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New A-Slash Archive Index Page

This archive holds A-Team slash: Here you'll find (sooner if not later!) everything from prose to poetry, from multi-part sagas to PWPs. You'll find missing scene stories, original stories, and new takes on A-Team episodes. And you'll find every pairing imaginable!

Stories range from mildly slashy to extremely graphic, so read the warnings before you start. If you have a problem with same-sex relationships or stories that depict them, you're in the wrong place. If you are not at least eighteen years old, you have no business being here, either. And we pity the fool who reads slash and then complains about it!!

Thanks to Sidewinder for hosting us on her server and to Karen for setting up our new archive!!

Readers: This archive welcomes comments on the stories posted here. However, while we certainly don't require you to post only compliments, we reserve the right to delete any comments we judge to be purely mean-spirited or trouble-seeking. (We also ask you to remember that the stories ultimately belong to their authors, who are not obligated to make any changes to them.) Also: spam comments will be deleted asap. pills Please note that if this happens, it will mean a story has a broken link to "posted comments". Comments are temporarily disabled due to a spam onslaught.

Uploading and Search are temporarily not working. When we can fix them, we will. Quick Search is still working, though, so you can search for authors or titles. We apologize for the inconvienence.

Authors: Please do not upload any video or audio files to this archive. buy Also, fiction or art/images depicting explicit sex between a minor (under age 18) and a character five or more years older may not be posted on this archive, and no sexual relationships, even implied, involving characters under age 14 may be posted at all. This restriction protects both the host and archive owners. We are happy to provide a link to individual writers' fiction archives for stories that cannot be hosted here.

These stories were written by members of the A-Slash Yahoo! group. If you would like information about joining this group, click here.

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