Murdock for a long time not wanting to let go.

"Oh Murdock thank God you are awake. I thought I was going to lose you." He kissed the top of Murdock's head and held him closer. Murdock felt Face's tears on him but he didn't care. He had fought his way back and now he was here with his friends. The nurse walked in and noticed that Murdock was awake. "I'll get the doctor."

Face only nodded his head. He wanted to be with Murdock till they had to leave. How was he going to tell Murdock? He shook his head. He would think of something.


Tex look at Hannibal. "Why do you want to know that?"

"We believe that where we will find Jameson. He's a drag queen."

Tex got up and went to his door. "Come with me you need to talk to Danni. He will know."

Hannibal looked at Danni and then realized Danni was a Danny, a man dressed as a woman. Tex walked up to him.

"Danni. My friend here needs to know where drag queens hang out."

Danni looked at Hannibal. "Why? You don't seem the type."

"I'm not but I need to see someone that is."

"What's in it for me handsome?" He stood up and touched Hannibal's face. Hannibal grabbed his fingers and began to twist them. Danni cried out in pain. Hannibal looked him in the eye. "How about your finger in one piece?"

"Okay, okay. Let go already. I'll tell you what you want to know."

Hannibal let go of his fingers. "All right talk."

Danni rubbed his fingers, boy for an old guy he was strong. "There a place called The Longhorn Queen. It's the only place in town. Can I go now?"

Hannibal handed him a piece of paper. "Write down the directions to get there."

Danni took the paper and wrote down the directions.

"Thanks pal."

"Fine just please keep me out of it. I like my job."

Tex looked at Danni. "Don't worry Danni your job is safe."

Hannibal left the office heading to find BA. BA was waiting in the van. Hannibal got in. "Did you take Lyle back to the ranch?"

"Yeah man. Boy he jipper japper just as bad as Murdock. I bet they are brothers. Where to Hannibal?"

"First back to the ranch then The Longhorn Queen."

Part 13

Face sat in Murdock 's room. He watched Murdock. He was so glad he was awake. But how was he going to tell him? They were going back to Langley and leaving him behind. Murdock looked at his best friend, he knew something was up. Face was too quiet.

"Hey Face? Why the long faces? It doesn't suit you. What up? Is it me?" He wonder if Face was worried about him.

"Hey don't worry I'm going to be fine, just need time."

Face looked at Murdock a long time before he spoke. "Murdock there's something you need to know. Something I've got to tell you but I don't know how."

Murdock suddenly got a funny crazy look on his face. "Oh no you found out. That Stockwell my father."

Face suddenly got up and raised his voice at Murdock. "THAT BASTARD IS NOT YOUR FATHER! DON'T EVER SAY THAT NOT EVEN IN JOKING!"

Murdock suddenly felt scared of Face. He didn't understand what has set his friend off.

"I'm sorry Face," he replied in a low voice barely above a whisper.

Face was horrifying he had just yell at his best friend who had just woke up from a coma. He sat on Murdock's bed and held him in his arms.

"No, Murdock, I am the one who should be sorry. I didn't mean to yell. I've just been worried about you. Please forgive me."

Murdock nodded his head. "Face I've never seen you like this, please tell me what's wrong. You are scaring me."

Face held Murdock closer. He wanted to tell him but he couldn't without Hannibal and BA and right now they were looking for Jameson.

"Templeton Peck. Please call the operator."

"Murdock, I got to answer that. It might be Hannibal. I'll be right back."

Murdock nodded his head and no sooner had Face left the room than Stockwell walked in. Murdock was surprised to see Stockwell

"What are you doing here?"

"Hello to you too, Captain."

"What do you want, Stockwell?"

"Just came to tell you. I am taking The A-Team back to Langley with me."

"Fine as soon as I get better."

"No, Captain, you misunderstood. I said the A-Team."

"But I am part of The A-Team."

"Really? Now that is funny because your friends think you killed Morrison."

"What do you mean?"

"Haven't you ever wonder why they confessed to killing Morrison at the trial?"

Murdock stared at Stockwell and said nothing.

"They did it to protect you because they think you killed Morrison."


"Really, then why did they sign this agreement to come back with me and leave you behind."

Stockwell handed Murdock a piece of paper. Murdock read it. A look of pain was in place on his face. He read the letter again. He couldn't believe what it said.

We agree to return to Langley with you on the condition you do not report Murdock in the killing of Morrison. It was signed by all three of them.

"They don't care about you Murdock. They never did. Mostly Peck. He didn't greet you when you came." Murdock thought for a moment. Stockwell was right. Frankie, BA, and Hannibal greeted him but Face hadn't. He turned away from Stockwell. He wanted to know the truth and only Face could tell him. Stockwell smiled and left the room. He had done what he came to do. A few minutes later Face enters the room.

"Boy. What a rip off. Whoever was on the phone didn't wait. That makes me mad. Hey buddy what's up?"

Murdock turns to face Face. His eyes were cold and unfriendly.

"Do you think I killed Morrison?"

Face just stared. 'Oh God' he thought, 'Not now Murdock please don't ask me that.'

"Well, answer my question. Now Face I want to know now."

"Murdock, I.I. I."

"Damn, you do. You think I killed Morrison. My best friend. You think I'm a murderer."

"Murdock. It's not like that."

"Then what's it like?"

Face began pacing the room. He knew this day would come but why did he have to face it. He looked at Murdock who was waiting for an answer. . He wished that Hannibal were here.

"Come on Face tell me."


The black van parked in front of The Longhorn. Hannibal turned to BA. "You ready, BA?"

"Yeah, Hannibal. I'm ready. Let's get Jameson."

Hannibal smiled as he checked his weapon. The jazz running though his veins. The two men ran inside the Longhorn firing their guns. People dived under the tables. Hannibal shot a couple of more times in the air to get their attention.

"Good now that I got your attention. I want to know where Jameson is."

The bartender stood up. "We don't know anyone named Jameson."

"BA "

BA understood and shot the bar's mirror to pieces.

"I'm telling you the truth. We don't know anyone named Jameson."

Hannibal looked around. He sensed they were telling the truth. "Do you know anyone named Jennifer Hansley?"

"She's in the back room," replied the bartender.

Hannibal nodded his head. "Come on BA let's get Jameson."

BA followed Hannibal in the room. Jameson was trapped, there was no way out so he tried to fight but was no match for BA.

"That's enough BA. I want Jameson conscious." Hannibal walked over to Jameson. He was so close to him he could smell his breath.

"Listen to me you low life. You hurt one of my men. I doesn't take kindly to that. Then you killed a woman and got him blamed for it. I don't take kindly to that either."

Jameson was scared. He felt Hannibal was crazy enough to kill him. "What are you going to do to me?"

"I should just let BA here have you and do what he wants with you."

Jameson glanced over at BA who was standing punching his fist into his hand and giving him a look Jameson knew all too well.

"You can't do that. That's inhuman."

"And what you did to my friend and the others wasn't?"

"Okay yeah sure. I tried to kill them. I couldn't take any changes of Lyle telling someone I killed those two women. As for Dr. Britt if she ever regained her full memory she would remember I was the one who raped her. As for your man Smith, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Smith turned around. "Did you get all of that sheriff?"

"Yeah, Smith, every word."

Sheriff McKenzie came into the room with his deputy Cody. Cody placed the handcuffs on Jameson and read him his rights.

Buck turned to Hannibal. "Thanks Smith."

Hannibal nodded his head and with BA left. As they got into the van BA looked at him.

"What now Hannibal? We got to do something. I ain't leaving the fool behind."

"I have no intention of doing that BA. We will keep Murdock with us even if we have to be on the run again."


Face sat down and faced Murdock, who was now waiting for an answer to his question.

"Murdock, this isn't easy for me."

"It not easy for me either, Face."

"We were told when you were first put into the VA, you were uncontrollable. The very mention of Morrison's name set you off."

Murdock just stared at Face. "The doctors believed that you knew more about Morrison's death then you let on."

"How do you know all this, Face? What goes on between a patient and his doctor is confidential?"

Face ran his fingers though his hair, he was not proud of what he was going to say next.

"I was one of your doctors when you first came in."


"Murdock don't look at me that way. I had to do it. I needed to know how you were and that was the only way."

Murdock stared at Face and then started laughing. Face stared back at him.

"You mean to tell me you were one of my doctors in the early stages of my breakdown and no one knew it. Oh I wish I could remember that."

"Murdock, if you could remember what happened that day with Morrison. Then Stockwell won't have anything on you and we won't have to leave you behind."

"Face, don't you think I would if I could. Maybe I did killed him and that why I don't want to remember. Look you got your chance to live a normal life. Go back to Stockwell and when you get your pardons come back and see me. At the VA. Because without you guys, I'm nothing."

"Murdock, I'm not sure whether you killed Morrison or not or whether Stockwell has any real proof. But I am not leaving you behind."

Murdock looked at Face. "What are you going to do Face?"

"I am getting you out of here and you and I are leaving Stockwell and this whole mess behind."

"How, Face?"

"Don't worry buddy. I got an idea."

Murdock stared as Face left the room and came back in with a gurney and wearing an orderly uniform. He began to take down the IV from the pole. He was careful not to disturb it. He then looked at Murdock.

"Murdock, I'm going to cover you up. Don't move just remain still."

Murdock nodded his head. Face smiled at him as he covered him up. "Ok buddy we're ready."

Face rolled the gurney down the hall. No one paid any attention to the orderly taking a body to the morgue. As Face rolled the gurney into the elevator two of Stockwell's men were in there but they paid no attention. Soon Face rolled the gurney outside
and saw another orderly.

"Hey you can you give me a hand."

The orderly walked over. "What's up?"

Face whined at the orderly. "Oh man I got to take this stiff to the funeral home. Can you help me put it in the ambulance."

The orderly nodded his head and help Face put the gurney into the ambulance.

"Thanks, thanks a lot."

"Yeah, thanks," replied Murdock.

"Who said that? It sound like it was coming from the gurney."

"It was me I was throwing my voice."

"Using a dead body?"

"Well I had to use something," said Murdock.

Face remained quiet and smiled at the orderly. "Man you are sick."

"Well thanks for your help. I got to get this body to the funeral."

Face climbed inside, just as he was about to leave the orderly walk up to the other side and got in.

"You might need my help."

"That's really not necessary," said Face as he knocked the orderly out of the ambulance and drove off. Suddenly a man dressed in a black suit came running out.

"Stop those men. Don't let them get away."

The men with him jumped into their cars and took chase. Trained as they were for high-speed chases, they were no matches for Templeton Peck and soon Face had lost them. Face soon stopped when he knew it was safe and got out to check on Murdock. He opened then doors and climbed inside. He uncovered Murdock who had fallen asleep.

"Hey, Murdock, you are okay?"

"I'm tired Facey, and I'm cold and I'm hot."

Face felt Murdock's head. "You're hot. I think you might have a fever. I got to get you to a doctor."

Murdock tried to smile but he couldn't. "I was just at a hospital," he said weakly.

"Don't worry Murdock. I'll get you to a doctor."

Murdock closed his eyes again. "I know you will Face."

Face made sure Murdock was comfortable and got back in the driver's seat. Face drove along the road staying away from main highways. He knew he had to get a doctor to look at Murdock because he still needed care. He saw a sign that said Dry Gulch 40 miles. He would have to go there to see if they had a doctor.


Hannibal and BA enter Murdock 's room and found it empty. BA stared at Hannibal.

"Where the crazy fool go Hannibal?"

"Peck took him and your chances for a pardon and when my men find them, Peck will be facing prison for the bank robbery and Murdock the firing squad for the murder of Morrison, and as for you Smith, you and Baracus are under arrest."

Stockwell was standing there with the military police. Hannibal and BA fought their way out and ran to the van. Hannibal saw Frankie. Frankie got away and ran to the van, and jumped in.

"Let's go BA."

BA drove away with the military police right behind him. Soon BA lost them. Hannibal sat back and lit a cigar. He then turned to Frankie.

"Frank I decided to take you with us." He reached over and grabbed Frankie by his shirt. "But if you double cross us like you did before I will personally kill you."

Frankie only nodded his head.

'Where to Hannibal?"

"To pick up Lyle, BA, and then we will search for Face and Murdock."

BA nodded his head and drove towards the ranch.

The End