Can Friendship Survive This?

by Susie and Kimberly


Summary; Murdock and Face have a argument.

Disclaimer: We do not own them

Author notes: We hope you enjoy this


Part 1

Murdock watched Face as he sat at the table writing a letter to one of his many

girlfriends. It wasn't fair. He loved Face with all his heart and more yet Face

just didn't seem to notice. How he just wanted to go in there and tell him how

he felt. This was it today he was going to tell Face how he felt.

Murdock walked into the room and sat knelt down beside Face and started nipping

on his ear. Face with his hand tried to make Murdock stop but Murdock ignored

him. Face suddenly turned to face him and Murdock took the advantage to fully

kiss Face on his lips. Face was strung for a moment then he suddenly struck

Murdock so hard his ears were ringing.



Murdock placed his hand where Face struck him. " DEVOTED CATHOLIC MY ASS!" He

screamed back.






Face picked up the nearest thing and threw it at Murdock. "GET IT THROUGHT YOUR



Suddenly the door flew open and Hannibal and BA came running in. "What is going

on here?"

Face got up and started to walk away, "Ask weirdo here." Murdock suddenly grabs

Face by his hair.

"Take that back I am not a weirdo."

"LET GO MURDOCK!" screamed Face .

But Murdock only held Face tighter by his hair. "TAKE IT BACK!"


BA started to go after Murdock but Hannibal stops him. Murdock had a good hold

on Face 's hair.

"Captain, let go of Face's hair."

"NO not unless he takes that back. I am not a weirdo."

Face suddenly made a move and punches Murdock in the stomach. Murdock doubled

over in pain and Face was free. BA suddenly knocks Murdock down on a chair. "You

hurt little brother now you are going to pay."

Murdock stared at BA. "This is none of your business. Stay out of it."

Hannibal motioned for BA to keep Murdock seated. He then turns to Face. "What

happened Face?"

"Yeah sure ask you precious baby first. "

"Murdock shut-up or I will let BA put you to sleep."

Murdock glared. Hannibal turned back to Face. "Go ahead Face."

"Well I am writing to my girlfriend Lulu bell."

"What kind of a name is that?"

"Murdock I'm warning you. Shut up. You will get your chance."

"Any way as I was saying. I was writing a letter to my girlfriend. When Murdock

took advantage of me."

"I did not."

"Hannibal told you to be quiet fool. So you better before I put you to sleep and

I don't used a needle."

"What do you mean he took advantage of you, Face?"

"He started nipping on my ear and when I turned to ask him to stop he kissed me

and I know he would have done more if I hadn't slap him."

"I would not have. I would never do that to you Face. How can you say such a


"Murdock shut-up you will get your chance to speak."

"Stop telling me to shut -up, Hannibal it was just a lousy kiss."

Face turned on him. "A lousy kiss is right. A dog can kiss better then you."

Murdock was now really angry and he tried to break loose of BA 's hold.

"Keep still fool and let Face have his say."

Murdock struggled but could not get loose he finally stop and just glared at


Face went on talking. "Hannibal. What do I have to do to make him understand?"

"Hannibal. What do I have to do to make him understand," mocked Murdock.

This made Hannibal mad. He turned to Murdock. "I've had it with you Murdock. BA

take him back to the VA. If he don't want to be reasonable then take him back."

Murdock felt the heavy hand of BA Baracus shove him into his room at the VA.

'Hey BA, Wait. I can explain!" Murdock pleaded.

"Shut up Murdock! You have done enough!"

"But BA" Murdock pleaded again

"I said Shut up! I don't know what had gotten into you but I don't like it!

Upsetting Faceman and Hannibal!" BA shouted and with that he left the room. BAM!

The door slammed hard after the big burly man left.

Murdock with his hands in his pants pockets paced the room. His head hung low

and he was very confused.

"Why did Faceman act the way he did this morning? Why did Face lie to Hannibal?"

He asked himself.

Murdock lay down and stretched out in his bed. He folded his hand clasped behind

his head, which still bore his favorite blue ball cap and began thinking about

what could have led to this terrible moment in time.

Many times Face would come over to visit Murdock because he knew that Murdock

would spend numerous nights watching TV alone. Murdock really enjoyed Faceman's

company. The two men would play cards, watch TV, or Faceman would bring some

videotapes and the two of them would watch a movie. Murdock and Face would

sometimes even sit up most of the night laughing at each other's jokes and

making faces at each other to make the other one laugh. Murdock loved his

friendship with Face and he looked forward to his late night visits. Last night

started out the same as any other night when Face sneak in at night to keep him

company. However, something would happen between the two men that had not

happened before.

Murdock had his stick wooden horse and was hopping around his room watching

Range Rider re-runs when he heard the familiar tap on his door. Murdock bounced

with his stick horse to the door and swung it open. For a moment the two men's

eyes locked and Murdock noticed the light sweet musk aroma of his friend's

cologne and he stood still as if caught in time.

"Hey Murdock. What's the matter? Aren't you going to let me in? If anyone of

this staff sees me, my late visits are over."

"I'm sorry Face, come in."

"Thank you Murdock. Range Rider again? When are you ever going to get tired of

that show?"

Murdock did not answer Face as he closed his eyes and inhaled deeply the aroma

of his friend's cologne as he passed by him into the room.

"Hey, Buddy, You okay? Do you want me to leave?"

"No, Face, I don't want you to leave. I am sorry, I just lost my train of


"That's alright. Hey, this popcorn is good. Where did you get it?

Murdock noticed for the first time, how the light of his room reflected the

highlights of Face's sandy blonde hair. How is hair was so beautiful and Murdock

just wanted to reach out and run his hand through it.

"What are you staring at Murdock? Come over here, I feel lucky tonight."

Murdock watched as his friend pulled a deck of cards and a cigar from his jacket

pocket and sit down in the center of the bed. Face clenched his teeth around his

cigar and began shuffling the cards.

"Murdock? Are you okay? Well you never have been okay but that is beside the

point. Hey, do you want me to leave?"

Murdock finally came out of his trance like state. Blinked and then shook his


"No, No, I don't want you to leave. I am sorry. Let's play cards."

Murdock walked over to the TV and turned it off. He then joined Face on the bed.

With his rump seated on his big fluffy pillow, he sat and quietly watched his

friend deal the cards.

Murdock kept his eyes focused on the stogie between the lips of his friend.

"Hey Face, You can't light that cigar in here. It will cause the smoke detectors

to go off and we will be busted."

"Don't worry pal. I won't light it. I like the feel of it in my mouth. Besides

it brings me luck."

Face finished dealing the cards and was waiting for Murdock to start the game.

Murdock's cards lay in front of his crossed legs, as his eyes kept focused on

his best friend's cigar. Murdock 's staring made Face become him uncomfortable

and he began to fidget.

"Murdock, You haven't picked up the cards. I am waiting. "

Murdock reached down with his right arm and picked up his cards. His eyes

lowered to view the hand that he received and he spoke.

"Ah, Faceman, This is very difficult for me but I need to tell you something."

"Go ahead Murdock, nothing can be that difficult."

"No Face, It really is.'

"Just get on with it. We are friends. You can tell me anything!"



"Okay.. Here it goes...." Murdock sat straight up and with both arms wrapped

them around his knees as he rocked back and forth on his pillow.

"I really don't know what it is about you tonight but....but....I am so turned

on by you and I want to kiss you right now."

Murdock kept rocking back and forth with his head facing his bedspread. He was

waiting for the worst. He was waiting for Faceman to become angry after what he


Face placed his cards down on the bed and scootched up closer to his friend.

This was his best friend. The man who had saved his life many times from Vietnam

to now. With one hand placed under Murdock's chin, Face lifted his face to meet


"Murdock. We are very close. There is no need to feel ashamed for what you said.

Remember we are very close friends and nothing you could say would make me angry

with you."

At this moment Face smiled and placed a comforting arm around the tall slender

Captain's shoulders.

Face then spoke. "Have you forgotten something captain?"

Murdock scratched his head and said "No, Not that I can think of Lieutenant."

At that time, Face moved closer to Murdock and positioned his chest up against

him and put both arms around him and said, "The Kiss. Didn't you say that you

wanted to kiss me?"

HM was stunned. He couldn't move. He couldn't even utter a single word. Face

pressed his lips to Murdock's. Face's lips were so soft and warm. He threw his

arms around him and pulled his best friend's body on top of his. He did not want

this moment to end. He would not let their lips part. The night was full of

passion that Murdock had never known before.

The following morning Murdock slipped out of bed not to disturb his buddy's

sleeping form and raced outside and pulled some of the flowers to give to his


Upon Murdock's return, His friend was already up and dressed and waiting for


"Hey, Buddy. I gotta run now. I am late for an appt."

'Uh, Face? I picked these for you."

"Thanks Murdock, that is really thoughtful. Come see me later, we'll do lunch."

Face grabbed his jacket and sauntered up to Murdock and placed a soft gentle

kiss onto Murdock's lips.

"Bye. See you later"

Murdock stood and watched his friend walk down the hall. He realized that he

fell in love with Lt. Templeton Peck and he never could be happier. This is a

great day! He was going to see his friend and do lunch. He knew that he wanted

to be with him forever. He would tell him this afternoon at lunch.

That afternoon when Murdock went to Templeton's place that is when all hell

broke loose and before he knew it BA was throwing him back in his room at the

VA. Murdock thought about what had happened earlier today. Murdock entered as he

usually did and found Temp writing letters to all of his girlfriends.

Murdock all of a sudden experienced jealousy. Wasn't what happened last night

something special to him? Murdock was confused. He then thought to himself that

he would try to rekindle the feeling from the evening before and began nipping

on his friend's ear. Next thing he knew his friend was yelling at him.

Murdock knew that Hannibal and BA would not approve of the new relationship

between the captain and the lieutenant but he knew that he and Templeton could

handle it and keep it under wraps. He was shocked that his best friend, the man

from last night was yelling at him and calling him names. Murdock was thrown for

a loop and he too began yelling too. At that point Hannibal and BA entered the

room and saw the arguing. This did not please the Colonel and he want to put an

end to it. Murdock remembered how shocked he was when Face accused him of taking

advantage of him to the Colonel and Sergeant. Murdock couldn't believe his ears.

Face was

lying on him. Murdock would never take advantage of anyone especially Face, the

man he knew that he loved. Murdock was very hurt.

Murdock curled up on his bed in a fetal position and rocked sideways with tears

running down his cheeks. "Why did Face do that to me? Why?" He remembered that

special, wonderful night that the two of them shared and then the horrible way

he was treated by Face. He was stunned when Face got Hannibal and BA angry at

Murdock too. "Why did he do this to me?" Murdock remained in the fetal position

and continued to rock and sob until he cried himself to sleep.

Part 2

As Murdock was crying himself to sleep in the comfort of his single bed in his

little room at the VA, he was unaware that he was being watched. BA Baracus who

had slammed the door to Murdock's room when he left earlier, returned back to

the room but did not enter. Instead he observed Murdock through the little

window of the door and watched Murdock curl up his long body into a fetal

position. At this time Murdock appeared so small to him. BA thought to himself;

Here was a man that flew his chopper into the heat of enemy fire many times

during AM to save lives and even the big guy's life himself never giving a

thought about his own. BA reflected on one particular time when he was trapped

in a foxhole. He was alone and had shrapnel in his knee. He was unable to move

and was under heavy attack. The enemy was closing in fast and he could see

nothing but the heavy haze of bullets surrounding him and the voices of the

Vietcong. BA knew that he would never see his beloved mother again. All of a

sudden he heard the familiar flapping sound of a propeller and rapid gunfire. He

felt the hot wind from the chopper cross his face and felt someone trying to

lift him up.

He heard the pilot's comforting voice. "Come on Big Guy. I won't let you die

here in this hellhole. Can you help me a little so I can get my arm under you?"

HM Murdock was known as a crazy man to all in the US Army. BA hated planes and

anything that flew especially if it was under the control of HM Murdock.

However, none of these things bothered him now. All he knew was that this crazy

pilot was risking his own life to save his. BA never let Murdock know but from

that moment, BA considered him to be his best friend.

BA never said thank you to Murdock for saving his life or told him of how he

felt about him. It was hard for BA to watch a person go from being a strong man

reduced to a helpless newborn. BA was angry! He was going to put a stop to this

and now!

BA raced to the VA lobby grabbed a payphone and called the van phone.

Hannibal answered. "Yeah."

"Hannibal, It's me BA. There is something wrong with Murdock. I know he ain't

ever been right but I just know there is something really wrong. The fool needs

our help!

"OK BA, go on"

"The man is really hurting, Hannibal. He has really gone off the deep end. I

want to hear Murdock talk!"

"Okay BA I take it you are at the VA, right?"


"Okay you know that we can't all be seen together. Is there anyway you can get

him to a phone to talk to us?"

"Yeah I can."

With that BA hung up and went to go get Murdock.

BA returned to Murdock's room. He banged on the door and yelling.

"Come on wake up Murdock! Open this door now!"

Murdock sat up in his bed and stared at his big, strong friend, glaring at him.

"What are ya waiting for fool? Open up!"

Murdock jumped out of bed and raced to the door. He opened it up and BA stepped


"You coming with me fool?"

"But, I don't want to come with you."

"Shut up! You are going to talk to Hannibal now!"

"I don't want to talk to Hannibal."

"I said you will talk to him!"



"I said I won't talk with Hannibal!"

Murdock stood his ground with his arms folded across his chest. BA grabbed

Murdock by the collar of his jacket.

"I said you WILL talk to Hannibal and NOW!"

BA yanked the lanky man and dragged him to an unoccupied office and dialed the

van's number.

Murdock sat still in the chair watching BA his eyes were narrowed and his arms

crossed tightly across his chest. Murdock pressed his lips so tight that they

were turning white.


"Hannibal, I got him. He is mad as a wet hornet but I got him."

"Put him on."

"Get on the phone fool."

Murdock shook his head side-to-side adamantly.

BA grabbed Murdock and jerked him hard out of the chair; pulled him across the

desk and put the phone to Murdock's ear and said loudly,

"He ain't talking but you can talk Hannibal."

"Murdock what is going on?"

"I won't talk with you Hannibal."


"I want to talk to Faceman."

"Okay, Here he is."

"Yeah Murdock why won't you talk to Hannibal?"

"I wanna talk to you."


"I just do."

"You can talk to Hannibal."

"No! I won't. I won't talk to anyone just YOU!"

Murdock twisted free from BA's grip and threw himself into the chair causing it

to fall backwards and hit the wall. Murdock slowly got up from the floor. Picked

up the chair and gently placed it next to the wall.

BA picked up the receiver and spoke to Face

"Faceman, I think you better let him talk. I ain't ever seen him like this."

Murdock returned to the phone and BA handed him the receiver.



"You gonna talk with me?"


"When Murdock?"


"Okay, on my way"



"You have to be alone."


"Cuz I said so that's why!"

"Okay, okay I can do that."


Murdock hung up the phone and spoke to BA.

"Faceman is coming here I want you out of here. I will be in my room. Now get


As Murdock was heading for his room BA went to wait in the parking lot of the

VA. BA had never seen Murdock so angry he knew something was going on and he

wanted it to stop!

"BA what is going on?"

"I don't know Face. But you are going to find out and now!"

BA yanked Face by the collar of his shirt, pulled him through the van window and

threw him onto the curb.

"We will be back in an hour!"

Face watched the van speed out of sight. He quickly glided up the steps to his

friend's room.

Face knocked on the door.

Murdock saw his friend through his tiny window. He bounced up with glee and

swung open the door to allow his friend to enter. As Face he entered the room,

he saw the smiling expression of his friend change into a very stern one.

"Murdock, what's going on?"

"You know what's going on."

"Now if I knew what was going on, I certainly would not be asking now would I,


"I guess you are right. But why did you treat me the way you did when I saw you

at your place today?"

"What are you talking about? I was writing a letter to one of my girlfriend's

and you come up and start nipping my ear? What the hell was that?"

"But after what happened I thought it was special between us?"

"What are you talking about Murdock?"

"Last night, you know you and me?"

"No I don't know what you are talking about. I wasn't even here."

"Yes you were!"

"No, I am afraid you were mistaken Murdock. I will go to the nurse and have your

medication reduced."

"Shut up Faceman I wasn't mistaken! You were here! You know that I never take

the medication that they give so don't throw that up in my face! I mean it never

again, Faceman!"

"Easy, buddy. Okay, Talk to me."

"YOU were here! You came over and I was watching TV. You know my favorite


"Range Rider?"

"Yeah Range Rider. Well you came over and you wanted to play cards. So I

turned off the TV so we could play cards. But we never really did play cards."

"What do you mean Murdock?"

"You know started it?"

"Started what?"

"You kissed me first!"

"I did WHAT?"

"You kissed me!"


"Cuz I told you that I wanted to kiss you and I was too scared to. I was

ashamed and you told me there was nothing to be ashamed about. You smelled so

good to me. Well anyway, You kissed me. We were sitting on my little bed like we

always do but then you leaned forward kissed me, and then we.. Well..oh what's

the use you are going to deny it anyway."

"No Murdock, go on! What happened?"

"You kissed me."

"Okay I got that now after the kiss tell me HM, please?"

"We made love."


"We can't we are two men, I don't do that to a man. Only to a woman! Oh my you

think You and me?"

"It's true! Face, you were here! Why are you doing this to me? Okay, if you

want to pretend it didn't happen, FINE! We will do it your way and I will just

forget it! Is that what you want? Pretend that IT didn't happen? What happened

between us was really special to me Face. The way you caressed me and softly

kissed me. I never knew such love and caring from anyone. Apparently it was just

a game to you! I never had anyone love like that before in my life. Then last

night you came over, have your way with me and toss me aside? Fine. I can live

with that!. I will find someone else to play cards with and watch TV. I don't

like being scammed Face. I have seen you do it to many women but I never thought

in a million years that you would use me like that and pitch me out like a worn

out sock. Never!"

Face was shocked. He watched his friend turn his back towards him and heard the

tears again.

"You may leave Face. I'm not going to stop you, I am very sorry about nipping

your ear and kissing you earlier today. I promise that it will NEVER happen

again and I mean NEVER!!"

Face sat motionless on the bed. He has known Murdock better than anyone else and

here is a man that he loves as a brother telling him that the two of them had

become intimate! Face has known Murdock to always tell the truth. There has to

be an explanation. Face knew he was never there but in fact someone who looked

really like him was with Murdock! But who and why?

"Face you may leave. Can't you see I am humiliated enough?"

"No I won't leave. I want you to know, I believe what you are saying, but I

honestly and truly was not here last night. I was with Debbie and believe me I

have proof to back me up."

"I have proof that you were with me, Face."


"You left in such a hurry last night, you left your cigar and well I really

can't explain but some bodily fluids on my sheets."



"Murdock you are a genius.!"

"I am?"

"Yes! Murdock This man who was here last night."

"He was you, Face."

"Okay easy, buddy. Did the nurse change your sheets today?"

"No. I thought I would be in trouble so I stripped the bed and put new ones one.

The old ones are waiting in the hamper."

"Let me have them?"


"Murdock. I believe someone who looked like me was here and did something to

you. I love you so much, like my brother. Nothing more. Okay you know that?"


"Good. I was at Debbie's house all night but there is something that is really

strange going on. I found items of my clothing, cigars, even my hairbrush

missing lately. I wonder."

"Face, are you saying there is someone impersonating you, maybe?"

"Yes, I am afraid that may be it. You see Murdock something weird is going on.

Every time I go to Debbie's I come back home and I am missing something. It

started out with little items every now and then. Now they are becoming more

frequent. Now she is asking many questions about me. More so than any women

would be interested. I even saw her studying my habits. I wonder if she is a spy

for someone, maybe an imposter?"

"You know Face. You maybe right. There was something last night the sweet musk

aroma that totally enticed me. I had never known it before and I don't smell it

now. But you er I mean the man that is exactly like you in every shape way or

form smelled. You don't have that smell."

"I don't wear musk, Murdock."

"I know that now!"



"I need those sheets and the cigar. Hannibal will have them analyzed and we

will find out who the guy is that is portraying me. You can't hide behind DNA


Murdock handed Face the cigar carefully not to touch the part of the cigar that

was in the man's mouth from last night. However, Murdock climbed into the

hamper, sat down in it holding the bed sheets and shaking his head from

side-to-side stubbornly.

"Murdock what's wrong?"

"The guys Face. They will find my stuff there too. This is so embarrassing. I

can't have Hannibal and BA look at me like I am some nut ball?"

"You are a nut ball but in a fun way Murdock. Look I will explain what happened

to you to them. They will understand and they won't be angry. They are your

friends. We are all family. We are all that we have got."

"Yeah, but I really feel stupid."

"Stupid? You are far from stupid Buddy. Murdock you were just gullible. Now

that guy is most likely going to come back and visit you again. I want you to do

what ever you must in order for him to stay but I want you to be able to get

somewhere away from him. Like a bathroom and call me! Here is my cell phone

number. It will reach me wherever I am and we will be there to nab this guy!"

"You mean I am bait?"

"You can say that. Look it will be all right. There is someone impersonating me

for whatever reason I don't know."


"Yeah Murdock?"

"What if this person is sent from the Army?"

"Could be?"

"Faceman! I got it figured! Well I am pretty sure."

"Go on Murdock."

"What better way to break up the A-TEAM than to do this. Go get the pilot so

messed up that he really goes crazy for real!"

"Ya know what Murdock?"


"I believe that you are onto something.!"

Murdock smiled. Faceman looked at him at asked.

"Do you want to go with me to Hannibal and BA now?"


The two men promptly slipped out of the VA and ran through the trees to the

van, which was waiting about a block away.

When they got there, Hannibal asked . "Everything all right now?"

Face nodded his head . "We need to have these sheets and this cigar analyzed."

"Why? BA asked .

"Someone is impersonating me."

"Why would someone impersonate you Face?"

"I don't know Colonel."

"Makes no sense man."

"Look someone is pretending to be Face. He visits me and we have a great


"Does he spend time with you Murdock?"

Murdock nodded his head. "Yeah he does."

"Has he ever hurt you Murdock?"

Murdock again shook his head . "No he hasn't. He is really nice to me."

"Then, what's the problem?"

Face stared at Hannibal. "What's the problem? The guy is impersonating me that

is the problem!"

"Easy LT don't get your feathers ruffed. We will check it out."

Decker walked into the room where one of his men was waiting. LT Al Dugan had a

very special talent. He could become anyone he chose.

"Well, LT? What did you find out?"

AL did not answered Decker . He only knew one thing at this moment. He was in

love with HM Murdock.

Part 3

Decker waited for Dugan to answer. When it didn't come he snapped. "LT Dugan I

asked you a question."

"I believe sir that Captain Murdock is not involved with the ATEAM

Decker grinned . "Yeah and I believe pigs can fly."

Another soldier came up to Decker. "Sir the ATEAM is on their way to Medical

Center to get the sheet and cigar analyzed."

Decker smiled. "Good then we get them."

He turned to Dugan. "Good work Dugan. I think you better go take a shower after

what you did ."

AL stared at Decker. "Yes sir," he replied.

Al walked in the room and closed the door he had to warn Murdock so he climbed

out of the window. To look for the van.

He soon found it and started honking his horn. BA looked out of his rearview


"Hannibal , Face is following us."

Hannibal looked out of his side. He did a doubletake .

BA was right Face was following them and yet Face was in the van.

"BA pull over." BA stopped the van and everyone got out.

Al ran over to Murdock and held him in his arms. "Oh thank the stars above I

made it in time."

Murdock pulled away. He just stared at him.

"Who are you mister ?" Hannibal demanded.

"Lt. Al Dugan sir." he replied .

Hannibal frowned, "A Decker bug."

Murdock turned around in anger. "You used me."

"Yes HM I did use you but I fell in love with you."

"I thought you were Face. That was so low."

Al nodded his head . "I am sorry I didn't think it would happen."

"Well it did." Face stared at Al.

"You better leave. I think you caused enough trouble."

Al nodded his head and started to get out.

"Wait you can't go. Decker will find out that you betrayed him."

BA stared at Murdock.

"Hey fool he used you to get to us."

"I don't care BA. He loves me and I think I love him."

BA gripped the wheel tightly and grumbled, "The fool thinks he loves him."

"Easy BA. Murdock why do you think that you love him?"

"Hannibal, He treats me special."

"He deceived you Murdock."

Yes, I know Col., but, he has come clean and he really cares about me."

"We care about you Murdock."

"I know Face but he is different. Is it his fault that he happens to look

exactly like you?"

"YES!" Face exclaimed as he grabbed tightly, Lt. Dugan's arm.

"Hold it Face, let go of his arm."

"But Col., You know that it can't be a coincidence that he looks this much like


"We don't know that Face, but, until we find out why. We need Lt Dugan leave one


BA pulled the van up to the VA to let Murdock out. Lt

Dugan started to follow when Face grabbed his arm and yanked him back into the


"Hey Faceman, let go of him. Let him stay with me. You guys don't like him

anyway. Please Face? Let him go."

Face was very angry. He wanted to smash that phony's Face with his fist.

"Hey Lt., Go ahead let go of Dugan."

"But Col! I want to mess HIS face good!"

"I know Face but Murdock is right. Let him go with Murdock."

"He is Col? Hannibal nodding, Face slowly loosened his grip off of Dugan's arm

but whispered him a warning.

"You ever hurt Murdock in the slightest way, mentally or physically, I will

personally hunt your ass down and kill you. Don't worry your body will never be

found. I will see to that!"

Lt Dugan wrenched away from Face's grip and leaped from the side door to join

Murdock. As BA drove away, he said to Hannibal.

"I sure hope you know what you are doing Hannibal."

"Trust me BA. I have a plan."

Face and BA glanced looks at each other and they both said in unison.

"Oh no! He is on the jazz!"

Meanwhile back at the VA in Murdock's room the two men are talking.

"I really am sorry HM. I was so wrong to deceive you.

Col. Decker wanted me to really get to know you."

"Yeah, you sure did that Lt."

"Please HM, call me Al."

"You sure did that Al."

HM paced back and forth in front of his bed where AL was sitting. Al's eyes

followed Murdock never leaving him.

"AL, What exactly was your assignment?"

"Well, Col Decker wanted me to confirm that you were with the A-TEAM. He felt

that if I got really close with you and made a connection then you would take me

to the A-TEAM. I was then supposed to take out Faceman since we look so much

alike and then become part of the team. When Col Decker found you all, he of

course would get me out of there. I in turn would lead him to where I had

Faceman and deliver him to Decker."

"How do I know that you are telling the truth?"

"Believe me HM what else do I have to lose?"

"I would like to Al."

"HM If Decker were to know where I am, he would come after me and have me

killed! Please help me! I love you HM!"

Al threw himself onto Murdock's bed sobbing. Murdock gently rubbed the man's

back. He could not help but see the man that he really wanted to be with but


HM knew that if he couldn't have Faceman he was going to be happy with Al.

Murdock sat next to Al's body on the bed. He slowly tuned AL onto his back to

which Murdock leaned forward and placed a soft tender kiss on his lips.

Al opened his eyes and smiled. He then wrapped his arms around Murdock and

returned his kiss but with passion not just tenderness.

Murdock unbuttoned Al's shirt and gently kissed his chest.

As Murdock lay on Al's chest kissing it and gently stroking the soft chest-hair,

he asked AL a question.

"May I call you Face when we make love?"

"You may call me anything you like Murdock"

Murdock continued kissing and stroking his lover's chest when his lover flipped

him over on the bed and began doing the same to him.

"HM I will be anyone you wish me to be if it makes you happy."

Murdock's lover continued to undress Murdock as well as himself. The two of them

made love with more passion than they had ever before.

Part 4

BA drove Face and Hannibal to Templeton Peck's new temporary residence.

"Faceman, whose place is this?"

"It's mine BA." Faceman answered with a grin.

"Come on Man, I know this way above your means"

"BA has a point Face. Tell us whose place this really is?"

"Okay guys. Look it belongs to a friend of mine who wants me to house sit.

Really guys. NO scam. Me being here is legit."

Hannibal and BA glanced at each other and then faced Templeton Peck.

"All right Lieutenant, we will believe you. It really is a nice place. This

place is huge. You must have a really good friend."

"I do, Hannibal. His name is Antonio Castille. He just happened to meet me a

long time ago and we have been friends ever since."

"How come you never told us about Mr. Money bags, Face?"

"BA, one doesn't always tell ones connections, it ruins the mystery of ones


BA and Hannibal looked at each other again and replied.


"Face, we have got to get to work."

"Hannibal, would you like a massage before we begin?"

"No, Face, I don't. Now to get down to business"

A lovely, blonde haired, blue-eyed lady emerged from the other room and politely


"Excuse me Mr. Peck, gentleman, it is time for Mr. Peck's massage."

Hannibal and BA were not too pleased. Face became nervous and replied with a


"Ah, let's reschedule, Tammy. We are discussing business. Ah, Tammy, I will call


"Yes, Mr. Peck."

Tammy slowly glided out of the room and softly closed the door behind her.

"Tammy the massage girl? What else do you have here, Face? Sally the swim


"Oh, Hannibal, Tammy is really a very bright girl. She just is a servant here at

the estate. No, there isn't Sally the swim partner. Gee. That would be Wanda."

Hannibal and BA's eyes got huge!

"Just kidding guys. There is just Tammy. She's a good kid."

"Kid is right Lt. Keep your weapon in your pants! You don't want a paternity

suit. Let's get started! I don't trust Dugan at all and I know you two agree.

There is something very sneaky about that man."

"I agree, Col. Anyone who impersonates me and gets Murdock to fall in love with

him... just... makes me want to..."

"Easy, Lt. I understand your anger. Murdock is one of us and one question we

have to get down to the bottom of is.......why would he want to look like Face,

and second what does that have to do with Murdock falling in love with him."

BA nodded to Hannibal. Hannibal began giving instructions:

"Okay, BA. You, Face and I need you to get us......"

Face didn't hear a thing. He was deep in thought. He pictured Murdock and Dugan

in bed. He pictured Dugan kissing Murdock's chest and caressing him. This

angered him and he didn't know why.

Soon Hannibal's voice brought him back to reality. "Face, are you with us? Face,

are you all right?


"UH? Oh, I am sorry, Hannibal, I must have zoned out on you guys."

"Well, stop that right here and now, Lieutenant. I need you here with us. All of

you! Get your head out of the clouds on Tammy and listen up!"

"Yes, Colonel." Face replied.

Why was he distracted not by Tammy but by the very thought of the phony and

Murdock? Why did he even think that?

Face joined Hannibal and BA at the map that Hannibal had opened up on the table.

"Glad to see you could join us, Face." Hannibal stated with a smoldering cigar

clenched in his teeth.

Face did not speak, but remained quiet, absorbing the details of the plan.

However, his mind was still troubled.


Al Dugan slowly got out of bed, being careful not to wake Murdock. He stared

down at Murdock in disgust.

"I swear, Colonel Decker better come through for me. Making love to you is


Dugan got himself up and started to leave. He had all the information he needed.

He stared at Murdock for a moment.

"Hmm, I can't have Murdock ruin our plans. He's got to disappear." Dugan went

over to Murdock. "Murdock, wake up. Come on, honey, wake up."

Murdock slowly opened his eyes. "Hi, Face."

"Get up Murdock. We've got to get out of here. Decker is on the way."

Murdock pulled Dugan towards him for a kiss. "The team will protect us."

Dugan pulled away. "They will not protect me, Murdock. You do love me? Right?"

Murdock nodded his head.

"Then trust me and come with me."

Murdock got out of bed and followed Dugan out into his car.


Face walked out of the house. The plan was crazy. There was no way he would pull

it off. Hannibal was nuttier then a fruit cake.

"You want me to do what?"

"Go to Decker as Al Dugan. Face, we need someone on the inside."

"There is no way I am doing that, Hannibal."

"Look, Face, we need to know what is going on. This is the only way."

"Why do I have to do it?"

"Because, foo', Dugan looks like you."

Hannibal draped his arm over Face's shoulder. "Let's call it getting even."

Face shook his head and left. He soon pulled in front of the base gate.

"Hi, sir. Colonel Decker is waiting to see you. He is in General Jason's office.

Face drove through the gate and soon found Jason's office. He walked in and saw

Decker and the General speaking to each other.

"Ah Lt. Dugan" replied Decker. "The general wants to hear your report. Is

Captain Murdock part of the A team?"

Part 5

For the first time since the A-Team went on the lam, Lt. Templeton Peck was not

just on an army base, he was in his full uniform, standing before General Jason

and Colonel Decker. Face remembered to replace the "Peck" name tag with the name


When Face didn't answer immediately, Colonel Decker stressed his question with

more gruffness in his voice.

"Lt. Dugan! Is Captain Murdock part of the A-Team?"

Face remembered that he was Lt. Dugan. He couldn't believe that he had forgotten

for a moment that he was Dugan. Face hurriedly replied.

"Ah, No sir!"

Colonel Decker was not satisfied with Face's response and the expression on his

face reflected his displeasure.

"Explain, Lieutenant. I want to know WHY you feel that Captain Murdock is NOT

part of the A-Team."

Face started to answer Colonel Decker.

"General Jason," he began, "I, Lieutenant Allen Dugan, was sent on a secret

mission by Colonel Decker.."

General Jason interrupted.

"Colonel Decker, that man is Lieutenant Templeton Peck of the A-TEAM himself!

Standing right in the room with us. Just look at him. Are you blind, Colonel

Decker? I mean, here is the greatest shyster and one of the most wanted men in

the whole military right here in front of your nose and

you are calling him Lt. Dugan?"

Colonel Decker raised is hand up in a calming manner to the general.

"My apologies, General Jason, for giving you incomplete information. The man

standing before you may look exactly like Lt. Templeton Peck but in fact is

actually one of our own men. Let me present to you, the Army's secret weapon

that will capture the A-Team, Lt. Allen David Dugan. This man is our inside man

on the A-Team."

General Jason paced the floor in front of Face, eyeing him up one side and down

the other.

"Colonel Decker, a question for you. How are you sure that he is on the inside

of the A-Team?"

"General, Sir, we have him getting close to Captain H.M. Murdock. We all know

that he is part of the A-Team."

"Colonel Decker, wasn't Captain Murdock the pilot that would take dangerous

chances in the middle of Nam to bring back our men?"

"Yes, General, that is him."

"Colonel Decker, wasn't Captain Murdock also the same pilot who experienced a

major break down and never came back?"

"Yes, General, that is the same man."

"Colonel Decker, isn't that same pilot, Captain Murdock the one that is

committed in our nearby Veterans Administration Hospital and has a room on the

mental ward floor?"

"Yes, General, that would be Captain Murdock."

"Colonel Decker! Have you lost your mind? Captain Murdock was proven insane!

How reliable can a crazy man be? We have the A-Team on file, Colonel Decker,

and the A-Team consisted of Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith, Lt. Templeton

"Faceman" Peck, and Sgt. BA Baracus. There

is no mention of this pilot as being on the A-Team. Why would you choose him?"

"With all due respect, General, I do understand your concern. Captain Murdock

was an excellent pilot. He was willing to do any mission the Army gave him and

the more dangerous the better. He was the pilot that flew the A-Team into Hanoi

when they robbed that bank. He also was the A-Team's personal choice for all of

their missions prior to that one."

"Come now, Roderick. You are an excellent Colonel and you usually have a good

head on your shoulders. I believe that you have an obsession with the A-Team and

pretty soon you will think I am part of them too. Now, I am very familiar with

the career of Captain H.M. Murdock. I am also aware of many teams that Captain

Murdock flew on secret missions. Captain Murdock was the preferred pilot of

choice for many of our men because he knew no fear and he would do anything to

bring back the men he flew out. Captain Murdock not only was the pilot of choice

for the A-Team but also for me. You see, Colonel Decker, I was one of the men

trapped in a foxhole with all my men in my platoon dead around me. You don't

know the joy that filled my heart when I heard the whipping sound of a chopper's

blades and heard the rat-a-tat-tat of a machine gun over head.

Yes, I looked up and saw Captain Murdock coming to land right in the middle of

the war zone. He did that to save me and I, at the time, was a private. What I

am trying to say is that you better have more information in order to spend the

Army's money continuing your investigation. It is a shame that Captain Murdock

snapped because he was the best pilot in the whole damn military!"

Colonel Decker was silent. For the first time, Face had no remark to make but he

did know that the General was correct and that was the nicest thing he had ever

heard anyone say about Murdock. He told himself that he would have to let

Murdock know what General Jason had said.

Colonel Decker took a deep breath and spoke in his gruff low tone.

"General Jason, I believe that you are absolutely right and I had forgotten

about the many men in the field that hoped that Murdock would swoop down and get

them out of the jungles so that they could go home to their loved ones.

However, I do want to mention that a man fitting Lt. Peck's description has been

seen many times at the VA where Murdock resides. Many times. He has been seen

entering his room, eating with him in the dining area and sitting with him in

the courtyard. Lt Dugan went undercover for me as Lt. Peck to get close to

Captain Murdock and to see if he is the A-Teams secret weapon"

General Jason nodded over to Face to begin his report.

"General Jason, I, Lt. Allen David Dugan, was summoned to go on a secret mission

by my commanding officer, Colonel Roderick Decker of the United States Army.

Colonel Decker had many suspicions about the relationship between Captain H.M.

Murdock and Lt. Templeton Peck. After many hours spent with Captain Murdock, I

have come to one conclusion." Face paused for a moment. He liked to see the

anticipation on people's faces. General Jason and Colonel Decker both stared at

Face. Colonel Decker was very confident and was sure this was the information

that he had been waiting for from his prized protege. Colonel Decker flashed a

wide grin to Face.

"Go on, son, tell the General and myself what your conclusion is on Captain


Face slid his hands into the front pockets of his olive green slacks and spoke.

"Captain H.M. Murdock is totally insane!"

Colonel Decker was so furious he spoke through tightly gritted teeth.

"Lt. That wasn't the question. We all know that Captain Murdock is insane. That

is why he is COMMITTED there. If he weren't crazy he would be living next door

to you or me! Oh Heaven forbid if that were to happen. Now tell me Dugan . . .

is Captain Murdock part of the A-Team?"

Face enjoyed getting Decker riled up.

"No, Colonel. I must say that he most certainly is NOT part of the A-Team."

"How do you figure that Lt?"

"Colonel, Captain H.M. Murdock lives in his own teeny weenie world based on old

TV show reruns, video games and when all the meals are served.

He can't even hold a simple conversation without slipping into his own fantasy

world. You can be talking to him about the color of the sky and the next thing

you know you are being tied up with a jump rope to the chair and he is playing

the Range Rider, bringing you in to the sheriff.

He really has no clue of reality at all. I am very sorry, Colonel Decker, that

my findings do not agree with your suspicions. H.M. Murdock is a complete loon."

Face was very satisfied inside. He felt that he had pulled this off perfectly.

Colonel Decker was very displeased at the report, so he commented.

"Tell me, Dugan, if he is so crazy and all, then why was Peck seen with him many

times at the VA?"

Face gave a slight smirk

"Colonel Decker, Lt. Peck visits Murdock every time he is at the VA out of

respect. Lt. Peck has many friends whom he served with during Nam. Since Murdock

doesn't receive any visitors, Lt. Peck politely stops by to see the man that

saved his butt many times in Vietnam. You could say Peck had a sense of duty so

to speak, Sir."

General Jason had heard enough and made it clear to the other two men in the


"Well, Colonel Decker, I am satisfied with what I just heard. Thank you for your

report Lieutenant. I found it to be very satisfying. Decker, I am ordering you

to stop your ridiculous crusade. It is nothing but a waste of good federal

money. Decker I expect a wrap up on the project from you on my desk first thing

in the morning. This mission is now finished."

General Jason stood up and faced Face and Colonel Decker, the two men saluted

the general as he exited the room. Only Face and Decker were in the room now.

Face spoke to Decker.

"Eh, excuse me Colonel. May I leave now?"

"No Dugan. You may not!"

"What? Why? You heard him. He said this mission was finished."

"Yes, the official investigation is over but not my own investigation. This will

be done after hours and I will pay you for your time plus expenses out of my own

pocket in cash."

"Yes Sir. What is the ultimate goal for us. Colonel?"

"Dugan, my boy, since we are doing this by my rules, we will not see them go to

court or to Leavenworth to serve time."

"Pardon me, Sir, but what will we do with them?"

"We will destroy them together, son. One by one."

Face watched an evil grin spread across Decker's face.

"Colonel, what do I do about Captain Murdock, sir?"

"Lt. Dugan, you can do whatever you like to dispose of the Captain. You may

torture him, rape him, whatever your heart desires. Eventually, you must kill


Once you don't need him anymore, he is yours to dispose of in any manner that

you wish."

Decker slid his strong arm over Face's shoulders and whispered in his ear.

"Al, you make me proud. I am so glad that my sister convinced you to join the

army. I am glad that the plastic surgery worked so well. Sometimes I look at you

and I forget that you are my nephew and I want to shoot you!"

Decker laughed and dismissed Face.

Face briskly exited the building, trying not to draw attention to himself. Face

now knew that Dugan was actually Decker's nephew. He also knew that Decker had

Dugan's face altered by the help of plastic surgery.

Face slid into the driver's seat of the army jeep and drove off the base back to

Antonio Castille's house, where Hannibal and BA were waiting.

Face was running so fast into the house that he slid past BA and slammed into

the wall.

"Face, You all right man?"

Face rubbing his nose answered

"Yes, I'm all right now. but none of us will be for long."

Hannibal, hearing this, entered the hall.

"Face, what is going on?"

"Well guys, Decker is no longer out to take us to prison. He is on a personal

vendetta and now he is out to kill us!"

"Face! Did you find out who this Dugan is?"

"Yes, Hannibal, he is Decker's nephew altered by plastic surgery."

"That explains it."

"Hannibal, BA, we must get to Murdock."

Hannibal and BA glanced at each other and then looked at Face.

"What are you talking about, Faceman?"

"Guys, Murdock is in real danger. We have to get to him before Dugan does.

Dugan's reward is to do whatever he wants to Murdock. Horrible stuff, too. He

can even kill Murdock if it pleases him. Come on guys ... let's go!"

"Face, we thought Murdock was with you."

"BA, why would you think Murdock was with me?"

"Well, while you were out, we thought we would go try to spring Murdock out of

the VA and found out that he was already checked out. The name of the person

that Murdock left with was Templeton Peck."

"Oh NO! He got to him already! He must have done that while I was with Decker

and General Jason!"

"BA, Face, we have got to make it our top priority to get Murdock back with us.

Under no circumstances is this chump going to harm our captain! Let's go!"

As BA was steering the vehicle, and Hannibal hashing out another plan on the

dashboard, Face's thoughts roamed. In his mind he saw Murdock and Dugan in the

throes of passion. Face's vision then followed with the image of Murdock in the

peak of his climax and Dugan plunging a knife in Murdock's throat. This vision

haunted him. He found himself hoping that they would find Murdock unharmed.

The image of Dugan and Murdock together sickened Face. He didn't even like the

mere thought of that man kissing the pilot. In Face's mind, Dugan was not only

kissing Murdock but he also was running his hands all over Murdock's body. This

thought disturbed Face very much.

Face knew that Dugan was up to no good and if Murdock had even one hair out of

place, Face decided that he, himself, would personally put an end to Dugan. No

man would ever touch HM unless it is he!


Murdock slowly tried to open his eyes but his right eye was swollen shut. Every

bone in his body ached. He felt that his ribs were going to pop out of his body.

What he didn't know was who he was and where he was. He tried to sit up but even

a small movement sent pain right through his body. He let out a scream. Suddenly

he felt his hair being grabbed and he was pulled up to face a pair of devilish

blue eyes.

"I see you are awake. Did you have a nice sleep?"

Murdock tried to speak but only a low whisper came out. "Who are you?"

The face looked at him and laughed. "You really don't know who I am, do you?"

Murdock shook his head. Dugan laughed and struck Murdock across the face.

Murdock felt like his head was going to fall off. He looked at Dugan.

"Please who are you?"

Dugan leaned close to him and whispered in his ear. "Your worst nightmare,

Murdock. Templeton Peck."

At that moment, Dugan pulled Murdock out of the bed and began to punch him hard

over and over again. Murdock wanted to pass out, he would welcome it, anything

to get away from this pain. But every time he tried Dugan would bring him


"Oh no you don't. I want you awake for this, you hear me, love."

Dugan grabbed the slack body and kissed him roughly. He pulled him closer.

Murdock's body went limp, he had no feeling at all. Dugan slowly pulled the

slack body to the floor and.....

An hour later Murdock laid in a heap on the floor of the basement. Dugan stared

at him and laughed. He then walked up the stairs into the main house. His mother

greeted him.

"I heard some screams. What's going on down there?"

"Mother, don't worry. I was just watching a movie, that's all."

He kissed his mother and went to his room. She stared down at the basement but

she knew that this was her son's private work place, like his father before him

and she never went down there.

Murdock slowly moved. He crawled over to the other side. *I've got to get out of

here before Peck comes back. I've got to.*

He managed, somehow, to get to his feet but he staggered and fell again. He

tried again and this time managed to stand. He somehow made it to the steps and

started to crawl up them. As he reached for the door it flew open and he looked

up to see Peck staring at him. Peck smiled evilly and sent his foot into

Murdock's face, sending him tumbling down the stairs.

Dugan looked down at Murdock.

"Don't leave so soon, Murdock, the party is just beginning." He laughed at the

pilot and stared at Murdock lying at the bottom of the steps.

"Al, darling, telephone." called his mother

"All right, mother, I'm coming." Al walked in and took the phone.


"Oh, hi Uncle Rod."

"Al, have you taken care of Murdock yet."

"Not yet, but I will. I'd like to play with him a little longer."

"Just don't be too long. The A-Team might catch up with you."

"Hey, Uncle, they all ready did catch up with you. That was Peck you had with

you in the General's office."

Decker pulled away from the phone.

"I will see you and your men dead, Smith." He whispered to himself. Then he got

back on the phone.

"Al, kill Murdock now."

"Sorry, no can do, having too much fun."

Part 6

Decker then heard a dial tone.

"Al, don't you dare hang up on me."

Decker was about to dial again when suddenly two men with ski masks over their

heads came running in. They grabbed him and threw a bag over his head and

dragged him out of the house.

"What's going on here?" Decker muttered. "Do you realize who I am?"

One man whispered harshly.

"A dead man if you don't be quiet."

The two men placed Decker in the trunk of a car, then jumped in. The two men

removed their ski masks. The one in the back spoke.

"You do know we can go to prison for kidnapping an army Colonel?"

The man in front with a cigar in his mouth smiled.

"Yeah, we could."

"Hey, fools, you both shut up. Decker best be telling us where Dugan took


Hannibal placed a hand on BA.

"Don't worry BA, he will, even if I have to beat it out of him."


Dugan watched Murdock as he huddled against the wall.

"OK, let's try this one more time, shall we? What did I say your name was?"

Murdock stared wide-eyed at Dugan but he said nothing. Dugan bent down and

grabbed Murdock by the hair and twisted it around his fingers, jerking Murdock's

head back.

"I asked you a question. What did I say your name was?"

"Mur... Mur... Mur."

Dugan struck him across the face and screamed at him.



Again Dugan slapped him across the face.

"Don't you be yelling at me boy. Now who am I?"

"Templeton Peck." Murdock replied. shaking all over.

"Good. That's really good Murdock. Now what did I say about me?"

"You said you were my worst nightmare."

Dugan patted Murdock's face.

"Yeah good boy, very good boy. "

He grabbed Murdock's face and lifted it so Murdock could look at him.

"Murdock I hate to hurt you, I really do, but when you are bad I've got to."

Tears were streaming down Murdock's face. "I'm sorry Mr. Peck"

Dugan punched Murdock and sent him to the floor. Murdock head was pounding.

Dugan came over to him and roughly pulled him up and screamed into his ear.


"Face." whimpered a very frightened and confused Murdock.

"You better remember that."

He was about to say more when he heard his mother from up stairs.

"Al, darling, will you please come here."

Dugan looked up in disgust.

"Yes, mother. I'll be right there." He turned back to Murdock who was now in a

fetal position. "I've got to go now. You promise me you won't leave and maybe I

will bring someone in to look at your injuries."

Murdock never moved. He just remained the way he was but he was thinking.

//If I ever get my strength back, Peck, I will kill you.//


Decker was roughly pulled out of the trunk, then dragged into a small room of a


"I've got money. I can pay you to let me go."

"I don't want your money, Decker."

Decker stared. He knew that voice. "Smith."

The three men removed their ski masks and there in front of him stood The


"Smith, kidnapping an army officer is a federal offense."

Face grabbed Decker by his collar and said, with venom in his voice.

"Where is Murdock?"

Decker sneered back at Peck.

"I have no idea. "

Decker felt the blow from Face, blood dripped down his face and he stared at him

"You can strike me all you want, Peck. Even if I did know where Captain Murdock

is I would not tell you. You think you are so smart, pulling a fast one on me.

Well, Peck, it looks like I get the last laugh."

Face was now angry beyond words. He pulled Decker up and punched him in the

ribs, sending the older man to the floor. Hannibal grabbed Face.

"Settle down, Face. Go outside and watch out for any of Decker's goons."

Face shook off Hannibal and walked outside. He stood by the doorway, gun ready.

Face stared out at the water.

"Oh, Murdock, please be all right, please."

He listened for any sound of danger, but all he heard was the sound of the many

sea gulls, nothing



Face waited outside, standing guard as Hannibal worked over Decker to find the

whereabouts of Allen Dugan and Murdock.

Hannibal struck Decker hard across the face. The ropes holding Decker in the

chair didn't even give. Decker's head snapped hard to the left.

"You can do whatever you want to me, Smith. I don't know where Al or Murdock are


Hannibal did not like the response so this time he punched the Colonel directly

in the face. The cracking of the Colonel's nose was heard clear outside the

warehouse by Face, who was keeping watch.

"I already told you, Smith, I don't know where they are."

Hannibal was furious and he pounded Decker so hard on the right side of the head

that the bound up Colonel and the chair fell over and hit the floor.

"You lie, Decker! You are the one behind Murdock's kidnapping."

Decker, still tied up to the chair managed a gruff reply.

"No, I am not! I don't know what you are talking about, Smith.

"You know damn well what I am talking about!"

Hannibal repeatedly kicked him in the ribs. After Hannibal stopped kicking him,

he still had something to say.

"Smith, you don't fool me. You wouldn't kill me. You aren't a murderer."

Hannibal got down onto the floor, in Decker's face.

"Oh yeah? You may be right that by nature I am not a murderer, but remember

this... I was trained to kill."

Hannibal helped the Colonel and the chair back to their upright position. He

observed that the features of the man in the chair were almost unidentifiable.

He stepped back a few steps and looked at the battered old man.

"Hannibal, do you want me to take over?"

"Not this time, BA. He has had enough. His body can't take anymore."

Hannibal motioned for BA to stand watch over their victim while he went outside

to converse with Face.

"How did it go, Colonel?"

"Not good, Face. That man is stubborn. I never saw a man not even give us a

nibble after all of that."

"You aren't having BA work on him, are you?"

"No. I just have BA keeping watch over him."

"Hey, Hannibal, maybe I can... you know, talk to him."

"Sounds like you may have a plan."

Hannibal placed his hands on the railing of the landing. Face answered him.

"Yes I do, Colonel. I want to give it a try."

"Tell me about it Lt."

"Well, I'd rather not just now. Is that OK, Colonel?"

Hannibal arched his left eyebrow.

"You aren't going to start pounding on him again, are you. Lt.?"

"Oh no, Hannibal. My plan is more mental than physical."

"OK, Face, but you better not keep me waiting on what exactly is your plan."

"Hannibal, you are a smart man. You'll figure it out. Colonel, please bear with

me. I need to be alone with Decker for awhile."

"You got it, Face. Hey, send BA out."

"Thanks, Hannibal."

Face entered the warehouse. He motioned BA to go outside and join Hannibal. BA

nodded and exited the room.

The warehouse was cold, dark and damp. The only light was the one hanging above

Decker's head. The man looked so helpless. His bloodied, broken body slumped in

the chair. If it weren't for the ropes holding him on, he would have fallen out

of it.

Face knelt down by the Colonel and cut the ropes, freeing the man. The man was

unconscious and his body fell into the arms of the Lieutenant.

The Lieutenant leaned the battered Colonel up against the wall. He removed the

Colonel's torn, blood soaked shirt, being careful not to disturb the man. He

placed the shirt to one side.

Face knew that if he moved the Colonel too much that it may cause more injuries.

Face wanted to help Decker.

Face found a first aid kit and also saw a sink. Face raced over to the sink and

found that there was running water. He got soap and fresh warm water and put it

into a bucket that he had found while waiting outside. He removed his own shirt

and tore it into shreds. He needed this to help wash the Colonel's wounds.

Face immersed a strip of his shirt into the soapy water and started to dab it

onto the older man's face. The warmth of the liquid and the easy touch of Face's

hand caused Decker to slowly regain consciousness. A feeble voice from Decker

slipped out.

"Peck, I don't know what you have up your sleeve but it won't work. I don't know

anything about the whereabouts of Murdock and my nephew."

"Shhh, don't talk, Colonel. I am not here to make you talk. I am trying to help


The weak and very exhausted Colonel did not argue. He didn't try to fight. He

actually felt calm and welcomed the tender touch of the Lieutenant's hand. He

drifted asleep.

Face continued to clean the gray-haired chest of the older man. As Decker slept,

Face used surgical tape and reset the Colonel's nose.

The ruggedly handsome man stirred as Face administered the antiseptic salve to

the open wounds on his face and chest. Face heard the man moan and wince from

the discomfort.

"Easy, Colonel. Just a few more to go."

A drowsy Decker slowly opened his eyes to observe the handsome Lieutenant whom

he had chased for years. He couldn't believe it. This con man, whom was part of

the A-Team, whom ran from him, was now helping him!

This was the same man who, earlier that afternoon, after going ballistic on him

and having to be pulled off, was now being kind and caring? Decker was leery

about this sudden urge of kindness. He wasn't about to let down his guard.

Templeton Peck saw him and smiled.

"Hey, Decker, why don't you try to get some shuteye."

"Peck, do you actually think I will let my guard down so you can slit my


"Now now, Colonel, I could have done that earlier, or if not me it could have

been either Hannibal, or BA for that matter. Besides, why would I help you and

tend to your injuries if I wanted to kill you."

"I don't know, Peck, but I know you are up to something."

"I am not up to anything, Decker, but obviously I can't convince you of that."

Peck went to the door and opened it. He motioned for BA to come in and observe

Decker while he spoke alone with Hannibal.

"Well, Face, what did you find out?"

"Nothing at this time. I administered first aid and now he is resting."

"What? Why did you do that? Did I go to far?"

"Because he would have died if I hadn't. He would have bled to death and a live

Decker is more useful that a dead one."

"You are right Face. I can't believe that I allowed myself to go that far. We

really don't want the murder of a full bird on our hands."

Face placed a comforting hand on the shoulder of his commander. Hannibal


"Lt., how is your plan going?"

"Like a charm, Hannibal. Just watch me."

Hannibal and Face entered the warehouse where BA was standing over a sleeping

Decker. The man had fallen asleep sitting up against the wall.

"Hey, Hannibal! What do we do with him now?"

"We wait until he wakes up, BA."

The three men quietly sat for hours until Decker awoke. The sleepy, hurting man

gruffly asked.

"Don't you guys have anything better to do than to stare at me?"

Face was the first to leave his position and sit closer to the Colonel.

"How are ya feeling, Decker?"

"Better, Peck. Thanks."

"Don't mention it."

"Are ya hungry Colonel?"

Decker did not respond with vocals, he just kept his mouth shut and shook his

head from side to side.

"Aw, come on, Decker. We're hungry too. I'm sure you must be."

"Shut up, Smith. I won't eat anything coming from you guys."

Face moved closer to Decker and sat next to him.

"You need nourishment, Colonel."

"I don't trust you, Peck."

"You don't have to, Decker. In fact, I don't blame you. Now what would you like

to eat."

A weak smile formed on the face of the Colonel.

"All right, Peck. I will play your silly game. I want a thick-juicy steak. It

must be prepared medium rare and I want a large tossed salad with Bleu Cheese

dressing. Oh, and I like my baked potato with lots of sour cream and butter! And

the potato must be huge!"

Peck didn't bat an eye.

"You didn't mention the type of steak that you prefer. What type of steak sauce

would you like?"

Decker shook his head, a little laugh erupting from his lips.

"Okay, okay. I will continue to play your little game. Make my steak a

Porterhouse. A really good piece of meat does not need steak sauce!"

"You got it, Decker. BA, I need you to go with me."

BA nodded and waited by the door as Hannibal approached Face.

"Face, I don't mean to question your ways, but where do you plan to get all of

this food?"

"I'll tell you about it later. Come on BA!"

Face and BA quickly left the building, leaving the two Colonels alone for the

very first time in a long time.

Decker, lying on the ground, eyed Hannibal coolly.

"Well, Smith, here we are again."

"Yep. It sure looks that way, Decker."

"I don't know what your Lieutenant is up to Smith but I do know that I am not

fooled by his sudden concern for me."

"That makes two of us, Colonel. I have no idea what is going on either. He is

doing this on his own."

Decker, still extremely weak and exhausted, made a feeble attempt to join

Hannibal against the wall. Hannibal, seeing that Decker needed help getting to

his feet, extended his hand to support the Colonel, which Decker swatted away.

"OK, suit yourself, Decker."

Hannibal, simply leaning against the wall, irritated Decker.

"So, you'll just stand there and gloat at me?"

"You've got that wrong, Decker. I'm just keeping you company."

Hannibal reached into the right pocket of his shirt and pulled out a cigar. He

followed this by removing a lighter from his right pants pocket. Decker

despised smoking.

"Don't you light up in here, Smith!"

Hannibal ignored Decker and continued with the lighting of his cigar.

"Smith! Smoking will kill you if I don't do it first!"

Hannibal gave a chuckle and released the smoke high above his head.

"Aww, come on now, Decker. You would already be dead if it wasn't for Face."

Decker nodded his head in agreement. As hard as it was for him to admit, Smith

was absolutely right. Templeton Peck had indeed saved his life.

Suddenly the door flew open. Hannibal turned to face Decker and announced.

"Looks like our food's here, Colonel."

Decker couldn't believe it. The smell was overwhelming. It smelled absolutely

delicious! Peck brought in real grilled steak. It was a Porterhouse!

He saw the tossed salad and the large baked potato. Decker was speechless. Face

raced by Hannibal who was still sucking on his stogie.

"Out of the way, Hannibal. Hot food coming through!"

"Face, where did you get this?"

"Antonio's house. When I told Tammy of our deep hunger and of the famished

handsome Colonel who had joined us, well, I didn't need to say any more. She

gladly grilled the steaks, tossed all the salads and personally baked all of our


"You still amaze me, Lt."

"Thank you, Hannibal."

Hannibal turned to see BA throwing four foam pads onto the floor.

"Face, what are those?"

"Those are foam pads, Hannibal."

"I know what they are, Face. I mean, what are they for?"

"The sleeping bags."

"Sleeping bags?"

"Yes, we need to sleep and we can't sleep on the hard concrete floor. It will

wreak havoc on my back."

Hannibal continued to puff on his cigar and observe BA carrying in a card table.

"Face, why do we have a card table?"

"Why, Hannibal, we can't have Colonel Decker eating his steak on the floor. That

would be inhumane."

"Makes sense to me, Lieutenant. Carry On."

After Face had BA bring in the four chairs, sleeping bags, foam pads and the

table, he helped Colonel Decker to a chair and then placed his food in front of


Oh, how Decker loved the aroma but he was bound and determined not to eat it. He

feared that it would be poisoned.

"Why aren't you eating, Colonel?"

"How do you expect me to eat, Peck? With my hands? Where are the utensils?"

Peck immediately jumped up and grabbed a knife from BA.

"I am sorry, Colonel. I almost forgot."

Face cut Decker's steak into tiny, bite size pieces and then handed him a fork.

"Figures. I get Lt. Peck to cut my steak so I don't choke."

"That's right Colonel. See? I am helping you again." Face said with a smile.

Everyone, including Decker, found themselves smiling and rolling their eyes.

Peck observed that Decker's stomach was growling yet he still hadn't eaten.

"What's the matter now, Colonel?"

"You probably poisoned this food. I am not stupid, Peck."

Face reached over the table with his fork and stabbed it into one of the pieces

of steak. Decker watched closely. Face chewed it all up until he swallowed it.

He then continued to keep eating other items of food off of the prisoners plate

until finally Decker pushed him away.

"Okay you proved your point. Now stay out of my food or I won't have anything to


Decker was so hungry that he ended up putting massive amounts of food onto his

fork and shoving it into his mouth. This caused him to choke. BA quickly got up

and raced to his aid. BA put his arms around Decker, placed his clasped hands

under the Colonel's diaphragm and pulled hard into the body, causing the food to

eject out and hit Face in the shoulder.

As Face was wiping the food off of his shoulder he calmly spoke.

"Easy Colonel. We don't want you dead. Oh, and thanks, BA."

BA nodded to Face in response. Hannibal spoke.

"Well, what do you know Decker? BA just saved your life. So far, I'd say that

two of the A-Team has saved your life."

"I know that, Smith. I don't need to be reminded."

Face waited until everyone was finished with their meals before he decided to


"Hannibal, BA, Colonel Decker? I need to have your attention."

All three men had their eyes fixed on the calm, Lieutenant.

"Colonel Decker, I want you to help get Murdock back to us."

"I knew you were up to something, Peck, but I guess you didn't understand me

earlier. I don't know where your pilot is."

"Colonel Decker, with all due respect, Face wasn't asking if you know the

whereabouts of Murdock, just that he was telling you that he wants your help."

Decker nodded in Hannibal's direction in response to his statement and then


"How would I be able to help you and why would I want to?"

Face looked Decker straight in the eye

"Because you have NO choice."

"Why don't I have a choice?"

Hannibal and BA also found this of interest. They were all ears waiting on

Face's explanation.

"Colonel Decker, do I have to remind you that you would be dead if it weren't

for me and BA? Besides, we could have killed you at any time, right? So have you

ever heard of one good deed for another?"

Decker knew that Face was right. He hated that even more.

"No, you don't need to remind me of that and yes I know that the A-Team are two

good deeds up on me. Why didn't you tie me up again after you performed first

aid on me?"

Face gave a sweet smile

"Colonel Decker, you are a man and a very smart one at that. You are one that

is to be reasoned with, not threatened or beaten. You are not an animal.

Besides, I felt that we all were a lot stronger than you and that they were

unnecessary. I am sorry about what happened to you earlier but we really were

angry and worried about the condition of our friend. I believe that you do not

have any idea of where they are but I do know that you need us more than you

know, right now."

Hannibal and BA both raised eyebrows when BA spoke up, followed by Hannibal.

"Now this is getting interesting."

"Got that right, BA"

Colonel Decker's interest was peaked also.

"Lieutenant Peck, Why did you say that I needed the A-Team more than I ever

know, right now?"

Face was surprised that Colonel Decker acknowledged his ranked but he did like


"Colonel Decker, please bear with me. This is not easy for me to say. Please,

everyone be quiet until I finish."

"Colonel Decker, your nephew will kill you after he kills Murdock."

Colonel Decker found this information highly unbelievable. He interrupted.

"Don't be ridiculous, Peck. I know my nephew. He wouldn't do that. I am his


Face took a deep breath and continued.

"Look, Colonel, if your nephew succeeds with the murder of Murdock, the only

other one who would have known about that in his eyes is you. One thing your

nephew does not like is loose ends and, Colonel Decker, you are a loose end."

Col Decker found this hard to believe and he shook his head and replied.

"No, no, you are wrong, Lt. Peck, you don't understand. I am ashamed to admit

this, but I gave him the order to kill Murdock."

Face calmly continued speaking.

"Yes, Colonel, I know it is true that you gave the order and I am sure you do

feel ashamed right now. Listen to me, please. Your nephew, Allen Dugan, is a

very dangerous man. I don't think you really know how evil and dangerous he can

be. Dugan's mind does not work like yours or mine. He knows that if someone

believed that Murdock was murdered then it may come back to you. He is the type

of man that would kill another man to keep the truth from getting out. What

would keep him from killing you now? He doesn't need you anymore."

Colonel Decker was nearly speechless. He began to shake and a tear trickled down

his cheek.

"But, but, but I'm his uncle. I help raised him."

Face placed a comforting arm around the trembling big man and began to speak


Hannibal and BA listened intently.

"Colonel Decker. I have done a lot of research on your nephew since I first saw

him as me. Please, nobody interrupt me, OK?"

All the men in the room nodded their heads in agreement.

Face pulled out a folder from under the table. It was marked Top Secret. He

handed it over to Decker to read as Face briefed everyone on what he knew.

"I began to research newspapers because, when I looked up in the search column

for Dugan, a headline appeared that said 'Sam Dugan murdered by unknown

assailants.' The article continued to go on to say that while his wife was out

shopping and he and his son Allen were at home, a gang broke into the home,

locked Allen in a closet, then brutally murdered Sam Dugan. No one could find

anything missing, but that really wasn't an issue back then.

After further research I saw, at the funeral of Sam Dugan, a picture of the

widow Selma Dugan, alongside her brother, Roderick Decker, taken at the grave

site of Sam. Then I found the Top Secret file at the Pentagon which shows two

different accounts of the story.

One is the truth and the other is what the family and the public were informed,

including Roderick Decker. The story that I have revealed to you is a total lie!

The truth of the matter is that there were no gang members, just Sam and his

young son Allen then the tender, wee age of 9. No one knows why the boy did it

but he did. While his mother was at the grocery store .

Young Allen managed to bind his father up in electrical wire while he was at his

workbench. Allen tortured his father over and over and brutally murdered his

own flesh and blood. The reason the 9 year old gave was that his father wouldn't

let him eat a piece of cake before dinner. The boy was psychotic back then! I

will ask you one more time, Colonel Decker. The boy is now a man. I am sure he

is more psychotic than before. Can you be so sure that this man, your nephew,

will not take your life if he so easily took the life of the very man that gave

it to him? Think about it Colonel."

Hannibal, BA and Decker were all very surprised. Hannibal wanted to make an

offer at this point in time to Decker.

"Hey, Colonel, I will make a deal with you. We really need your help to get

Murdock back and, since you need us to protect you from Dugan, I'll tell you

this: We will collaborate and work together as a team. There is only one catch."

"What's that, Smith?"

"After we find Murdock and get your nephew into your hands, you will let us go."

Colonel Decker became silent.

The three men decided to go to sleep and let Decker tell them his decision in

the morning.

As the night went on, Decker's mind was racing. As much as Decker despised this

deal from Smith, he believed that the only way to accomplish what needed to be

done was to combine as a team. He was angry at the Army. He felt betrayed.

Why did they lie to him and his sister? He devoted his entire life to them and

then to find out that they betrayed him? If Al could murder his own father, in a

most hideous, torturous and brutal way, what would stop him from killing his

uncle? Al wouldn't need him anymore after he killed Murdock. Peck was right!

Decker's voice broke through the darkness of the room.


"Yes, Decker?"

"You have a deal!"

"I knew you would see it our way. Hey Colonel, there might be some hope for you


Part 7

The following morning, all three men raced into the van. As they all were seated

Decker commented.

"Look at this, me and the A-Team in the van going down a road together. I never

would have dreamed this would happen."

"Me neither, Colonel. I am about as surprised as you."

"Face, be nice to our guest," replied Hannibal .

Face gave a smile, which Decker returned with a slight sneer.

Hannibal turned in his seat to face Decker.

"Hey, Decker, remember our deal!"

"I remember, Smith. I am a man of my word. My word is a contract."

"That's true, Decker. You are a man of your word."

"Smith, you referred to me as a "guest".

"That's right. As long as you are with us you will be treated as our guest. But

only if you abide by the deal!" Hannibal said with his eyes twinkling, then


"If not, we won't protect you from Dugan."

"I will abide by the deal. I don't renege."

They were approaching a long and winding back road. The road turned out to be

the drive into the private estate of Antonio Castille. Decker's sky blue eyes

darted all around, taking in the estate from the van.

"No wonder I can't catch you, Smith. You have Castille protecting you!"

"Oh now, this man isn't really protecting us, he is currently in Tahiti, so how

can he be protecting us?"

"True, Smith."

As the men were led into the home by a butler named Grant, Decker found a large,

fluffy, white couch and flopped his body onto it. As he closed his eyes he heard

a soft, feminine voice. He took in the conversation, letting it ease his mind.

A young woman entered the room and addressed Face.

"Mr. Peck, would you care for a full body massage?"

"Ah, I'm fine, Honey. "

"How about your friends? Would any of them like one?"

Peck looked over at Hannibal and BA. Both of them smiled. Peck called over to


"Hey Decker! Are you one of my friends today?"

Decker slowly opened his eyes to find a vision before him. Standing only a few

feet away from him was a strikingly lovely woman. She had the prettiest golden

blonde hair, sparking deep blue eyes. She was mesmerizing. He was still fixated

on the woman's beauty when he heard Peck repeat the question.

"Ah, yes. Yes, I am."

Tammy approached the tall, older handsome man.

"My, you have the prettiest blue eyes, Sir."

Decker smiled and said

"You do too, my dear."

Tammy smiled at him.

"Would you care for a massage?"

Decker stood up and took her hand. "Honey, I will take whatever you want to


Tammy and Decker left the room together holding hands.

Hannibal turned to Face and BA

"You know what? I bet if things were different, Decker and us could have been

really fond friends."

All three looked at each other, lifted their drink and replied. "Nah!"

Meanwhile, things were heating up between Decker and Tammy.

"Your poor body is still healing. Are you sure this doesn't hurt?"

"I am positive, Honey. Don't worry. I'm strong."

"Oh, I know you are. Your muscles are so developed. "

"Thank you, Honey. You have developed well yourself."

Tammy found herself so attracted to this man. She began to kiss his back. He

rolled over and the two of them were on the massage table. Decker's robe landed

on the floor next to them. "Oh, Rod." the words softly slipped from her lips.

Face quietly tip toed to see what was keeping Decker. He saw everything that

happened. He could even pick up her speaking Rod's name in between her moans. As

he watched the two of them kissing, touching and rolling around, all he could

think of was himself and Murdock. He began speaking to himself in a very soft

and low voice.

"Murdock, you invade my head and now my heart. I need you. I want you. I never

want to be without you! When I find you I will shower you with all the affection

that I have for you. I will never let anyone take you away from us again! Please

wherever you are, rest assured that we are on our way to find you and bring you


Murdock slowly open his eyes. He was now laying on a clean bed and his ribs

were taped.

"Ah, I see you are awake. Do you know where you are?" asked a person.

Murdock shook his head. He just looked at the person.

"Well, you are at Springdale Hospice. You were brought here about a year ago.

You were in a coma. Your doctor's name is Doctor Theodora Smith."

Murdock stared. That name Smith sounded familiar to him. Where have he heard it


The doctor smiled. "There is someone who's going to be very glad to see you.

I'll go get him."

The nurse left and a man came in. Murdock suddenly knew who that man was. He

pointed to the man.

"You are Peck and you tried to kill me. Stay away from me."

The man slowly approached him.

"Calm down, Murdock, it's me, Face. The real Face. Try to remember. Please,

Murdock, it's me, Face. Dugan is dead. He was killed a year ago."

Images started to pour into Murdock's mind. He looked at the man.


"Yeah, Murdock, it's me"

Murdock held out his arms and Face took him into his arms. Murdock sobbed and

Face held him close.

Soon Murdock got himself calmed down and looked at Face, his memory now

returning. He looked at Face and asked.

"Where's Hannibal and BA?"

Face stroked Murdock's face. "I'm sorry, Murdock, they both died saving you from

Dugan. Decker, too."

Murdock was stunned. "No, they can't be dead."

"They are, Murdock. I am so sorry. But you've got me and everything will be all

right "

Murdock cried again in Face's arms. The nurse walked in.

"Mr. Peck, the doctor wants to talk to you."

"Murdock, I'll be right back."

Face walked out of the room and down the hall to the doctor's office. He opened

it up and walked inside. His feature change from concern to anger.

"What do you want, Theodora?"

"Al, I heard he is awake." She replied.

"He is, doctor, and this whole town better make him believe that it's been a

year and that I am really Peck or this town goes down. Do I make myself clear?"

Theodora stared at him. She hated this man but knew what was at stake. Dugan's

men had the town's children, her daughter included.

"We will do as you say. We have no choice."

"You got that right." Al stood there laughing. His laughter echoing though the


Col Decker wrapped his strong, long arms around the delicate curvy form next to

him. He inhaled the light delicate powdery scent off of her shoulders. She

smelled so wonderful. Decker slowly closed his eyes and drifted back to sleep.

Decker felt something cool and wet lightly touching his face. He squirmed and

rolled over to his right side. He again felt the same cool light touch, Decker

immediately opened his eyes. A large pair of deep brown eyes were staring back

into his own pale

blue eyes. Decker's body flinched. A deep low growl came from below those

large eyes. The eyes were set in a large brown and black face. This creature

was a large dog. The cool and wet touch on his face was from this dog's nose.

Decker slowly tried to move, the dog reacted by opening up his large mouth and

clamping his jaws onto the throat of Decker. Decker swallowed, the dog growled

in response.

"Good Boy Luke. My, my, my what do we have here? "

Was all Decker could here. He could not turn his head to see where the voice

was coming from but he did know it was from a man. The man came into view

standing over the motionless body of Decker and knelt beside the Doberman. As

the man was kneeling he petted the dog and visually scanned over the colonel.

After a few minutes, which to Decker seemed almost like hours, the man whispered

into the dog's ear and the dog released his grip and moved to the side of this

man and sat in place as if he were a statue.

Decker slowly sat up rubbing his Adam's apple and replied, "Thank you Sir. By

the way that is one well trained dog you have


The man was short, with a slight medium build. His jaw was clenched and hands

were placed on his hips. The man began to speak to Decker. "Who are you and

what are you doing in my home?"

Decker smiled and replied, "Oh you must be Antonio Castille. Pleasure to meet

you Sir. My name is Roderick Decker and I am here as a guest of your house

sitter Templeton Peck."

Antonio Castille stood before Decker with a look of disgust on his face.

"Decker? House sitter? Peck? Pardon me for not being the most cordial to

you at this moment Decker, but I do not have a house sitter and I don't know a

Templeton Peck. Another thing Decker, what are you doing on the floor partially

naked with my cousin?"

Decker zipped up his pants and grabbed his shirt that was lying next to Tammy on

the floor. "I am terribly sorry Mr. Castille about how this looks but Tammy and

I well, anyway, Are you sure you don't know a Templeton Peck? He is in the room

down the hall. He brought me here and introduced me to Tammy. "

Castille eyeing the room spoke, "Decker, I really don't have any idea who this

Peck man is. I don't like the fact that this man said he was my house sitter

and I have no clue who he is. Besides Decker, Luke and I have been into every

room in this place and there are no other people in here besides you, me and my


At that moment, Decker knew that he had been conned by Peck again and he was not

a happy camper. Tammy was now awake.

"Tony! I am so glad that you are home. I want to meet my boyfriend Roddy!"

Castille glanced over at Decker as he hugged his cousin. Tammy had a bed sheet

wrapped around her.

"Tammy, go get dressed while Roddy and I have a little talk." She kissed Antonio

on the cheek and raced out of the room to get dressed.

"Roddie Decker? You would be the same Roderick "Roddie" Decker from the US

Army now, will you?" Castille asked.

Decker's eyes grew large, he replied with a stunned look. "Why, Yes Mr.

Castille, I am Colonel Roderick Decker. Why do you ask? Have we met before?"

Castille placed a heavy hand on the lower part of the tall Colonle's back and

replied. "Why no we haven't sir, but I think we can work well together."

Roderick nodded and asked "Why would we and what is the reason?"

Castille guided Decker out to the terrace and said with a smile,"Col Decker,

this Peck person is with the A-TEAM and you have been searching for the TEAM for

a long time now right?"

Decker nodded and said "Right."

Castille continued. "Come think of it my memory is much better now. Templeton

Peck, handsome blond man , taller than me with a smile that can make you agree

to buy the Brooklyn Bridge?"

Roderick again nodded. Castille clasped his tiny pudgy hands together, rubbed

them briskly and laughed. Castille then said, "Colonel Decker, I met this man

before a long time ago. He moved into my summer home and helped himself to my

bar, my credit cards, my bank account, my sister and my wife. I am not sure if

he helped himself to Tammy do you know if he did?"

Colonel Decker shook his head side to side and replied "No. Mr. Castille I don't


Colonel Decker was furious. Not only did he have the A-TEAM he was with them in

their van being chummy and soon as he was distracted of course by Tammy they

left him! They left him to have to face Antonio Castille. Decker knew that he

had an ally with Castille and that they both will go after Peck and the A-TEAM!

No way was he ever going to fall for their kindness and deals and such. What a

fool Peck made of me. Decker thought to himself he also saw in his mind the

remaining trio heading to find Murdock laughing among themselves because of the

scam that they had pulled. Decker was fit to be tied. Castille and Decker sat

down to plan how to get the A-TEAM plus Murdock. Decker was on a mission and

no one would stand in the way!

Meanwhile, BA, Hannibal, and Peck were in the Van but they were not laughing.

Hannibal was the first to speak. "BA how long have we been gone from


BA replied, "Only about a couple of hours."

Peck was examining the map.

Hannibal asked, "Where are we Face?"

Face shook his head, "Oh I don't know Hannibal, Murdock used this map to play

one of his games with and I can't make out the words of the roads with all of

the bubble gum all over it. "

BA came back with a gruff reply, "That fool messed up our map? When I find

that Murdock I will make him eat it!"

Hannibal calmed BA down speaking in a low voice "Now BA you know that you won't

do that. You miss Murdock as much as we do. You can't fool us."

Face sat quietly in his seat, the map spread out on his lap he thought to

himself. "Oh Murdock, hang in there buddy. I can't live without you. When I

see you, I will throw my arms around you and kiss you. I love you so much!" Face

felt something weird on the palm of his hand. "Oh great! Bubble gum.

Murdock! I could just......" Face grumbled but then he stopped. He looked at

his palm all covered with the pink gooey stuff and a soft giggle slipped from

his lips. Hannibal turned in his seat and faced Peck and asked, "Everything all

right Face?"

Face smiled, held up his hand and said, "Yes but does anyone have any rubbing


A smile crossed Hannibal's face. He replied. "Wait a minute Face."

He reached into the glove compartment and pulled out a tiny tin can. Hannibal

handed that to Peck and said, "Here ya go Face, It's lighter fluid, just grab

one of the towel behind you to wipe your hands off with."

Face poured the lighter fluid onto the towel and began rubbing over his hand

with it. He heard BA comment, "Murdock, how he still leaves his mark even when

he's not here."

A small grin crossed Peck's face however even though he had a small smile on his

face a single tear trickled down his cheek. Face missed Murdock and he began

to fear that he would never see his best friend again.


It had been three weeks, since Murdock was told about what had happened to him.

He was now outside in the hospital garden. He just could not seem to shake the

feeling that something was wrong. For one thing, Face. Face was acting like it

was nothing that Hannibal and BA were dead. Murdock shook his head. "Why didn't

Face want to talk about them? All he wanted was sex.

Not wonder sex that meant two people loved each other, but dirty sex, no love

just sex." But the people, whenever they were in town together showed Face

fear. Not respect but fear. Murdock again shook his head. Face had never

brought fear to anyone. The man was too gentle. What the hell was going on?

"Mr. Murdock, time for your medicine"

Murdock looked up to see the doctor.

"Hi doc. Can we go for a walk?"

Theodora looked around Murdock noticed and stood up.

"He's not around. After last night's sex drive, Face or who ever he is, will

be out for at least two more hours. Now, please tell me what's going on?"

Theodora looked at him. "I don't know what you mean Mr. Murdock"

"Bull! Don't give me that. I see the way, you all walk on needles and pins

whenever he's around. It's like he owns you and the Face that I know does not

act the way he's been acting."

"You were in a coma for a year. People change," Theodora tried to explain.

"Not Face. Not, like this. He doesn't even seem to care that Hannibal and BA

are dead. Now, I will asked you one more time. What is going on?"

Theodora turned away from him. "Please don't ask me. I can't tell you


Murdock turned her to face him. "Look at me, Doc. I can't help you, unless I

know the facts. Who is that man? It sure in the heck isn't Face."

Something suddenly dawned on him. "Oh my God. Doc is that man Al Dugan?"

She only stared at him, Murdock gently shook her. "Tell Me!"

"Yes! Oh God! Yes it is him., Mr. Murdock. He has this whole town like a

prison. We are all scared of him."

"It's okay Doc. Just get me a phone and everything will be fine, I promise."

Theodora nodded her head and took Murdock to a phone.

"Okay, Doc. Now you go back inside and I will get my friends here. Don't


Trusting the man, Theodora walked back inside while Murdock made the call.


The van drove along the highway Hannibal looked back at Face. Face looked so

lost. It had been three weeks and still no sign of Murdock. Suddenly the phone

rang. Hannibal picked it up.

"Mr. Lee Laundry Services."


Hannibal almost dropped the phone. He then turned to Face.

"It's for you, kid."

Face looked puzzled but took the phone. "Uh, Hi?"

"Hi, Facey! Miss me?"

Face did not answer at first. His mouth felt so dry and tears began to roll down

his face. He finally choked out:

"Murdock! You're alive."

Murdock listened to the sound of his friend's voice. "Yeah I'm alive, Face. I'll

tell you everything. I need you guys to come to this small town that's twenty

miles outside of LA. I'll give you the directions."

"Murdock! What is going on? How did you escape?"

"Face, I will explain what I can as soon as I see you."

Face hung up the phone. "BA, Murdock wants to meet us at a small town twenty

miles from here. Here are the directions."

BA nodded his head and they were soon on their way. The Black van drove into the

deserted town. When it stopped each man got out of the van. Hannibal looked

around. He didn't like it one bit. It was much too quiet. Suddenly he saw a

movement, as he turned with his gun ready, Hannibal smiled as he lowered his

gun. Face was now running towards the figure and Murdock was running towards

him. They were soon in each other's arms. Both were raining kisses on each


"Oh God. Murdock. I can't believe it. I can't believe it." Face cried as he held

Murdock tightly in his arms.

Murdock rubbed Face's back. "It's okay, Tem. I'm fine." He turned towards

Theodora. "Guys, this is Theodora she needs our help."

Face looked at her .She looked at him but then continued to stare at him. She

couldn't believe how much he looked like Dugan and it frightened her, but Face

didn't notice her staring at him. He turned back to face Murdock. He only had

eyes for him. Hannibal walked over to them.

"Murdock, we need to know what is going on."

"Okay Hannibal. Doc, tell them what's been going on here."

Theodora looked at Murdock's friends. She still could not believed how much that

one guy looked like Dugan.

"Murdock? Who are these people?" Theodora asked.

Murdock smiled back at her. "Doc, these people are my friends." He placed his

hand on Hannibal's shoulder and said. "This is my commanding officer and friend,

John 'Hannibal ' Smith. He pointed over to BA and said "And this big guy, is BA

Baracus." He then looked into the eyes of Face. "This man is my world. He is my

night and day and also my reason for living. This man is my only one true love,

Templeton Peck AKA Face."

Face's eyes lit up as he kissed Murdock and whispered, "I love you."

"ButÖ heÖ looks like Dugan." Theodora stammered pointing at Face.

"I know Doc. That's how Dugan made me think that he was Face." Murdock paused

for a moment remembering what Dugan had done to him. When Murdock thought of

what he did with Dugan while he believed that Dugan was Face. He felt weak.

Suddenly Murdock sank to the ground.

"Oh no! What did I do? Oh no! I made love with him." Murdock cried with his

hands covering his face.

Face knelt down to Murdock taking him into his arms. "No, baby. You didn't make

love with him. He forced you to do things."

Murdock shook his head. "No. He didn't. I made love with him."

Face lifted Murdock's chin in his hand and looked into his eyes. "Murdock were

you making love with Dugan or me?"

Murdock's tearing eyes looked at Face. "You, Face. I thought it was you."

Face held him close to his chest. "I know baby, I know. Did he hurt you?"

Murdock didn't answer but Face felt tears on his shoulder. "That bastard! I am

going to kill him."

Murdock pulled away. "No, Tem, please don't. If you do, I will lose you


Face said no more words. He just held Murdock tighter in his arms and Murdock

snuggled into them.

Theodora now smiled and thought to herself "This man may look like Dugan but

that was all. The rest of him was different."

She then turned to Hannibal and said. "Dugan owns this town. Everyone is afraid

of him. No one has ever stood up to him."

BA sneered at her and growled. "No one man owns a town! He's just one man. Don't

you have anybody in here that will stand up to him?"

Theodora stared at BA and replied. "I just said that no one would."

"Lady, he's just one man. We can take him. Right guys?" BA asked and looked at

the rest of the team.

"Yeah, Colonel, piece of cake." replied Murdock looking up from Face's shoulder

where his head had been laying.

"Murdock, please don't say that." Face said with a laugh.

Hannibal smiled and said. "Okay guys, here's the plan."


"Are you out of your mind, Hannibal? There is no way that Murdock is going to

tell Dugan that he wants him!" Face shouted, boiling mad.

"Calm down LT. I would never put Murdock in a dangerous situation; at least I'll

try not to. Murdock will go tell Dugan that he wants to make love. But I will be

waiting for him in bed." Hannibal said with a smiled and a gleam of mischief in

his eyes.

"Wrong, Colonel! I will be waiting there." Face sternly remarked. Hannibal

nodded his head in agreement.

Murdock walked into Dugan's office and sat on his desk. He leaned over it and

whispered sensuously to Dugan, "Face, I need you."

Dugan looked up at Murdock and said. "Not now Murdock, I got work to do."

Murdock got up and went around the desk, and sat on Dugan's lap. Murdock began

twisting his fingers around a lock of Dugan's hair. "Please Face. I want you so

bad." He reached over and kissed Dugan then he asked. "Don't you want me, baby?"

Dugan swallowed hard. He felt his erection getting very wet. Murdock could feel

it too.

"Oooh you DO want me!" Murdock began kissing him. "You want me so bad. I'll be

waiting for you baby."

Murdock started to get up but Dugan grabbed him. "Why wait? Why not here,


Dugan started kissing Murdock along his neckline, running wet kisses up and down

his neck. Murdock swayed to the kisses but only for only a moment. He then came

back to reality.

"But Face, I got a surprise for you in bed. I can't do it here. You finish up

here and I will be waiting for you." Murdock explained to him.

Dugan smiled and let go of Murdock and asked. "Who loves you, Murdock?"

Murdock smiled and sweetly answered. "You do, Face." Murdock thought to himself

"Only, The real Face loves me not you. You Bastard!"

Murdock left the room and walked down the hall he looked back and called to

Dugan. "Don't keep me waiting, Facey."

Murdock walked into the bedroom where his friends and Theodora were waiting. "Oh

man, I am going to be sick." He said.

Murdock raced past BA clutching his stomach. He swung open the bathroom door and

threw up into the toilet. Face wanted to go to him but Hannibal laid a firm hand

on him and said. "BA has to stay with Murdock. Face, we need you here."

Face nodded his head in response to Hannibal and got ready.


Soon Dugan was done and he headed for the bedroom and Murdock, smiling. He

walked in and saw Murdock He was hiding under the covers.

"Come on, Murdock. This is no time for games. Your, Facey wants you now!" He


He reached down and yanked the covers down, only to see, the real Face pointing

a gun at him.

"Sorry, Dugan but, you can't have Murdock. Now up against the wall now!"

Face still pointing the gun at Dugan while getting out of the bed repeated his

last order. "I said up against the wall now!" He shot the gun at Dugan's feet

proving that he meant business. Dugan slowly backed off. Face was almost to his

feet when he suddenly tripped. It was not much of a trip but enough for Dugan to

make his move. He hit Face and sent him to the floor. Face was only stunned and

he slowly got up, but now Dugan had the gun.

"Hannibal, B A, I got him!" called Dugan.

They came out of the bathroom. "Good work kid. Glad, you didn't kill him."

Hannibal said with a grin.

"I wanted to. Believe me! After what he did to Murdock!" Dugan growled.

The real Face stared at them and cried. "Guys, I'm the real Face!"

Dugan growled, "Don't listen to him. He is trying to fool you."

Face looked at Murdock and pleaded. "Murdock, please believe me I am Face, not

him. He is Dugan."

Murdock looked at Face then at Dugan. "Face what did you say to me, the first

time I told you how I felt about you?"

Dugan smiled and replied. "I told you that I loved you too and that we would be

together forever."

Murdock smiled and walked over to Dugan. "Oh, Face, I knew it was you."

Face's heart dropped and he stammered with tears rolling down his cheeks. "No,

Murdock, please that man is Dugan. I am Face. Murdock, please."

Murdock only stared at Face and wrapped his arms around Dugan. "I love you Face,

and I got something special to give you."

Dugan held Murdock close. "What is it Murdock, my love?"

"This, you son of a bitch!!" Murdock growled and then suddenly brought his knee

up fast and hard right into Dugan 's penis.

Dugan screamed as he fell to the floor clutching his penis and groaning. Murdock

stood over him.

"You will never be Face and you will never have me."

But Dugan was in too much pain to hear him. Soon Dugan was tied up and ready for

the police. After saying good-bye to Theodora and the rest of the town, the team

climbed into the van. Murdock laid his head on Face's shoulder. "Face?" he


"Yeah, Murdock" Face replied

Murdock still whispering, "When we get back could you make love to me?"

"As soon as we take care of more thing." Face replied in a soft voice.

Murdock spoke softly again, "Okay, Face. Face?"

"Yes Murdock?" Face softly answered.

"Love You," softly slipped through the Pilot's lips.

Face started to answer Murdock when he saw that Murdock had fallen asleep.

BA gripped the wheel to the van as he maneuvered quickly through the back roads

leading out of the town.

"Hannibal, Can you believe that Dugan? I can't believe all that Col Decker did

to trap us by making a Dugan a Faceman look alike!"

"That's True, BA but we should never under estimate a man like Decker. Pull over

behind that abandoned diner, I want to make sure that Al Dugan is in custody of

the police." Hannibal replied.

BA guided the van behind the old diner. It was in poor shape now but back in its

day it would have been really nice. BA found himself daydreaming about the

diner. This diner reminded BA of his youth when all the teens in town would go

to the town diner called "Sams" and order a cherry coke. BA was still

reminiscing to himself when he was interrupted by Hannibal's call. He caught the

tail end of it.

"Yes, Thank you Sheriff. I am so glad. My family will now be able to live in

peace and able to walk freely in town, Thank you very much and also to your fine

police department. Have a good day." Hannibal smiled as he hung up his phone.

"Guys, Al Dugan will have at least 30 years to think about what he had done."

Hannibal spoke as he smiled with his unlit stogie in his mouth.

Face spoke up with concern in his voice, "Thirty years Colonel? Do you think we

will have to worry about him any more?"

Hannibal understanding his Lieutenant's concern calmed him by saying, "Lt. we

have nothing to worry about Dugan anymore, especially Murdock. You see Dugan

will be spending 30 years in a Maximum security prison and also will be facing

an additional 30 years for the severe torture and attempted murder of Murdock

and he is being brought up on charges for many other murders he has committed.

The town's jury and with the help of his Uncle, our sweet and wonderful Colonel

Decker, Dugan will be most likely be facing multiple life sentences. If you

remember Face, he did plan to murder his own

Uncle even after Decker took Dugan in and raised him as his own son. Believe me

no jury will take kindly to that. So you see Face. Dugan will not be seeing life

outside bars until he is at least 100 years old."

Face was relieved and a smile formed across his handsome features.

Hannibal smiled and winked at Face and turned around in his seat to see the long

road in front of him.

"BA take the interstate to a nice out of the way place. We need to have some

well-deserved rest, especially for our pilot." Hannibal stated.

"You got it Hannibal." Came the gruff reply from the stocky sergeant.

The team arrived late at the accommodations. Thank goodness that it passed

approval from their fearless leader. The team wanted to sleep. Hannibal returned

to the van with keys to the rooms.

"Well, guys, we have to double up for the night. Hannibal said and then added BA

you are with me. Face and Murdock, you two will be in Room 242. We couldn't get

them close together. BA and I are on the other side in Room 444. We will drop

you guys off and then drive around to our room." Hannibal explained.

BA pulled the van up in front of Face and Murdock's room for the night. Face

gently awoke the sleeping form in the seat next to him. Murdock groggily

stumbled out of the van. Face slipped out next to him and braced his tall

friend's body with his hand alongside the door of the van and asked Hannibal,

"What time do you want to leave Col?"

"Oh we will be by early. We have to leave while it is still dark. I am sure that

Decker will have him men searching all around to find us. Let's say 5:00 am


"That will work for us. See you then guys." Face replied. Face smiled and waved

to the duo left in the van.

He then slid his shoulder under Murdock's arm. Face then grasped his friend's

hand and pulled it over his own left shoulder then slipped his right arm around

Murdock's waist to guide him to the motel room. Face propped HM along the wall

as he opened the door with the key. He then resumed the previous position with

Murdock and then gently eased the pilot's long body onto one of the two beds


HM was sound asleep as his body was placed on the bed. Face carefully removed

the converse tennis shoes off of Murdock's feet and placed them softly on the

floor underneath the bed. He then removed each sock with care and rolled them up

and placed them together in the left shoe, which was under the bed. Face with

gentleness, un-buttoned the sleeping man's long sleeved flannel shirt and a

smile came to his face. "Murdock, isn't there anything else in your closet other

than these flannel shirts and your crazy tee-shirts?" A soft giggle slipped from

his lips as he read the saying on the front of Murdock's tee shirt. "I've come

to save the day!" Face shook his head side to side a small grin on his face. He

thought again to himself, "Even when he is a prisoner, he still thinks of mighty


Face lightly touched his friend's shirt and gently slipped his fingers

underneath the rim of bottom hem. Face slowly lifted Murdock's shirt over his

head. His eyes lowered as he gazed down upon the now shirtless Murdock. "Oh my

he is so beautiful!" Face thought to himself. He turned his head ashamed at

these thoughts running through his head. Face folded Murdock's shirt neatly and

placed it on the chair beside the bed. Face with nervous fingers unbuckled

Murdock's belt. He slowly slid the strap of leather through the belt loops to

avoid disturbing the sleeping form. Face's hands with great care not to awake

HM, unbuttoned the pants. Face's slender fingers clasped HM's zipper and slowly

eased it down. He gently placed his hands on the hips of HM and rolled down the

pants to the man's ankles. Face sitting on the floor, grasped the material with

both hands, and gave a hard tug. "Good and he didn't wake up." Face thought to

himself. Face clutched Murdock's pants in his hands. Face rolled up onto his

feet, folded the pants and placed them underneath the shirt that was already

resting on the chair in the corner.

Face gazed fondly upon the well-built frame of his lanky friend. His eyes roamed

his friend's long, shapely legs. It must have been very warm in the room because

Face saw his friend's glistening body in the pale light of the room. Face stood

over Murdock's glistening frame while his fingertips glided over the hard, wet

body. Face started from the tip of Murdock's toes and ran his fingertips up to

his wait. Murdock's body was really moist from the heat in the room so Face was

able to see the well-formed manhood through the soaked briefs. Face felt his own

throat go dry. He felt parched. He licked his lips to try to quench his thirst.

Face began to feel pressure mounting in his own pants. Face knew that he was

having major problems and that he had better move fast.

Face slid his fingertips around the waistband of Murdock's underwear and

carefully eased the briefs down around his ankles. Face gently lifted them up

and over the pilot's feet. Face folded the underwear and placed it neatly on top

of the pile of clothes on the chair.

Face lifted the covers up over his friend's slim, lean body and placed them up

around his shoulders. "Whew, I am glad that it is finally over, I was getting

embarrassed." Face softly mumbled to himself. Face didn't want to wake Murdock.

He tiptoed over to the other side of the room to his bed and began un-buttoning

his shirt when he heard a low moan come from his friend in the other bed. As

Face was removing his shirt, He peered over his shoulder to see HM still

sleeping. Murdock had only rolled over into another position.

Face still being very quiet, had un-buttoned his pants and just started to lower

his zipper, when he heard his friend call out to him.

"Hey Face? Where are we?"

Face replied. "We are at a motel go back to sleep." Face remained with his back

to his friend has he sat on the edge of this bed and slowly removed his slacks.

HM: "Okay, but where are my clothes?"

Face: "They are next you on the chair. Go back to sleep."

HM looked over and saw his clothes neatly folded on the chair just like Face

said. He still was full of questions. "Hey, Face?"

Face: "Yeah?"

HM: "How did my clothes get there? I always take mine off and just let them drop

on the floor."

Face: "I put them there."

HM: "Where are my shoes, Faceman?"

Face: " Under the bed and before you ask about your socks, they are with them."

HM: "How did they get there?"

Face: "I put them there."

HM: "I don't remember taking of my clothes."

Face: "You didn't Murdock"

HM: "I didn't? Well, who did?"

Face: "I did."

HM looked at Face and he smiled at him.

"What are you grinning about Murdock?"

HM gave a wink at Face and replied, "I am grinning about you. You are most

beautiful. You do know that don't you?"

Face looked down at his feet and said, "Well I have been told that. Do You think

that I am beautiful?"

HM: "No, I said you were the MOST BEAUTIFUL. You are so gorgeous. I just want to

wrap my arms around your beautiful body and cover you in kisses."

Face: "What are you waiting for HM?"

Murdock glided his long wet naked frame out of his bed and over to his best

friend. Murdock liked the way Face looked clad only in his underwear. A slight

smile formed on Murdock's face had he slid his arms around Face's tiny waist. He

placed a passionate kiss full on Face's lips. Face looked up at Murdock with his

bright clear blue eyes, he tipped his head back exposing his throat to him. HM

smiled down at him again, as he lowered his head to Face's shoulder gently

placing multiple soft kisses up his friend's neckline.

A soft moan slipped from Face's lips and he threw his arms around Murdock.

Murdock embraced the slender, blonde man and lifted him up and carried him to

the bed.

Murdock placed Face's body on his bed. He couldn't hold back. Murdock had wanted

Faceman in the worst way. Murdock's dream was coming true. He and Face were

going to make love.

Murdock ripped the tiny briefs off of Face's body and began passionately kissing

Face's chest while his hands were roaming all over Face's body caressing every

square inch of him not to leave out any part of him. Face was kissing Murdock's

shoulder as Murdock grasped Face's throbbing muscle and began stroking it

frantically. Face made a quelching sound this aroused Murdock more and he

continued kissing Face's chest with the stroking of that hard, pulsating mound.

Face was really turned on. Face could feel the pressure filling up ready to

explode through the tip of his manhood. His body began to tremble. He was soaked

with sweat. The throbbing in his muscle began to pound so hard he could feel it

in his ears. Face was beginning to release when Murdock suddenly stopped.

Murdock sat straddling Face's body and placed both hands on the chest of Face.

Face was stunned.

"Murdock? What? Why? What is going on? Why did you stop? What happened? Are you

okay?" Face very confused asked.

HM began running his fingers in a circular motion on Face's chest and he asked:

"Face, When did you lose your virginity?"

Face was shocked. "WHAT?"

HM grabbed Face's penis and squeezed very hard. He then demanded, "Just answer

the question!"

Face's penis hurt and it wasn't pleasurable, "I was 12!"

HM still in a stern tone and increasing his grip on the muscle asked another


HM: "Where and with whom?"

Face still very confused replied, "It...It.....It was in a corner of the

basement in the orphanage where I grew up. It..It..It was with Steph...Steph..

Stephie. But..but..You knew that already Murdock. Why did you bring that up


HM loosened his grip. He knew that only Faceman would know that. He felt

terrible. He said, "I am so sorry Face. I just had to make sure you where you."

HM burst into tears. He was sobbing on Face's chest with both of his hands on

the pillow of each side of Face's head. Face couldn't be upset at Murdock. He

knew that Murdock had been through hell. Face just stroked HM's hair and softly

whispered in his ear "Sh, Sh, Sh, It is alright Murdock. I understand from what

you have gone through. I am not mad at you." Face gently kissed Murdock's

forehead. Then Face lifted Murdock's face to meet his own eyes and he said:

Face: "Do you remember when I told you that there was one thing that needed to

be done before we could make love?"

Murdock through sniffles and with his head on Face's chest mumbled, "Yeah. What

was it, Face?"

Face: "Well first we needed to make sure that Dugan was in prison."

HM: "Yeah and he is right?"

Face: "Right Murdock but now I need to go do something first."

HM: "Okay, go ahead. Do what you got to do.. I will wait."

Face smiled, kissed Murdock softly on the lips. "Please excuse me Murdock, I

will be only a minute."

HM: "Okay"

Face returned from the bathroom. He smelled wonderful. The intoxicating scent

caused HM to become woozy. Oh how he loved that scent. That was what was

attracted to him to Face a long time ago. Oh how wonderfully natural the sweet

aroma of Face's clean naked body turned him on.

Face climbed into bed with him and the two of them continued their night of

passion. Face never had experienced such wonderful lovemaking. Murdock himself

was very content with the compatibility of the two of them. It was very early in

the morning when Face rolled over and lightly patted Murdock's chest. Murdock

opened his eyes to meet his permanent lover and smiled. Face responded with a

lovely smile and said, "Oops it is getting late. BA and Hannibal will be here

any minute for us to leave." Murdock held

Face's hand up to his lips and kissed it.

Face smiled in return and said the words that Murdock wanted to hear for a very

long time:

"I love you Howling Mad Murdock, And I always will!!!."

The End